Monday, February 13, 2012

 i am almost done with this wish i could say the same for my quilt top. but i take out about as much as i sew on that. i keep telling my self that i am learning... the hard way.  dr. appt. tomorrow for us both. i need refills and hubby needs to see the dr. and refills. maybe we will have some idea what is causing his pain .. they will most likely run tests. we will see. he got me roses and a beautiful card this morning, he is  so sweet most of the time but he is a man , a good one  90% of the time... his daughter and husband came last nite to show us pictures of the b-day party and said she loved the dora gown we got her. she ignored the outfits... that was just clothes. she just turned 3, our oldest g-grand daughter.  well must get on the treadmill now and try to get rid of all the bad foods i have eaten the last 6 months.  love and goodnite friends

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