Monday, March 5, 2012


things are blooming all over, but we're going to have a freeze tonight . i have seen many a yellow bell with snow all over it. hopefully not now. i am hoping for no more bad weather and warmer temps so that we can plant the garden. but that wont be here until next month. its just too early here until after good Friday , then as soon after as it drys we will plant. i love to drink my first cup of coffee in the morning and walk around our fence and see what has grown over night in the garden . will love to get back to picking and canning again, of course we still have a lot of canned stuff  from last year, but we are working on them, opened 3 jars this weekend.. having a birthday dinner here sat. night, my sisters and my sister-in-laws .  i will have to fix some of our green beans for supper that night. my sis will be 60, she is 10 years younger than me. but she is still working, i feel sorry for her. she is like me, staying busy all the time , she quilts and loves to shop for anything.... that stops when you retire you'll good nite friends

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