Friday, March 16, 2012


the little blue flowers is what i plan to bind my bow tie quilt with. but i will check some quilt binding that i won on quilting in south Carolina.  i have done nothing in the sewing dept. not sense  tuesday. today we went to deliver some fla. strawberrys to my brother and sis in law that they ordered from one of our grandsons, he was selling them to pay for baseball uniforms, and when hubby and my brother gets together its non stop talking. and then i had very little time to get on the computor with all the storms . i unplug mine when it storms brought home some of sis in  laws butter peas that she put in the freezer last year and we had them for supper. they were very good. i did put some more quilting in my couch quilt . just stitch in the ditch, wonted to make sure it had enough. love and good nite friends

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