Thursday, April 23, 2015

This and That

Hi friends!
Sandwiched this yesterday!
It will be tomorrow before i start quilting because Tucker will be here all day.
Got it ironed before supper time last night. I love the clamps that Sis got me for Christmas.
They have a handle that you can use to release them.
She got them from Lowes or Home Depot and when i get to that store i am getting me two more.
They work great and doesn't take any muscles!
Tommy spent the day cutting close to the house yesterday!
Tuesday he mowed the south 40dy. One time the tractor wasn't running so i went to check on him! You can't see all of our land from the house. So when he is working down there and turn every thing off so i can hear his tractor running. Later on he turned it off and i couldn't see him so i walked down to where he was earlier and he was further down talking to our next door neighbor. When you are our age you have to watch out for each other, you never know what could happen. He always carries his cell phone so i can call him!
He had carried his branch cutters down there so he could get rid of briar's.
I turned around and took a picture of the house from down there.
That's our house!
You can't see the next door neighbor's house from where he was working but it's a couple of acres on down the hill.
I am going to be playing with" Tuck" today!
Quilt Happy


Needled Mom said...

That's a lot of property to take care of!! Have fun with Tuck.

Podunk Pretties said...

Beautiful property! We have a hard time taking care of 8 acres. Every year we let the woods creep in a little more so there's less to mow. Have fun with playing, save your energy that's a big ole quilt! said...

Yeah I have that problem with my hubby too. Most of the time it is the Ancient uncle next door, but you can see the neighbors. UGH. Enjoy the playdate with Tucker.

Leanne said...

Your quilt is beautiful, stars are my favourite.