Thursday, March 22, 2012


had to do a lot of things today so all i have done is pin my birthday present to sew . if anyone one know what this bush is i would love to know. i got it from one of my steps and she had forgotwhat it was.  its beautiful this time of year all the branches bloom them the blooms fall of and little green  leaves appear.  i tranplanted 4 branches with just a little root on it and here they are years later.  my grand girls helped and it was wet when i got them out of the ground and wet when i put them there ... worked real well... love and good nite friends


Karen said...

Very beautiful, I am not sure what it is.

Annabelle said...

Very pretty - no idea what it was. xx

mammafairy said...

Looks very pretty. Could it be a deutzia? member of the hydrangea family.
Not sure, because I didn't think the flowers came before the leaves, but looks a bit like one.
Keep happy!