Wednesday, February 15, 2012

blood, sweat and tears

another row of blocks , now i will work at picking out another block pattern.  my hubby said he would have thrown it out the back door by now, he has seen me picking out seams over and over. but it will be beautiful to me when i get finished with it. i hope...went to the dr. yesterday , he think hubbys pain is muscle so gave him med. for that. i hope he is right.. we also had a letter from insurance  co. to show him . they sent us 3 letters all the same thing but when the dr. office called them they said  for us to get it filled after sending us 3 letters saying they were not covering it any more. big corps have to many little indians and one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.   have you seen the commercial with the   pig? the one that screams, hubby said if he could get his hands on him we would have lots of sauage in the frezzer  well love you all goodnite friends

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Doniene said...

Your quilt is lovely! Good job. Hope hubby is feeling better soon.