Monday, March 26, 2012


the lilac is blooming and smells so good. we have a huge bush in the front yard that was planted by hubby's grandmother long  ago. every thing is blooming at the same time this year and every one is suffering.  i have been cutting different  scraps to see what i can come up with to quilt for pillow covers. for birthday presents.   i have two more weeks till i give it to them, so i can mess around.  everything else is finished.  i will post it later.   after i get the pillows done.....we spent sat .  working and them our granddaughter and her bow came to show us their prom clothes . she was so beautiful.  he didn't look bad himself. i will post pic. soon  she is 16 and he is 17.  maybe she will have many bow's before she marries, every girl need to have some different bows so that she can make a good choice, of course she will pick the one she thinks is prince charming..  she and this date have music in common.  he plays in a band and she takes guitar and  piano  lessons. hubby is calling .....  got to go  love and good nite friends


Jan-Maree said...

That lilac is lovely - how special your garden must be with all those memories of family members past and present.

Lasso the Moon said...

I love lilac. It can be utterly intoxicating! And so gorgeous.