Saturday, September 30, 2017

September finish's

Hi friends!
Finished up this one!
Finished these three!
This is the one that gave me trouble!
Made these!
Cute little puppy dog prints.
Haven't sandwiched Addie's Quilt but hope to get to it today.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Fifth Quilt

Hi friends!
I redid this where i took the quilting out and found me some binding.
The same color as the little border. Trimmed it good.
Now it's on the couch to finish up the binding. This will be 5 finished with i finish this. Still need to finish hand quilting the first one.
Hopefully i can get that done soon.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tatum's Quilt

Hi friends!
With two Dr. apt. yesterday there was not much sewing done. I did get this and the other half sewed up and together.
Also took some quilting out of this and ironed  it , ready to re-quilt that spot.
Hope to stay at home today so i get some sewing time in.
Sis came  over so i did just a little on my hand quilting. New style of hand quilting , Morse-code quilting! My spacing is terrible! I get better the longer is do it but i very seldom take stitch's out!!!
Needless to say hand quilting is not for me.
Love my quilting machine!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tatum's Quilt

Hi friends!
Didn't have any thing at Walmart so i found some in my stash. I had looked and looked over this.
That's bad, i can't see the fabric i have !!!
Tommy would say i had to much!
Cut a bunch and trimmed them, then cut some more.
Half of it laid out., maybe i will get it sewed up and the second half to today! We got up early and went for blood-work this morning, as we were coming home a big SUV nearly took us out!
Lot's of people on the road talking on their phones!!!
Wish they would be a little more  careful.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Small Quilt

Hi friends!
Just using a large meandering on this one but it drags!
Don't know why!
The redder plaid is a woven fabric so that may be it.
Though about using this since it's a football team but don't think it will look good with it.
Guess i will keep looking . I have more trouble looking for binding unless i have enough left of the fabric in the quilt and i don't with this one. The last one i just lucked up on a matching color.

Monday, September 25, 2017


Hi friends!
I think this one is my favorite!
Thank's to Dawn and Jackie! They made most of the tumble's.
I finished quilting and binding on this last night! Found the perfect fabric just the same color as some of the quilt.
It's in the washing machine right now. So that's four down.
This one i started quilting on Sat.
Didn't get very far with all the cooking for yesterday.
We had a great time. Most of the people that goes to church there are my family and it was good seeing them all.
I made a few micro-wave bowls Friday.
There is still a few people in this world i haven't given one to!!!!!
We use ours all the time!
Got to get busy
I am behind!

Friday, September 22, 2017


Hi friends!
Got these the other day, would work better if they weren't so big. So i went back to my others.
The fingers on these wen't so long.  Men's i guess!
I started quilting the tumbler quilt yesterday, just like a little and i can see what i have that will work for binding.
This one is finished and washed! so now i am just working on three.
This is the small border that i used to finish this top! Now its ready for quilting.
Maybe i can finish these two this weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Wheel Chair Quilts

Hi friends!
Got this one sandwiched yesterday!   Keep digging until i found some blachish purple and added 2 inch's all around.Number 6! Of course the first one is still laying on the couch and i am slowly hand quilting it. I had to stop to let my fingers recover.
Got this one starched and ironed and it's on the sewing machine.
Got this one starched and ironed back and front and it's on the sewing machine to.
Need to put in some time hand quilting while the news is on tonight.
I would love to turn these in at our next monthly meeting.
Should get to the quilting later on this week. But Sat. I will be cooking for our Church home coming.
Maybe a little sewing time , I hope!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Little quilts

Hi friends!
I have looked and looked trying to find some thing to add to make this the right size.
I just need enough to add a couple of inch's on four sides.
Can't find anything i like with it.
I got my backing and battening laid out for this one.
So i have one all pinned and waiting for quilting.
I guess i will spend today looking some more for something to go with the other one.
Wish me luck

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Top And Winning's

Hi friends!
Got them all done!
Now i can put them together and sandwich the last two. Already turned in two and hope to turn in four next month at Q-Bee's.
I won this book last week and received it last Sat.  It's "Everlasting Quilts" by Ann Hazelwood
Already finished it ! It was that good, Thank you  Donna from Quiltin'gramdma'sblog   HERE
Going to pass it on to my sis , maybe she will  like it so well she will buy the rest of the series for our shared kindle.
My fingers are so sore i need to put off hand quilting for a few days.
Need to get finished with that top and start sandwiching.
Have a goos day

Monday, September 18, 2017


Hi friends!
I got to sew for a while Sat. and got these done. A few more and i will have another wheelchair quilt top.
Added a little border so this would be the right size.
Got some Flannel yesterday and it's in the wash!
Worked on this yesterday while we had company.
We sat outside this morning and drank our coffee and i started sneezing and i'm still sneezing and blowing! Rag weed is blooming and it always gets me.
Hope to get a few more blocks done today , maybe enough to put the top together.
I worked on these Sat. until i made this one! A little wrong but it's a great looking block. Large bow tie with wings! Would make a great quilt!
I took it apart and will fix it today i hope.

Friday, September 15, 2017


Hi friends!
Last night was Q-Bees night. I showed the two quilts i finished and turned them in.

 I had finished them both but not washed them.
DeJolay Wasn't there because she had to work. And we missed Vickie to and a few more that comes sometimes.
Carolyn ,my neighbor that i wrote up in my Blog years, ago came last night. She had made a adorable ornament .
Plus this beautiful quilt.
Susan Franklin did a presentation for pillow case dress's.
She showed us how to make them.
We had a great time.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Two Finish's

Hi friends!
i finished binding both these quilts last night.
One for a man and one for a woman. Love both of these blocks for quilts.
 I will use them both again.
Our Q-Bee's meeting is tonight and i am taking both of these.
It will be good to see all the girls after being out last month. That was the first time out for me and second for Sis.
Her vacations get in the way some times.
I sewed all of these together and now must buy some flannel for backing before i can finish it. Plan on making one more mens and then get back to my Christmas quilts!
Have so much i want to finish before Christmas.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Third Wheelchair Quilt

Hi friends!
I managed to shove things over and quilt this small quilt.
Love that pattern.
I found enough Stripes to make the binding.
Sorry for the fuzzy picture but I am working on sewing down the binding.
This is number three!
Got to get back to hand quilting!