Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hi friends . nothing sewed today because during my time to sew i was caring  two of my granddaughters anna and angel to the dentist.. how it could take 3 hours to just have teeth cleaned is beyonds me. it takes 45 minutes to get the girls and get them to the dentist and then 45 minutes before we get back  there . the girl that cleans their teeth is fast but then you have to wait for 25 minutes for the dentest to come and check their teeth. then mcdonalds and home and i was gone over 3 hours.           see my pretty blanket , it will be done soon and some more playing around with fabric for the pillows.     on another note i wont to  say a big thank you to candace of doublenickelquilts. i won on her giveaway, a pattern for a wall quilt called Ribbony. this is my first  quilt pattern ever.  time to start supper.    love and good nite friends

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