Friday, February 10, 2012

well i got it. sort of. now i am on to my next block , i don't know the name and i had to find paper large enough to make a pattern the size i wonted it to be for my small couch quilt. the next one is simple. i don't know how long  my quilt  needs to be but at least 65 inches. i would guess. got to get some red back in i just used pink on the pin wheels. but i really like them, i just like pink i guess. when to walmart , u see all your friends there on fridays and most of your family. have a wee ones birthday tomorrow , its an hours drive to where they live, and hubby said if he did't feel better tomorrow we might not go, its his side of the family, but we had fun picking out outfits for a 3 year old girl. if we go i might not make it on here but i will be back  love u all goodnite friends


Doniene said...

The quilt is looking good!

Rebecca said...

I love pink and red together, that's going to be a beautiful quilt!