Wednesday, March 14, 2012


my pillow that i made yesterday waiting for a hemming. i finished it last nite and pinned my hem on my pants that i am going to wear to the funeral tomorrow.  we went to the funeral home , my aunt j is really going to miss him they were married 50 something years.   hubby worked in the garden and nearly finished just likes a little more, because he had to quit early to go with me  we will be at the funeral most of tomorrow
i hate it for the kids , they are the same age as mine all through j is 8 years older then me. as a matter of fact she came and got me to go with her to the hospital with her 2th  was born and i was 7 months with my first. she didn't wont to get her husband off work ... that's my mother had a fit because i had never been thru labor and back then they didn't do any thing . the nurses  wonted to put me to bed.... we were always close , she is mother's baby sister... maybe i will have something better to talk of tomorrow..  love   good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

that looks like pretty fabric on your pillow - sorry you have to go to a funeral but it sounds as though your aunt is going to be so glad to have you there.