Saturday, February 11, 2012

as you can see i have been playing around with pieces  and trying to find something i like. i did end  up with a block that is all right but i wonted to put in some of my first blocks fabric to tie it together.maybe in the next block, had some one come over today just  i got started and didn't get much done, thats the problum with weekends. oh well i am retired so i will work during the week. hubby was sick so didn't get to go to b-day party. but it was so cold and windy  didn't wont to be out anyway. sent the present with the other ones that was going. maybe they will put pictures on facebook.  we are going to doctor next week , tired of thinking he is better and he isn't. maybe we will get him feeling good again  love you'll  goodnite friends


Doniene said...

Looking good! Hope hubby is soon well! Stay in and stay warm!

quilt happy said...

thanks it was 19 here this morning

Christine L said...

Love the pink!! Hope your husband feels better soon.