Friday, March 9, 2012


this is the sum.. total that i have sewed this week and i did  two of these  last night. they pretty flowered one has that stuff that you buy to put in pot holders in it but its a little small, i tried it out today.  it works other than that its not quite big enough to wrap around a pan.i think it was 7 inches but it might have been 6. i have some that little in my kitchen that i have had a while but i use two at a time with them. getting ready for  the birthday supper tomorrow nite so i moved my big pile of stuff and my machine. you know what just piles up near a sewing machine when you are sewing. filled up the bedroom closet just about to the top. hope  no one opens the closet door......  well i have to mop and clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen and clean it up and go ahead and bake the cake tonite. love you'll good nite friends

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Jan-Maree said...

Pretty pot holders - enjoy the birthday supper!