Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Hi friends!
I have meet so many amazing friends and quilters in the last few years and i love this blogging world.
I want to thank you every one for all the great tutes and just for being my friends.
Of course some i am closer to and are my best friends from all over the world.Whether you live in the USA or England or Italy Or Iceland or Spain or any where else , I really, really  enjoy reading your blog and emailing you back and forth.
Hope you all have the very best new year and i look forward to talking to you all of 2015
Barbara or Quilt Happy

December Finishes

Hi friends!
The sun finally came out at 5:30 last night!

I made this quilt for my son and daughter in  love for Christmas alone with two king sized pillow shams.
A labor of love ! I love them and love this quilt!
I made a quilt for one of my older grandsons a little over twin sized because i didn't know what sized bed he sleeps in. Thank the good Lord for facebook  because i can send messages to grands that i only see now and then!
I made this one for my sweet grand daughter!  I gave it to her Christmas day!
I made this pillow for my sweet Addie Lou Who's birthday! love my beautiful  baby girl!!!
I am blessed with smart pretty and handsome grand kids!
Son and daughter in love are on their way to see" Ole Miss" play and spend some time with their son, pray for a safe  trip.
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Presents

Hi friends!
My sweet nephew made me and Sis each a quilt rack to hang on the wall.
Neat don't you think? If you would like one i am sure he would love to make you one. Don't know what he would charge!
That floor is what was under the carpet in the front bedroom that Tommy dumped soot on, like this much better!
Its very old!

Sis in law knows i love country cook books so she got me one for Christmas!
And these house shoes on my feet! I bought her a sweater and as soon as we got home Christmas Eve Night , she called saying she was wearing it to Church that night and all the next day!
Just glad it fit, so hard to size for some one else . Heck it's hard for me to fit me!!!
Sis got me some Chocolate and some clamps that ain't hard to open after it took her and Sharmah both to open one the other day.
But that a tale for another day.
Have a great one friends!
The sun is suppose to come out today, still waiting for it!
Quilt Happy

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cailtin and Travis's Quilt

Hi friends!
Cloudy nasty weather!
I gave Caitlin and Travis their quilt Christmas Day.
They loved it!
Katey  as we call her has been in this family for as long as i have, her daddy married Kim two weeks after Tommy and I got married, seventeen years ago last August.
Now she has a baby boy and Kim and Richard thinks they invented grand kids.
With 24 Grands i can understand that!

Bentley , born five weeks early but growing fast!
I think he is nine months old or soon to be that old.
He is so cute with his Santa hat and red tie.
They got him a big red wagon for Christmas that he  is in .
Clair and Lola was there getting gifts from all.
We had a great time Christmas day with the family.
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New to me machine

Hi friends!
Beautiful sunny day!
My 'new' machine is a Kenmore 36.
I found it the other day on the internet but couldn't find when it was made.  But since it takes a plastic bobbin it shouldn't be to old.
It's heavy!!  I told her i wanted a heavy metal machine.
So glad Kari found it for  me.
I intend to do a lot of piecing with it.
Before i can use any of the stitches i will have to get another foot.
On the back it says it warranty is good for 25 years but it is most likely older than that.
Don't know how long bobbins have been plastic?
My news years resolution is to play more next year
Just have two more grand kids to make a quilt for and a couple of on the way great grands to make quilts for and one for each of my kids.
That should give me time to play and maybe get rested up from making 3 quilts in less than a month!
I got very little else done this last month and didn't finish all the gifts i was going to give.
Have a great sewing or resting day friends!
Quilt Happy

Friday, December 26, 2014


Hi friends!
Years ago our son-in-law made a birdhouse for us!
For years we watched as birds made nest and raised baby birds in it.
After a few years Tommy had to re roof it with a bit of tin.
Our birds had a tin roof!
It finally went to pieces  last year .
So this is what youngest daughter and son-in-law got us for Christmas!
A triple Decker!!!!
It has two houses on this side with porches!
And one on this side!
Tommy will hang it up as soon as it gets warm weather so this spring we can watch  again.
Have a great day friends!
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Present and Addie's pillow

Hi friends!
Look what my sweet grands gave me for Christmas!  Kari had been on the lookout for me a good sewing machine and found this.
We just had  a thunder and lightening storm so now i am back.
When she gave it to me it had a medal bobbin in the bottom but i put a plastic one in and it really make a great stitch.
This Is my Addie Lou's pillow, the quilt i made her was white, black and purple so it matches. . This is the back of her pillow.
Here is my beautiful Adddie Lou holding it and  My 'ole miss' man! I think she liked it!
Have a wonderful Christmas friends.
I will be back Friday!
Quilt Happy

Monday, December 22, 2014

Caitlin and Travis's Quilt

Hi friends!
Worked all afternoon on making backing for Cailtlins quilt.
Its going to be a bit of every thing.
I found the original star block so i am using it , part of it will be muslin and the rest sheeting.
Got to get busy today and finish it and sandwich the quilt.
Got to get a lot done before Thursday.
Have a great day.
Quilt Happy

Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting there!

Hi friends!
This is another quilt i have to finish by tomorrow!
It's a surprise!
My fingers are sore hemming two quilts this week.
This one is finished , just like little things now.
I hemmed this one and the Christmas Present quilt in the last few days and my fingers are very sore.
It didn't take two seconds for Tommy to put my Light in so i am ready to put that other light up.
It was sorry to work with!
This one is waiting for after tomorrow for me to finish.
I will have 4 whole days to finish it. Got to get busy friends.
Have a great weekend.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Caitlin and Travis Quilt.

