Tuesday, March 6, 2012

some more pictures of my quilt ,laying on my couch its just the right size.  as you can see from the next picture i quilted it very little. just enough to hold it together . its so very warm. and some messing around with some string scraps to just see what i could do. haven't felt good , sinus i think when i get out in the wind it gives me a splitting headache. i just hope i don't have an infection because it hasn't been long since it went to the doctor with one.  its not good to take too much medicine. hubbys john deere is sick so tomorrow we load it up and carry it to the repair shop. last year we bough 100.00 dollars worth of parts and hubby worked on it but this he can't fix. he works on most things to save us money but can't do them all. we have that and the tractor and the truck and the car that takes a lot of money to keep running .gas is bad enough with out repairs too. gas is nearly 400 dollars now and the gas for the tractor is over 400dollars. we had 6 acres on the road but his house that he had with his frirst wife was on the other corner of the land so when we moved from my house over here he sold his then i sold mine and just about all the profit we got has gone into fixing up this house that was built before 1855. so you know we had a job..we fount a bill where his greatgreat had payed taxes on this place in 1855 before the civil war. that is a whole lot of history. we have rebuilt 5 rooms and we have one more and a hall and small bath before we are thru. also 2 rooms that we are going to have to redo the floors. that are just one hundred years old. makes me feel young!!!!  love you'll good nite friends


Kelli said...

Great job on the quilt, and would LOVE to see pics of your historic house, that is amazing, and even better that he has some family history in it. I just love old houses! They have such character and soul in them.

regan said...

I totally understand what you are going through trying to fix up your house. Ours was built in 1865, and we are SLOWLY trying to restore it. It was never renovated, or messed with in any way, so it has all original walls, floors, windows.....everything! We are trying not to change anything, just make repairs, refinish wood and floors, and paint walls. But I think we will be doing that for another 15 years! Ha! And yes, it takes SO MUCH $$$ to do anything to the it's slow going for sure!

Glad your quilt is keeping you toasty! How nice!