Friday, July 31, 2015


Hi friends!
Binding their quilt.
I worked on it a good while yesterday.
There's my needle!
Should finish up tonight sometime.
We had company yesterday!
They had taken Clair to get her teeth cleaned and she had stickers all over one of her legs.
She walked very carefully so they wouldn't fall off.
Lola is to young to go!
We spent 3 hours registering for his surgery this morning!.
Got there 20 minutes before his apt. and was their for 3 hours and 20 minuites!
At Mayo hospital it took 10 minutes!
I am tired!
Have a good one friends.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Jessie's and Richard's quilt

Hi friends!
I am quilting their quilt.
Had to smooth the back and get the wrinkles out first.
I have tried to spray the back but i just get bigger wrinkles.
Sense it's their wedding quilt i am quilting it with hearts.
I just like part of the border and i need to take out one bit of quilting and redo that , Maybe i can get the binding started today
Got to get to work
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jessie's and Richard's quilt

Hi friends!
I sandwiched their quilt but couldn't start quilting because the bobbin case on my Brother 1500 broke!
At the end i liked about 4 inches so i will have to add battening before i quilt it. And it's queen sized battening.
But look what came this morning!

So now i can finish her quilt and quilt it .  Hope i get through with it by Sunday to carry it to her and her new hubby.
This came to!
I broke my small cutter that  i really loved and used  all the time.
So i ordered me a new one and got some kona white because i use it all the time in my quilts. Going to stay at home today .
We went to a sergeant yesterday to set up the surgery , ran some errands and bought some groceries.
So i didn't get any sewing done!
Going to do some today!
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jessie's and Richards quilt.

Hi friends!
I used all the blue i had left to frame Jessie's  and Richards quilt.
Then i added one more border!
One complete flimsy!
Canned some more Tomato's yesterday.
This is what i use to can.
One hot day yesterday, 98 degrees sure do wish i could send some to Laura Jane.
Have a grteat one friends.
Quilt Happy

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jessie's and Richard's quilt

Hi friends!
I started adding my blocks on to the panel.
Here i have them on three sides
Here i have them all round the center.
I added another row of blocks at the top and the bottom, to make it longer.
Checking to see how i like the next step!
We go tomorrow to see the The Dr. who will do the surgery.
I pray they can get him in fast.
But with some of these older Dr.s the wait may be long!
That's why i like the ones that are just starting out!
But this one has done this surgery so many tines he should be good!
Prayers please.
Quilt Happy


Friday, July 24, 2015

Jessies and Richard's quilt.

Hi friends!
Before we left i laid these out but didn't like it for some reason.
So i added a border around the panel and it works much better.

Added some blocks and think i am going to love it.
When we got home Wednesday  and Tommy got ready for bed we noticed he had a rash on his chest and back so we went to see our family Dr. yesterday. He had a rash caused from something they gave him down there.
When you get older you find a lot of things you have never been allergic to will brake you out.
This morning we had to replace Tommy supply of gas for his toys .
That man loves to cut the grass!
Maybe i will get some sewing done today, it's been nearly a week.
We picked these last night after the sun went off the garden.
I will have to shell them today!
We had so many ripe tomato's that i put up seven pints of them yesterday after we went to the Dr.
My legs are sore from picking peas!
Have a great one .
Quilt Happy

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our trip

Hi friends!
My beach picture!
It was sandy
and i had on sandals and i didn't want to have sand in my sandals all the 450 miles home. .
It was made as we were leaving. Boy was it good to get home!

Great place to stay, in the complex with Mayo clinic and hospital. a little fridge , microwave and coffee pot, you know the kind maybe two cups of coffee in it.
They all had balcony's.
My baby thinking "she makes so many pictures"
It was a beautiful place.
This was coming over the mountain and our beautiful valley ...Home!!!
The Dr. there found what they were looking for and marked it and the Surgeon's office called as we got into Ga and set up a apt. for next Tuesday..
Have a great one.
Quilt Happy

Saturday, July 18, 2015

It Came

Hi friends!
 It finally got here!
This morning , thank the good lord for honest people  some where.
I looked yesterday after it had been delivered the day before and it had been scanned again.
So either they messed up the shipping report are some nice soul returned it to the post office.
Bad picture but you get the idea.
This will go in the middle of their quilt.
The only one i could find that reminds me of Fla.
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy

Friday, July 17, 2015

Zipper pouches

Hi friends!
I made a man's pouch yesterday!
It's more this color!
I had to go back and see how you stacked up the pieces with the zipper.
I made a long one and used plastic coated fabric.
Turned around!
I also bought some more fabric for Jessie's and Richards quilt since i didn't get my panel.
I plays  pretty well with the other fabric's.
I like it together..
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our garden.

Hi friends!
Did no sewing yesterday at all.
We had company off and on all day long ! Really enjoyed that!
Great to see people and sense my panel for Jessie's quilt got lost my next step was a lost cause.
I will have to rethink her quilt.
I was hoping they had just put the wrong delivery on my order and that it might come today but no luck.
So i will just show you my pretty weed-eated garden. Tommy weed-eats it so it want get snaky.

Back when he planted the garden he had one tiny tomato plant that he was going to toss so i petted it and planted it in a flower pot .
Here it is!!!
Running a little later than the first ones but blooming.
Have a great one .
Quilt Happy