Friday, May 24, 2019

Landon and Tori's quilt

Hi friends!
Landon and Tori's quilt. I had to add on to one end to get it long enough. I think mostly because I turned it the wrong way, The backing!
Then I turned it over and starched and Ironed it. Put it next to my quilting machine to quilt next week. 

Then I sandwiched the wheelchair quilt , this will be my second one and I have the top made for the 3th one.
Got to start on a quilt of valor soon and I have a donated top to quilt for our vets to.
We plan on making a lot of vets happy this year.

I bought this for my quilt I am making to give. Plus I bought some when we went quilt shopping with our sewing Q-Bees.
Should have plenty for this quilt so I can get started on it next week.
One more picture of the quilt that I finished yesterday.
After all that fighting it turned out pretty good.
The red and black are school colors.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 23, 2019

T-Shirt Quilt

Hi friends!
A finish, nearly . Need to wash it and add a label.
Have a good one

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

T-Shirt Quilt.

Hi friends!
Got two sides on!
The bottom that I had to take back off. But I finally got it on.
Took all day yesterday to get the ends lined up right.
Already cut my binding and ironed it today but got to wind a bobbin to sew it down.
It's not queen sized but I managed to get it pretty good sized for the amount of t-shirts I had to work with.
Going with black binding!
I may do some more top- stitching for a finish after I get the binding sewed down.
Getting the red and black to meet!
Now I have to get Landon's and Tori's ironed and quilted. May not finish it this month but it will be close.
That's for tomorrow. Have a good day

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Quilts and Tomato's

Hi friends!
After fighting with that border on Thursday , Friday afternoon I worked on making that big block into one big enough for a wheelchair quilt.
It will make a bright wheelchair quilt.
I didn't have enough basting spray over the weekend so couldn't sandwich them. This morning it came in the mail so maybe today?
Worked on this yesterday. It now has two borders and I sewed down  the bottom border but took it back out last night.
Just didn't line up right!
Tommy got our Tomato's in the ground.
We went this morning to get some mulch to put around them.
He said that was all he was planting, twelve tomatoes. Doesn't make sense to plant anything else . if we want something we can always buy it fresh from some ones garden. But how often do you eat squash.
We have spent years growing it and giving it away.
Have a great day

Monday, May 20, 2019

Our Reunion

Hi friends!
We had our family reunion yesterday.
We had lost our Aunt Eddie and Sherry's husband Tony.
Sherry and her family were in Fla.
Some had to work but we had a few we hadn't seen in years.
But we had quite a crowd.
Cheryl taking one with Kim.
Our newly weds!
These two comes every year but they have grown so much. Jimmy and Ellen's grands and their father.
A good crowd.
So good to see the ones that got to come.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday Verse


May 19

Acts 2:4

4 All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Hi friends!
I took me all afternoon yesterday to get this one border on!
Don't you hate days like that when every thing you sew you have to rip out?
Got a package in the mail this morning, Thanks Dawn.   HERE . I had sent her some blue scraps and she returned this one , making me this cute pouch. Isn't that adorable. all sparkelys.
Will keep in my purse to carry precious things.
Imogene sent me a message yesterday that Walmart had fabric on sale.
The white was one dollar a yard. Thanks Imogene.
Though the other would go good in my quilt of valor.
Have a great week end

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wheel Chair Quilt

Hi friends!
This measures 25 by 50 so I added two strips one on each side.
Then it measured 37 buy 50, a tiny bit longer. But when I wash it it may not be that big.  They always shrink some .
So one wheelchair top made , Think the next one will be stars.  We are suppose to make three each so that would make me three.
Look what came yesterday!
Was suppose to get here today, so I can go ahead and sandwich it. After I pick out a backing!
Got to go to town and pick up a few things for our family reunion this coming Sunday. This is my mother's side of the  family. My mother is gone but we ,Aunt's and cousins, are all close. When we are gone nobody will do this I am sure!  My kids don't go, some of my cousins kids don't come either.
But we were raised together and the next generation hasn't been . After they got grown they are all over the place.
We drug then to the reunions as long as we could.
Have a great day

