Monday, April 20, 2015

Nearly finished!

Hi friends1
We had a scare this morning!
A bomb threat was called in to the school where 4 of our grandchildren goes. They checked it and called in the bomb dogs but think it was a prank !
They will find him or her because a couple of years ago someone called in a scare at the school where some of our grands go, a  Different school!
They got him!
Kids get mad at something and get them self in big trouble!
I added my butterflies over the weekend!
I though about making pillow shams but those white stars would be covered up!
I may do it yet.
We had a quit weekend, Sis came over , it's just a little over a month before she retires. Of course she will have to spend a lot of time in Athens getting her house ready to sell and taking care of all the details.
Brother is trying to get her internet hooked up at her house here.
Bad way to start the day with a bomb scare!
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy

3 comments: said...

That doesn't sound like any fun. We had a medical emergency which shut down campus for the Jr. High, and High school for a couple of hours. Right when school was supposed to get out. Made for a really long day.

laurajane said...

That's awfull ,hope they catch them soon,it's such a bad thing to do.x

Needled Mom said...

That is scary! Glad everything turned out okay. The quilt looks so pretty.