Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi friends!
My second block!
I have been wanting to make some of these reversed stars or white stars for a while.
Trying a different color and it looks pretty good!
I told you i had ordered a  UBA cord for my camera and i am just now getting it! It's been a month since i ordered it . 
It came all the way from China!
I refused to order from the same place because the one i ordered a few months ago quilt working.  I think things should work for years not months!
Our country's  quality has really gone downhill these last 20 years.
We used to put out products you could be proud of but not any more.
Well , i want bore you on that, not much we can do about it!
I am going to get busy making a few more of those stars and adding them to my quilt top.
Talk to you tomorrow.
Quilt Happy

2 comments: said...

Love your stars. How cool to have the stars with the constant fabric and the background scrappy! Great idea.

KatieQ said...

I like the idea of the white stars with colored backgrounds. They will really pop when you put them in a quilt.