Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Trying Fabrics

Hi friends!
I laid out my burgundy with my blocks yesterday.
It looks o k I guess
That was to busy!
Just doesn't do it for me!
This might be it! Surprising at the amount of yellow I had in my scraps.
So then I got my 12 1/2 inch ruler!
I had nearly enough for a 50 by 65 lap quilt.
Needed two more!
So of course I started making. those!
Then Tommy said "Lets go see my sis".
We did and Was 9:30 when we got back so dishes and news then bed!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Daughter's Quilt

Hi friends!
My daughter came to see me Sat.
Got her quilt and pillow shams a little late for her birthday. It was June 8th.
About the time I cut my finger!

She sent me a picture Sat. night.
Was thinking about doing the joining strips with this burgundy! I have two yards of it.
Don't know  if it will work. I guess I will spread it out and place a bunch of blocks on top.
Just to see . If it doesn't I will go stash looking.
I am sitting here in my desk chair and It drops just a little and a minute later it drops just a little more. In a little while  I will be on the floor!
Need fabric not a new chair!
Maybe I can put blocks under it!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Our Anniversary 21 Years

Hi friends!
Yesterday was our anniversary!
21 years !
So we went to out favorite steak house Long Horn.
A storm followed us all the way down there. Rome is south of us.
After we ate I called my repair man and asked him if he though he had a bobbin case for my machine my son got for me. I had bobbins that are suppose to be the right one.. He did! Next we went to Ollie's and I got a stack of books.
Stormed the whole time. Lights were out and police were directing traffic. Had to pay cash for the books because they didn't have internet.
It fit good !
Next I went online and ordered a Manuel for it so I could wind the bobbin.
Printed that off .
It had stopped raining so we both walked  my trail to end a very good day.
May we have many more wonderful years!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Tiny Bit of Sewing

Hi friends!
Yesterday I sewed a little , moved some furniture and then went to the funeral home to see Deborah's husband and son.
We went early so didn't see anyone that used to work with us. But we did meet her son.
I moved a table out of my sewing room into the living room.
I moved this next to my chair so I would have a lamp to see by.
I did do my hand sewing on the couch so I would have a lamp near but lately that spot has been freezing me so I moved.
Moved the machine Chris and Amy gave me in front of the window, using it right now for do-dads.
I have tried on line every where for a bobbin  case for it. So far no luck.
Have a good one

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Our Day

Hi friends!
Two cute little stars!
Found a scrap of that fabric so made two like that.

Two string blocks!
And one stung Husband! He went to get his tractor to cut grass and when he cranked it the bee's got mad , Got him three times.
Right after  that I didn't hear any thing so I looked out, 90 something degree's and this is what I found.
So I got my gloves and went and helped! He picks the hottest days to do things like this!
It got in his way!!!!!
Made him come in during the hottest part of the day.
Later he cut the lower end while I walked . This was after six when their is some shade . He wants to get it all cut before it starts raining later today and for the next few days. 
That was our day!
Right now he is out there cutting what little bit he didn't get cut.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Anna's Quilt

Hi friends!
Still making little stars.
I made four yesterday got to add them to the black to see how many more I need but I will need a few for her pillow shams to.
Made these! Our tomato's are terrible this year, If the birds don't get them then they rot on the vine. I have been bringing them in as soon as the start turning but now they are getting small.
Just not putting out like they usually do.
To much rain!
Still making these.
 Got to get Michael and Ashley's quilt sandwiched so when I finish Tonia's I can start quilting it.
Got behind on quilting due to this finger.
Have a great day.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Past weekend

Hi friends!
I think I made five of these last week.
This one!
And this one I made yesterday. Just some mindless sewing.
Trying to use up some of the scraps I have  running over the top of the box.
Haven't made a dent yet.
Some of you know I make lap quilts for woman friends that have cancer and one of the friends husband called me Sat morning to say his wife had died.
Made for a bad weekend, No arrangements yet.
I think this is the one I made her , some how it never got to my pinterest board. But I go for months and don't get on their to update.
I had know her for neatly thirty years .
She was the sweetest and to young to go like that but lived years longer than she would have if Doctors didn't have all the knowledge they have now.
She had bone cancer and had a rod in her spine.
She will be missed.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Hi friends!
Still making little stars.
And strip blocks!
Great rest-full sewing!
The sun came out this morning!   Hadn't seen it since Monday. Last I heard we had nearly five inch's of rain. We live on the side of our hill so we are fine.
Went by yesterday and saw the tree on the house in Trion. So many houses in our area have tree's on top of them.  You can't go down a road here with seeing a tree down. Never seen it this bad before. Hope they have good insurance.  Not like our old insurance that made us replace all our roof because the colors didn't match! Cost us 4 thousand more dollars that could have gone on something else.
Hope you'll have a great weekend

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Pillow Shams

Hi friends!
I got kind of worried about the pillow going in good with that web material that Abby gave me so I finished one just to check that.
Worried for nothing! So I went ahead and finished the other.
Two that fits fine!
They go with this quilt.
It rained all day long yesterday!  I have never seen it do that except when a hurricane came in real slow.
Yesterday they said we had a two day total of more than four inch's.
They have been more tree's falling on houses.
Evacuating of all low places because of flooding.
Most of our family lives on hills except for my daughter and one of her sons. I think ! Don't know where some of my grands live. We live on the side of this hill that we own.
Hoping for a little bit of sun now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How I Make String Blocks

Hi friends!
I take anything you would use for backing ,old fabric that you don't like any more or muslin.
Cut it about 14 inch's square because the blocks are going to be 12 inch's.
Spray starch , iron and get rid of all wrinkles.
Then spray lightly with basting spray.

Lay scrap battening on top  or cut you some, turn and iron again.
Now you are ready.
That's it friends, Join them and adding binding and you have a quilt.

Hubby's Birthday

Hi friends!
Blurry picture but happy daddy , three of his daughter's have visited for his birthday.
Abby and Kristian said this was for our birthday's.
This was made at Kristian's graduating from Berry college party. Abby had it done on canvas.
Kim came to see him on Sunday because she keeps kids and couldn't come yesterday. Then Missy called him last night so he was one happy daddy.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Finished! and Happy Birthday

Hi Friends!
Today is Tommy's birthday. He has finally got as old as I am. Praying for another 21 years with him.
My daughter's quilt is my only finish and I did the binding last night.
The ditch we dug yesterday. He used his tiller to loosen it up so we could shovel it into the bucket of his tractor.
Thought we would be sore today but we aren't.
He used his icy pad that I got him from Dr. Jeff and then his heating pad so maybe no damage to his back.
His sis sent him a pretty card and he got it this morning.
He filled in some spots in the front yard and low places where that cedar tree was.
It was wet when they cut those trees so he had tire tracks to fill in.
He moved most of that pile of sawdust they left to the back to dry out then Maybe to our garden. Because it sure does need something. We have planted in that spot for 18 years and It's not producing as good as it did. but it grows weeds great!
Have a good one