Saturday, March 17, 2012


i took such pains with this nine patch and my seams are still off..  i though maybe it was my cutting but i used a charm pack and it still was off.. all i can think is my hands shake when i sew.  i used to paint ornaments for christmas and i had to give it up because my hands shook so bad. but i will keep trying my next block is in the works and then i will try to quilt them as i go. i will keep you up to date with my efforts. at least i did get to sew today until 4 and then we had company until 8. our red headed daughter always comes to spend time with us every 2 weeks are sooner. she keeps up with us and my girl gets worried if she doesn't hear from me or see that i have been on facebook talking to her kids.. love and good nite friends


Jan-Maree said...

Hi Ya,
you blocks look pretty. If you are having trouble getting your seams to match make sure you iron your seams before you join your groups of three together and make sure you pin right on the seams. And then don't stress about it too much. You will get better with time but just make sure you are enjoying the process. Happy stitching!

Ivory Spring said...

Hi Barbara,

Got it!!! Like that paisley print!