Hi friends!
You know i told you i had lost some fabric when i cleaned up the dining room? well i found it!
It was suppose to go as a border on a quilt.  Oh well!!! I also found the star i was looking for  after i made some more.
That's is other quilt hanging out from under it.
You like this border?
I think they will.
It's a good size so when they get them a bigger bed it will still fit.
I was very careful to get the tractors going the right way.
Mail man just ran with my light bulbs so i am back in business.
It's hard to thread your neddle when you don't have good light.
I have always just threaded it and not used the auto threader. But i think i will have to figure it out.
I don't use my auto cutter either because it sounds like the whole insides is falling out.
I still love my brother!!!
Sewing machine that is
Thank to all my great friends yesterday for all the comforting messages.
Isn't it wonderful have so many like minded friends?
My sis just makes tops and sends them off to get them done, they come back ready to bind.
Most of the work is in sandwiching and quilting and binding.
I love to make blocks so that part is fun. No so much sandwiching.
When you have a day like i did quilting it's not any fun either.
Have a great day friends.
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fighting my machine

Hi friends!
Gloomy day!
My machine had fits this weeks.   I don't know if i had the wrong needle for quilting in it or what.
I took it apart and i was still clean from the last cleaning.
It broke 3 needles in a row and broke top thread to.
It made a mess on the back side of my quilt i was working on.
The first thing that happened was my light on my machine  blowed when i turned on my machine, see the lantern sitting close by.
I have ordered another one but it will take a few days for it to get here.
I have picked out that bottom thread for two days
Now my camera want download pictures.
Not my day!.
Maybe i will have better luck tomorrow.
Hugs friends.
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hi friends!
Still working on their quilt.
Flu is raging here , just hope we can stay away from it.
My niece has it, two of our girls works at the drug store and they sold out of Tamiflu yesterday.
Just hope they don't get it from working around people with it.
I don't know wether either one of them had the flu shot but they are saying that it's worthless this year.
CDC said we would have a rough flu season.
With Tommy having C O P D i worry about him getting it.
As you can see i have a flimsy! Have until a week from Thursday to finish this.
The only quilt to carry to this years Christmas with Tommy's girls.
Pray no one get the flu !
Tommy can't be around that.
It could mess up our Christmas.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pigtales and quilts changed to' stitchandquilt'

Hi friends!
Just heard the news that my friend Theresa of 'Pigtales And quilts' Has changed the name of her blog to
' Stitchandquilt' her blog
Just click on 'her blog' above to see her new  to us blog.
She is a great quilter and i have been following her for quit a while.
I really enjoy her blog.
 Don't forget  to click her link Here or above
She is having a great giveaway on her new blog this week and Fat quarter Shop is giving the fabric.
Can't beat that combo a great quilter and the Fat Quarter Shop.
She will be making things from that fabric all week long and you know you don't want to miss that.
As a matter of fact i am going over there right now so follow along..
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Redraw winner

Hi friends!
My followers giveaway winner never did get in touch so tonight Tommy drawwed another name.
And the winner is!
Juliehallfeldhaus, Congrats Julie!
I need your address!
Have a great week end friends
Quilt Happy

Caitlin And Travis's quilt

Hi friends!
Some more blocks put together.
Black was the only color that i liked with this so i am using solid black for saching.
Started to make a flimsy and adding rows. Never did find the star i made at first.  It will turn up next year i guess!
It's a work in progress but maybe i will get it together this weekend and can start quilting.
Have a wonderful weekend friends.
Quilt Happy

Friday, December 12, 2014

Caitlin's Quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
One row of her quilt is together.
Another one!
Both of them together.
Yesterday i looked for the star block for the middle of this quilt but it it went the way of the fabric i bought for another quilt.  When i put up things so that we can have big family dinner they just seam to vanish.
Tommy got a Christmas present that talked for one of the great grands and and it talked all the way home and all over Walmart.  Then he cut himself tiring to take the batteries out.
But he picked it out not me!!!!!!
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Made Ornament

 Hi friends
 Beautiful cold day!
I showed you this before but after getting up at 6 o'clock yesterday and going to the ultra-sound lab and then waiting to see the DR. i wasn't much good for any thing so i worked on this.
Tommy went to these apt. i just sat!!! Every year he goes for this check-up since having vascular  surgery years ago. Every thing was good!
Then we went to get some Christmas shopping done!
So you know i was done in!

It looks good on the Christmas tree!
I though i was going to have to buy some stuffing but i found some put up, enough to do this.
This is the ornament that my son that got killed in a wreck in 84 painted when he was 13 years old .
I have hung it on my tree every since.
One of the Coke Ornaments!
They are not all on the tree this year i have more home made ones on it instead.
I collected Coke Ornaments for many years but quit not long after i retired.
One year when the grands were little i got this in the Smokies when we went on our vacation.
And this wolf in grannies clothes , the other side is red riding hood.
The grands loved these.
  I took a nap yesterday and then made tea cakes for Tommy, we just had a laid back afternoon.
Got to sew today , can't get to far behind on Christmas sewing.
Have a wonderful day friends.