Thursday, March 29, 2012

hi friends, one very tired woman here.
they got here at 12 and left at 9:30. 2 meals 2 clean up the kitchen and play with 6 year old granddaughter for 9 hours.    beyond tired.    
these are the pillows i made and the top picture is 2 aprons and two potholders.  now all i need is to  buy birthday bags. 
may not get on tomorrow my niece died at age 54 and her funeral is tomorrow  at 4 o:clock.  don't know yet what happened to her but several years ago she had a brain tumor that was cancer and she made it thru that fine and when back to work.  i dread this.....her mother is 94 and the sweetest woman alive.
well must do some picken up and get to bed... long day tomorrow....  love you'll good nite friends


Karen said...

Wonderful gifts! I hope you are well rested now.

Jeannine said...

Hi! I just noticed you are following my little blog and wanted to stop by to thank you! What charming things you sew...I love seeing what others create. I came late to sewing, and I am just learning to knit. I have enjoyed browsing your projects. Quilters awe me, because my corners never match up, even on the simplest quilt! Oh, family doesn't seem to mind!

It was lovely to visit...