Saturday, February 25, 2012

this is that book i told you i got and read 3 times. i wish i had read it before i started my blocks on my quilt. it has one block in it that amazes  me . there are 9 pictures of quilts using this block and none of them are the same. some i don't care for their colors but all the quilts are beautiful. i would love to try this sometime when i can get to it. maybe a baby quilt would look good with this block.   out greatgrand was getting sleepy and a little ill. her grandmother was coming to get her and take her to a rodeo, her grandmother is very into anything that has to do with a horse.  she usually rides a horse in the rodeo but this one they were going in a semi to pick up the rink and pens. katie will be thrilled to see all the horses and bulls, she is a lot like her g-maw .   love you'll goodnite friends

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Kelli said...

A baby quilt would be the perfect size to try out the block from the book. I hope your g-grand-d started feeling better! xo