Friday, December 30, 2016

December Finish's

Hi friends!
Don't forgot my giveaway! 
My finish's for this month, finished 4 quilt tops for the girls.
Their was just enough to make each one of them one from their grandmother's top.
Made one big king sized quilt for my son and daughter in law.
Made a Gazillion microwave cosy's.
I gave all my grand's that are in collage one so they wouldn't burn their fingers and the rest ones just in case they needed to heat something up.
So Adults and grand's got one.
I am starting pillow cases for Amy to go with her quilt.
Our fashion expert Addie Lou though the backing fabric would look great on them and I had just enough to do it.
Just started collecting fabric for my daughter's birthday quilt.
I need to talk to Noah and Hagen about what they want on their quilt this year.
All of my six kids need another quilt. If the power goes out they will need more then one quilt.
Most of them use electric heat.
Happy New Year


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our Great Grands

Hi friends!
Great grand's day!
This is Shania! My daughter, her grandmother is holding her.
This is our Katy Jo and our Luke.
Our Aden and Eli.
Our Tucker!
You can see like eye 's on these two, my grandson Cody and his son.
Our Gracie!
Lane giving out presents.

This is my oldest grand opening a gift , behind him is his two boys, Lane and Jarod.
The only picture I have of Jarod.
We are blessed!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Crazy Email

My email is out so if you left a comment and haven't heard from me that's the reason

Christmas Day

Don't forget my giveaway
Hi friends!
This is Landon and his family , they got here before everyone left on Christmas Day.
Better picture with Missy.
Alex and his family with his mother. He is the baby although he is 6'5" tall.
They expect Sable to be born in the next few weeks.
Eli loves this toy that was for both of them.
Just his size.
We had a good Christmas



Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Five year giveaway

Hi friends!
I have been blogging five years this week!
My how time flies!
I have "meet'" so many wonderful blogger , some of which are like sister's to me now even through we have never meet.
All of the quilting bloggers and one of my near , 80 miles away- used to blog, are fast friends that I talk to all the time.
Blogger are the very best, I know because so many of my friend have comforted me on the loss of our grandson and his family whole family.
So I am giving  charm pack plus some scraps or fat eights to go with it.
I can't do beyond Canada because of the cost.
My last giveaway was won buy a good friend in England and just postage  was over 25 dollars.
I hate to do this because of all my friends over seas.
But I must!
Christmas with our bunch is costly and we are  beyond broke.
You can tell I paid bills today
I love you all.
Just tell me how you follow and I will pull a winner next week some time.
Love to you all

Quilt Presents

Hi friends!
Some of you know I had been working with some quilt tops that my mother in law left here.
The one red haired Kim is holding is my blog header.
I finished them up for the girls.
I believe they liked them!!!!
Left to right is Kim, Tonia, Missy and Abby.
 On all of the  pictures!
Jarod sitting in the chair behind them , one of our collage kids.
Abby is lucky enough to have two in collage at once.  Ouch!
Next year Chris and Amy will have.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Angels

Our Babies!
Abby had a artist draw them as they are now in Heaven.
Lots of tears were shed yesterday, our first Christmas with out them.
They were always the first ones here on Christmas and every other holiday.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Almost finished

Hi friends!
Another  one bit the dust!
Just one more to finish and I will have all my Christmas quilts done.
Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Hi friend's!
Remember this from Last year? I put it on my quilting table that we set up so we can set about hald of our family.
This one is new.
Just half of it , the other half is taken up with sewing machine.
I got a scare Monday when I set up to quilt. My machine wouldn't come one!
I changed cords and it worked but I changed them back yesterday and it worked.
May have a loose wire.
I need that machine!
That's the one I quilt on!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Giveaway After Christmas

Hi friends!
My five year blog anniversary is next week.
So I will be having a giveaway.
This is  the quilt I made for my kids ,Chris and Amy.
Amy saw the one I made for my Aunt Betty Jane and had a fit over it so I made hers just like it. She said that was what she wanted.
Made my job easier knowing what she wanted .
You can tell it needed ironing but after ironing it to sandwich it I had had enough!
That is a whopper. I never did measure after I had gotten to 95 by 102 and added some borders on after that.
Show you what my Gracie gave me for Christmas.
In the little zippered purse she had put a mustache ring.
Was that not sweet? She will be seven I think her birthday, maybe eight!

