Tuesday, January 31, 2012

last year

this was last January at our house, a big change . its  was 65 degrees today. Snow is beautiful  as long as you have power, great for taking pictures but when u get old not so great to be in. its strange last year everyone was talking about the weather because we very seldom have snow, but this year they go on and on about it being so mild. its like they forget from one year to the next. before we had all that snow last year we had years of warmer than normal  winters. took the 2 grandsons to the dentist today for fillings and it about got me. why do dentist make you wait for a hour then put you in a room only to wait another 30 minutes to a hour, i was ready to get up and leave but would have just had to take them back. thats something i can do to help their mom, my baby out. goodnite friends

Monday, January 30, 2012


my mother-in-law is gone now but years ago she labored long and hard over these grandmaws garden  blocks. look at the tiny stiches. there are bunches of these that i wont to make into something for her grandgirls, there are 4 girls. i though maybe a set of pillows with this centered for their birthdays, still thinking on that. they are my step-daughters. my hubbys girls, i have a boy and a girl left, years ago i had 4 kids but that seems like another life now . lost my oldest boys in 84 and 2001. my first husband in 88. and married my hubby in 97. have had nearly 15 years of a wonderful marriage. i thank god every day for him. we lost his mother last year but she had been in the rest home for 11 years, she didn't know us but she new we belonged to her. she was 91 when she died . her husband had been dead for 11 years. but i can just see her working so hard in the blocks.  goodnite friends

Sunday, January 29, 2012


its jan. and i  am wishing for a warm day and a garden that about to start putting on thing to freeze and can. maybe in a couple of months we can plant and watch it grow, i love to check it every morning with a cup of coffee in hand walking in the wet grass and checking every plant to see if any thing has grown.  goodnite friends

Saturday, January 28, 2012

all things

these are the things i am working on at the moment. i like the bow tie blocks for my couch quilt and have got to get back on it .  but spend more time crocheting than i do quilting because i crochet when the news is on every day. it a good thing they are not sewed together because they are backword on this picture. had some bad news today someone i liked but didn't see ofter is in a coma. please pray for her to get well goodnite friends

Thursday, January 26, 2012


spent the day driving  grandkids to get their teeth cleaned in the rain.  when i leave the house it takes me 20 minutes to get to the town they live in , then i visit 3 schools which takes a full hour and then we drive back to the town i live in to their dentest. then of course micky ds  because we love them and then take them home. so i am gone about 4 hours in all , just long enough to take care of my day. then its supper and treadmill and computor time. its great being retired so i can do it, because my daughter works days and they frown on people getting off work.the good life good nite friends

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

my late in life hobby

at 70 years of life i am going to attempt to learn to quilt and this is my story of that journey. i have made my first baby quilt from fabric and my mistakes but in my eyes it was beautiful