Monday, February 6, 2012

quilt happy

as u can see i am making progess on my blanket and my squares  . this square is trimed and ironed and i have another ready to be ironed. don't like to put them on without ironing. already worrying about my next line of blocks and i am not thru with this one. so far they have been easy. more worry than any thing else. i see so many beautiful blocks on the internet that i wont to do but am trying the easy ones first, don't wont to get in over my head. went to the funeral home yesterday for our friend and b i l came home from the hospital sunday. doctors still don't know what was wrong but are running more test tomorrow. i hope they find out , so many times people go into the hospital and never know what they had. praying they will be lucky .  love u all goodnite friends


Starwood Quilter said...

My Girl's Joy block is 8" finished. I see you have 24 grandkids. Wow!

Doniene said...

I see that you are a relative new blogger!! Welcome to blog land. Looking forward to seeing your projects!! How wonderful to have 24 grandchildren - I'm sure they are a joy in your life!!

Taryn said...

Beautiful block, I love the fabrics! Sending your positive thoughts your way.