Friday, December 3, 2021

Hi friends!

Our finished building! He is coming back and power wash it because lots of the tin was old and had been laying in the barn for years.

You can't see it from here but it has a chain and lock on the doors

A lady stopped and ask Bobby to come to their house and give them a estamate, said they were impressed at how fast he put it up!
 Hubby Christmas Present!

stay safe



Thursday, December 2, 2021


Hi friends!

Two walls up!
 They are working on it today , thinking they will finish tomorrow.  Maybe just the doors tomorrow.

Doing a little Christmas painting!

Got to get some plain green for the trees, that looked green but not painted on it didn't.

That's some Christmas present for hubby! And he is already wanting to add on!!!

Stay safe



Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Friday After Thanksgiving

Hi friends

My kids came on Friday for Thanksgiving.

Our Lawyer!

Jessica's our nurse standing and Anna another grand talking.

So pretty!

We though we weren't getting to see Tatum until next month but she made it!, Her sis and her Guy took her back to the airport that night. Most of the gang was here . Kari had to work so they weren't here

The shop!

They are out there working right now. Another picture tomorrow!



Monday, November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving Day

Hi friends!

We had a good crowd on Thanksgiving day . All of Hubby's girls came and quiet a few grand kids made it to.

Just waiting for Hubby to say the blessing!

All of out grands are now working and going to college are out of college and working. On both side's of our family!

This was the building all weekend! But they are out there this morning working . Another picture tomorrow.

Hubby needed this  because the shed's attached to the main barn is about to collapse after over a hundred years!

The main barn is sinking but it's in better shape than the sheds on each side.

Hubby is already planing on adding on to this building.  A shed on each side for all his other "things".

A little bit of sewing!

See you tomorrow 

stay safe


Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday Verse



November 28

1 Chronicles 16:34

34 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

My birthday Is This Week

Hi friends!

My Bradford pears are red!

They got all the posts cemented in yesterday, going to let it dry today then start  back work  tomorrow.

My next door neighbor came while we were in town yesterday and left me a present.

The tin was full of cookies, love that red truck, but that little bag had something wonderful!
Isn't that adorable!!! A wooden spool with Santa on it.

Got my other birthday present early to.

A lot small than my black one.

Stay safe



Monday, November 22, 2021


 Hi friends!

Putting up post but running into rock all over!

I think our place is 90 % rock! And they are having problems finding a place to put up four post for Hubby's new building.

It will be a little bigger than what he would have gotten with the metal co. and Cost about the same.

Those 600 dollar metal buildings, that a carport now is 3800 and a closed in one is over 6000 plus!

Stay safe



Saturday, November 20, 2021

Back Again

Hi friends!

My computer was in the shop for a few days but when I got it back I couldn't reach my blog, Worked on that for days but just now found it!We have had one thing after another happen , 

Water pipe leaks on our side of the meter, which means our bill will go way up! 

 We have a crew coming Monday to start Hubby a building for the tractor and lawn mower plus other things that belong to hubby. More on that Monday.

As you can see finished my Santa!Needed all the calming I could get!

Stay safe



Sunday, November 14, 2021

Sunday Verse



November 13

2 Kings 17:38-39

38 Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods. 39 Rather, worship the LORD your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.”

Friday, November 12, 2021

This Week

 Hi friends!

This has been one more week!

Water pipe busted on our side of the meter.

Can't wait to see that bill! Don't have any idea how long it was broke!

Got my computer back today but it still hasn't Fixed my problem, going to have to call the internet guy.  I had a few virus's and they got rid of them.

Pretty much my week! Money going out to fix things.

Just hope things stop braking!

Have a great weekend



Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Books and P.J.'s

Hi friends!

Janet Evanovich is a great Author! You laugh out loud until you cry! But since she had had other authors helping some of her's are not up to her standards. This one however is!

"Full Bloom" is excellent!   Annie Fortenberry owns the Peachtree bed and breakfast. And her bed and breakfast is inhabited by a sprit! In the past it was a brothel! So the spirt may be one of the "good old girls"! Her renter and good friend Destiney is in touch with the spirt and is trying to get it to go to the light. Annie's husband has been missing for three years and she figures he ran off with who ever he was going with!  When she sends the handy man to big a garden space and they find bones. Her ex-mother-in--law hires a man to investigate because she is convinced Annie got rid of him.

I read this one this week end along with.

A old man is in a coma and not expected to live so they sent for his 4 sons.. In his will he says his sons must build him a coffin out of some" Rosewood" that he saved in the barn. His four son's were living all over the place.  But they all came to make the coffin for their father.. One's had a stepchild a little girl but she got out of sight of the house and got lost. I really enjoyed this book!

My P.J. bottoms got in really bad shape so I have the big idea to make me some. I have since cut those P.J.s up and will show more tomorrow!!!

Stay safe 



Friday, November 5, 2021

New-to-me Book


Hi friends!

I was trying to get a picture of leaves falling! You can see a lot has!!!