This is the dirty Santa gifts.
We gave out the ones for the kids first then played Dirty Santa. A drill got passed around. Cody got one two times but ended up with a chocolate factory.
Alisha got what her mother put in, a turkey cooker! My daughter said Why?
I guess she wants her mother to use it.
Thats my tree in my sewing room they are under.
It belonged to my oldest son and I have put it up for him every since.
Not a great picture !
I broke my glasses yesterday, took them and had them fixed and made me a appt. to get new ones.
 By by new camera.
Isn't that the way it goes?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas , Part one

Hi friends!
My daughter gave me a picture of her and all her kids.
You can just barely see David on the left end.
She and my son were talking about us renting a building next year for our get together because our family is growing so fast.
Their are a few of us with new boyfriends and girlfriends , Angels and Anna's boy friends and Michael's Ashley and Addie's Brandon. Michael had to carry his girlfriend to Atlanta to the air port so had to leave early.
Mark's and Brandy's seem like our grand's because they are the same age as out grand's
My daughter holding Shania with her parents watching.
Our Tucker!
Our Darling Gracie!
She brought me a present!
From her toys, wasn't that sweet?
That tumbler quilt I have been working on for Chris and Amy.
Have a good one

Friday, December 16, 2016

Quilt books

Hi friends!
I bought me a couple of quilting books from McKays.  The watercolor looks very interesting. The other has some great Christmas things.
Chris and Amy bought me this one when they went on vacation last summer. It's really good , covers hand quilting and hand sewing quilts. I needed that for my Q-bee group.
I finished their king sized quilt but now have to find some way to wrap it! It's washed and needs a label and it will be ready for giving this Sunday. My kids will all be here then.
Lots of work to do from now till Christmas!
But I have to work in a little sewing for me!
Keeps me sane.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Hi friends!
You would think I got these at JoAnn's yesterday but no!
These came from Tuesday Morning.
The solid on top is a little thin but the rest seems good!
I had read about people finding bundles at Tuesday Morning before but this is the first time I have seen any.
Each bundle was 6.99, fifteen fat quarters made to look like much more.
This is what I got at Jo Ann's!
Their Christmas fabric was half off.
This is what greeted us at McKays! Neat Christmas tree!
I made a microwave cosy yesterday, made one the day before to.
This is one !
This is the first one I made. I am happy with mine , I used it last night.
Have a great day

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Large Quilt

Hi friends!
 Another order from Jenny!
Already in use!
I loved the blue bundle so I bought it for me for Christmas.
Working on the large king!
Need to finish quilting it today so I will have time to bind. It's so large it will take a while.
I think we are just about finished buying for Christmas, at least I hope so. We have all the great grand's presents.
Not the adults yet but just having the g-g's bought is good.
Have a good one

Monday, December 12, 2016

Kim's Shower

Hi friends!
Checking the back to see if I missed any spot!
I have one quilted and four more to do .
We had Kim's baby shower Sat. She is Brads[ the one we lost] sister in law , married to his baby brother.
It took a bunch of kids to carry this to them.
The quilt I made for her!
She got enough clothes , shoes, diapers, bottles, wipes and other things to last 6 months are longer.
Nana Missy got her a bed and changing table and enough outfits to do for 3 or 4 more Girls!
Alex's daddy got them a car seat.
She shouldn't need any thing for a while.

Playing games! I told them I was to old! Being my age has to be good for something!
Another game that was fun.

I didn't know you could get diapers in a box this big.
I think this is the pile of clothes that Missy got them.