Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tucker's car pouch

Hi friends!
When i was cleaning up for Easter i moved a lot of fabric off the book case so it wouldn't topple over and fall on some one.
This was on the top when i got through so i keep looking at it  thinking that would make a great pouch for Tucker to carry his cars.
So yesterday i made him one!
Cars on the inside and outside!
Maybe we will get to keep him some this week so i can give it to him.
Mostly resting up from three days of cleaning and going but i will start another quilt soon. Another scrap quilt!
We were sitting out side drinking our coffee this morning because it was 65 outside.
While sitting out there the wind got up and our pine trees pollen made a cloud  that you could see flying off !
No wonder we get sick this time of year!
Have a great day friends!
Quilt Happy

4 comments: said...

Great idea for the pouch for him to carry his cars! We are cold, rainy, and foggy today. Good excuse to stay inside and sew. Have a great day.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

How cute! Love the fabric as well.

laurajane said...

Great pouch,will have to find some fabricwith dinosaurs on for John,he's dinosaur mad.
glorious here the last couple of day but supposed to get cooler at the weekend.xx

Terry said...

So cute, a great idea