This is "Critical Mass" by Sare Paretsky! Lotty received a call from her God-daughter begging for help. So Lotty calls V.I. to investigate .
A book about lies and the atomic bomb. When Lotty escaped from Vienna her playmate escaped to but Lotty hadn't heard much from her. Lotty went on to become a Dr..Now she gets a frantic call on her answering machine . Begging her for help. V.I. goes into a hornets nest when she starts investigating their past.
I have always loved her books so was really happy to find some more that I hadn't read!

Wednesday, November 3, 2021


 Hi friends!

We had a beautiful day to shop yesterday..

Got a box full of new to me books to be read!

McKays is a used book store, a hugh store! We took a lot of books back and exchanged them for these and this is just mine, Sis got some to. They sale used movies , Games ,all kinds of books and don't even know what else because I just go for the books. Games don't intertest me!   Music to!

I know they have books about crafts and quilting because I have bought them before.

The we ate at " Ole Charlys" And continued shopping . Didn't get home until 4 o'clock!

These should last for a while!

Stay safe



Monday, November 1, 2021


Hi friends!

Sun helps make a picture! Makes a big difference!

60 degrees out side today sunshine lifts your sprints.

Leaves are changing! Seems like just yesterday they were appearing. Going from air -conditioning to heat.

We have so many trees that don't turn!

But this is a beautiful time of year!

Went to get my tag for my car today but the link was down with the state so I will have to go back later.

We are still wearing our masks even through we have hat our three shots because Hubby's lung Dr. told him he might know live through it.  

Stay safe



Sunday, October 31, 2021

Sunday Verse



October 31

Psalm 23:4

4 Even though I walk through the darkest valley,I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Friday, October 29, 2021


 Hi friends!

It is finally changing down here in the South. Lots of our trees are pine and they never change color. Sun wasn't shinning when I took the picture!

We went to buy groceries this morning and a few shelves were running low! Couldn't find Hubby's crackers!

Had to just take what was there. Which wasn't much!

May get a lot worse.

Stay safe friends



Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Random things

 Hi friends!

Still working on this! Haven't got very far yet!

Tree's are just now starting to change!
My fabric I picked out to make a new bathroom curtain
Feeling so much better that I made me that   new bathroom curtain.
I had been dragging for months, , not sleeping much ! Maybe 2 hours a night! But my Dr. said restless legs when Hubby told him how I do in my sleep so with meds for that I am much better! It runs in my family, my daughter has it! My aunt has it! Maybe our legs are allergic to cement floors and where can you work that doesn't have cement floors?
Last Rose, the deer hasn't been by yet to eat it off.
They usually keep that bush peeled, eating all the leaves off and it's just two steps from our back porch
stay safe dear friends

Friday, October 22, 2021


Hi friends!

Well my baby got his baby back home! Just cost a couple of legs and maybe a arm! They just happened to find the parts in the USA and got them to mail them to him !  He said he had three tractors and had no idea when he would get more to sale.

It's been really good, it's nearly ten years old and till now no trouble.

We are seeing a few really close to empty shelfs in the store! Hate to see what it's going to come to!

Finished this to add to the ones needed at the nursing home. Would make a mans with bears and deer on it.

Have a great day and stay safe



Thursday, October 21, 2021


Hi friends, 

My computer has been down since the week-end. So no post!

This is what I did yesterday!

I had ordered some more diamond painting kits a while back and must have ordered these to, had fun working on them!

Not a  very good pictures but I have them on the back porch laying on the washer drying. They will be ready for my tree after Thanksgiving.
This is what I use to finish it.
I have had this forever, I may has bought it in Fla years ago when we used to go see Sis.
Glad my computer is back , missed all of you

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday Verse



October 16

Haggai 2:6-7

6 “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and the earth, the sea and the dry land. 7 I will shake all nations, and what is desired by all nations will come, and I will fill this house with glory,’ says the LORD Almighty.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Delivering Quilt

Hi friends!

Today was the day we went to hand out quilts at the nursing home, of course we weren't allowed inside so they came out and got them to give to Vet's and to people that had no family to visit them up there.

When we got their it was decided to wait until their Christmas party to hand them out!! And we are going to make 8 more so every one that doesn't have any family will have one for Christmas.

We made all the veterans one each!

Back to the sewing machine to make another!                                                                                                


Thursday, October 14, 2021


Hi friends!

My hubby is prepared!

So if the shelves are bare we will have some. 

We bought up our heat for the winter to! Now if he could just get that part off of the ships at sea to fix his tractor he would be happy.

He has called all over trying to find it at a dealers but no luck.

He wants to cut that field just one more time!  Me , I would let the frost get it!!!!
 Stay safe



Monday, October 11, 2021

Trying to Decide

Hi friends,

A while ago I made up some of these but had bought one for me! Of course I put off making it but now I think It's time for mine to be finished.

I love this but is it the right fabric for this?

Or this?

I will have to think about these fabric's 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday Verse



October 4

Judges 5:31

31 “So may all your enemies perish, LORD! But may all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.” Then the land had peace forty years.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


 Hi friends!

Still ironing a bunch every day!

My Granddaughter got her package , send me a message that she loved it all, I sent her two aprons, a bowl cozy and a towel for her kitchen.
She is one of my sweet babies, years ago I keep her and her sister and before that I keep her brother.
I am blessed to have 22 of the best grands in the world.
Have a gtood one