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Good Night Irene

Hi Friends!
Got that last row added and now I will have to wait until my battening gets here.  Suppose to get here tomorrow. I have run slap out.
So I started working on another wheelchair quilt.. Making charm square good night Irene blocks.
This one measures 25 by 25 so a white border on each side would make it at 36 and two stacked would be fifty in length and they need to be 45. Don't think they will mind a little longer.
I may just make two  wheel chair quilt of these since I have more blocks started.
I am also running out of white so I am going to have to get some more of that.
I walked yesterday but Tommy didn't walk with me.
This is what he did.
He hates for limbs to get in his way when he mows so he trimmed up several in the yard. I didn't help him because I needed to vacuum so I did the whole house.
Took advantage of him being out side so I could get some work done.
Guess I will be making another good night Irene block this afternoon.
Took my car to the shop this morning early, because we will need it weekend after next to go to graduations. We will drive Tommy's baby until I get it back.
He bought his truck new the year before we got married and the only time in the last few years that we went on a trip in it the transmission nearly fell out. Had to have it rebuilt.
Makes me not trust it.
We haven't had any more trouble out of it since  but still......
Have a good one

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

T-Shirt Quilt

Hi friends!
I added the last whole row , now I will add fabric to the sides of that one t-shirt  I have left to make it fit.
Since all our country school colors are red and black I got these Sat. for the border's.
Its red and black!  Hard to tell with this shot!
One side!
Then the other!
Stopped here to cook supper.
Tommy walked with me yesterday. Since my daughter got me a fitbit I guess I will walk today to!
I wore it like this yesterday, Don't think that was right.
I always wore my watch like that and you have lots of veins there so it looks like it would work good. But after I walked it said my heart rate was 57.
Don't think that could have been right.  If it was I am one healthy person!
Later when I was sitting on the couch it said it was 100?  I think that was after I changed it to the top side.
Right now typing it says 58
with it on top of my wrist.
When I read the paper work it said on top so their it will stay.
I think it is counting my hand movement and thinks I am walking.
Have a good one

Monday, May 13, 2019

Q-Bees Quilt Shop Hop

Hi friends!
Some of the Q-Bees went to check out some quilts shops Sat.
The first one was Janet's Quilt Shop in Tunnel Him Ga.  She had some really great prices! Plus since we were a quilt group she gave us a discount.
Her shop was a quilt of valor
shop so I found some more fabric for the one I am making.
This is a Quilt of Valor they are working on.
The second shop was In Ringold , Ga. and we had heard it was closed on Sat, but while we were peeping in the window we saw the owner inside.
"The name of it was "It's Sew Time"
She had decided to start opening on Saturdays.  I didn't get anything there but some of the others did.
It was a small store but she had Batiks on sale so the girls got lots.
She had a good bit crammed into that store along with sewing machines and long arm machines.
She used every inch. We will go back to both stores when Sis and I spend our next day shopping.
Needless to say I sewed nothing all weekend.
Hope to get some done today.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Verse


May 12

Job 33:4

4 The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Friday, May 10, 2019


Hi Friends!
We had a great meeting!
Bonnie checking out Susan's blocks for her veterans Quilt of Valor.
Susan holding another part of it.
Charlotte's grand baby's quilt.
Bonnie's wheelchair quilt.
Barbara Jean's bear paw block.
Diann's wheelchair quilt.
Another great wheelchair quilt.
Iva Nell holding up a pillow case worked by one of our newest members.Love that, so pretty.
Some more of her work.
Matching table runner.
Her cute pin cushions, turtles.
Charlotte shows us a new way to join binding's.
 Diann made us little things to do it with
As you can see I didn't finish mine. Hand-stitching and I don't gee haw
We all had snacks and planned our trip tomorrow, praying the rain holds off for it.
Have a great weekend