Tuesday, February 7, 2012

as u can see my blanket is coming along . this puff quilt i started last year . it got so big and bulky and i put it back. i am going to have to try to bind it . i made it because hubby has cold feet, but it hasn't been that cold so far this winter. my sister is the quiltor in our family and i am sure she laughs at my efforts. she buys costly fabrics and does the most beautiful tops then sends them to be quilted  . but she also has many machines and much money. she told me last week that you can not use denim on quilts. my mother-in-law made many quilts , some from denim and some from all wool pants and they may not have won any prize but they kelp you warm . my quilts may be made from denim are any other fabric i can get my hands on. stay tuned i will make many mistakes. i have spent an hour trying to cut me a pattern for my next set of blocks and maybe it will come out ok but we shall see. love you  goodnite friends

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