Tuesday, February 21, 2012


look what i found!  i'm going to wash it on gentle and see how it does, if it holds up good i am going to try to quilt it after i do my couch quilt. i put it on my bed and with a strip sewed all the way around  it will be the right size for a queen size bed. it was made by my mother-in-law but i had not checked it . the only one of hers that i did anything with only needed a strip added but it was small even with that. so its on the guest bed. she had finished 4 but she had 4 granddaughters that we gave them to.  wish me luck   love you'll goodnite friends


Samantha said...

That is a gorgeous Bowtie quilt top! I love the Bowtie pattern and have one that I had the squares for that I found in a box that I won at an auction. I need to finish it one of these days. I love yours!

Doniene said...

What a treasure!! It will be wonderful when you get done!!

Have a great day!