Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring? messing around

i went and got the mail this morning and saw this of course its been 73 degrees  here today and i have seen other things ... .the weather men  are amazed. we have had a lazy day today , hubby watched his races and i moved furniture in the dining room and wash that old quilt top. it did real good must have been made out of good flour sacks . may be better than what we buy today.  while things were drying, i played at making a mug rug , i didn't have a pattern so i just guessed  .  mine   is 9 inches with   little scraps that i had here. it's not great but while i was at it i tried sewing binding in the ditch like i saw on some blog that i read all the time and it did better than i though it would. i think with practice i could get good with it.  i put it in the living room where i set my coffee in the morning. thinking about making another one if i can find a good pattern somewhere.  it will do for me , i wouldn't give it as a gift, its not good enough. well the treadmill is calling me .love you , good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

great little mug rug - keep practicing!