Friday, March 30, 2012

this is the little girl i follower around yesterday and played soccer with and the reason my big toe is hurting all the way to my knee.  her grandmother went to sleep after lunch and we woke her up at 5. so i had little girl to play with or something. the funeral today was very sad. i knew my sister-in-law and her 6 kids. thats how many she has left out of 11. she is 94.  but only knew i of her grandchildren and there was bookoos. another sis-in-law was there to. she came with her daughter so there wasn't a whole lot of people there that i knew, but was kin to them all.... 

well have had a good 2 days except for the funeral. got to see a lot of people that i wont ever know if i every see them again.  and enjoyed our day with hubbys family.  just hope my knee doesn't require going to the dr.  love you'll good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

Cute little one - sorry about your knee