Friday, March 23, 2012

the past

this is the view that we drink our coffee to every morning that it's not to cold .   hubby has the garden all plowed  but he will plow it many times before he plants. has to kill all the weeds  that he can.   our beck porch[ car porch] is 15   by 50 feet . we have room to park my car and his truck and have a area for flowers , chairs and a table.  we were talking this morning about his grandfather.  we have a corn crib in the back yard that was  during his grandfather's time .a blacksmith shop. his grandfather was a blacksmith but when he got old [hubby said]senile  he traded all his smithing tools to a man just  in exchange for him to move the building closer to the house. if we had those tools now they would be worth a lot of money..   hubby and his father put a floor in it and a ceiling and a ladder so you could store things up over the ceiling. all that is there now is old paint cans that you would have to pay to get rid off..   well love you'll good nite friends

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