Thursday, May 31, 2018

May finish's

Hi friends!
These are my finish's for May.  Kristian's berry college quilt.
Gave it to her after her graduating May 5th.
A baby girl quilt for our neighbor.
Just finished that one this week. My "free" quilt. Scrap backing, scrap battening and scrap strips from other quilts.
Put it one the bed last night and Tommy woke me up saying he was cold so I guess our winter quilt goes back on the bed. The air is too cold and he  a fan blowing on his side of the bed . But he has to have it, C O P D.
I just put a blanket over my side. Then he makes fun of me! I can  give it back to him now!! Haha
I still like it
Hoping blogger gets this fixed.. Saw all your comments , hope you like therm Dawn.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Hi friends!
I used my highly specialist drawing system to pick a name from all the comments from my wish upon a star post last week.
He picked Dawn from "sewuquilt2" and since I already have her address I will just get that in the mail.
I was really worried about how the winner was going to get in touch with me but higher power fixed that for me.
Wish we could get him to work on our blogger problem.
Finished this top with just a small gold band all around and will bind with red. Need to get it sandwiched and start on the pillow shams. My daughter's birthday is the 8th but she will be in Fla. so I have a extra couple of days to finish.
Hoping for blogger to fix things

fed up

Hope they get this fixed before we all quit blogging

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Hi friends!
That's our smart handsome grandson, third from the right on the very last row! He got complete scholarships to college . all sorts of awards. He was 9th in a list of 26 that were the top of a class of over three hundred.  Already started college and is working. So proud of all my grands!
This high school is a really good school, over a hundred on honor roll!
There he is with sister's Angel and Alisha.
My babies!
Just 22 of them in all.
Worked on this but spent so much time ripping it out that I just decided to let it be!
Not going to line up perfectly even though I cut each one with my 12 1/2 inch ruler.
Not all together yet!
The back
I have used scrap backing , scrap strips and scrap battening so a free quilt!
This mess with our comments ! Blows my mind how they can mess up things ! Hopefully blogger is working on the problem and will let us know something!
If we can't get our comments lots will just quit blogging. Then it will hit them in their pocketbook.
Just pray they find something fast! My blog doesn't have reply with the comments and want put them into my spam. So I will check back later and if I have your email  in my email list I will answer.
Going to really mess up giveaways!
See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Two more strips

Hi friends!
Another nearly strip!
I quit about supper time , did some cleaning and read. Needed a brake.
Managed to finish both of the other strips before I quit.
Now just to make the joining strips. Hopefully I will have them joined by Monday.
Tommy got the rest of this four acre yard done. Just praying no rain tonight, grandson Wayne graduates High School at 8. If they have to move it inside , want have enough seats so We will stay home and let his close family go.
Tommy has cut me a walking trail and he keeps that cut, I walked last night , one reason I was so tired after supper.
Have a great dry weekend

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Half of a Quilt

Hi friends!
Went to town yesterday then to spend some time with Brother's family so It was late when we got home.
But I did some on joining my blocks together.
One long strip!
Got the next one started.
Two strips of blocks!
One half of a quilt top!
More tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Last block

Hi friends!
Laid these out and needed three more so yesterday I made some repeats of some I only had one of.
Two more of these!
Last one! Now for the sashing and the border, hope to finish those by this weekend. May not because it's lots of cutting.
Lots of cutting !!
Going to make up my mind whether I want to change it or not.
Need it finished by 6/8.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Wish Upon A Star Blog Hop

Hi Friends!
This is my day to blog about Stars, because I joined in with the "wish Upon A star blog hop"!

Our leader and top blog hop master  and expert quilter is none other then Carol of All she asks is lots of stars and for every one to visit all the blogs in the hop. List posted on the bottom!
My first project is the star quilt at the top that I made for My precious aunt Pauline, who turned 92 this year but after losing her only son went downhill and couldn't make it to our reunion this year.
I made this for a close friend that had just lost her husband of many years !
You can tell I love stars of any kind!
Made this one for my sweet grand Tatum when she started Oklahoma last year, these are their colors.
Most of my grands and I have 22 have at least one star on their quilts.
The quilt I am working on now is for my daughter and you can see the star!
These two small stars are going into my grand daughter Anna's quilt that is next on my list. I will be working on her's and Michael and Ashley's quilt when I finish my daughter's
Need a few more smaller stars and then I will start it and a little more fabric buying to start Michael's and Ashleys.
Sharing the love of fabric , I am having a giveaway of some sweet fabric fat quarters. Six in all!

Just leave me a comment!
Now go and share the love with all of these great quilters. They will be posting all this week.


Family Reunion

Hi friends!
My aunt's and one uncle with his daughter from Fla. Our aunt Pauline that came last year is in the nursing home . She turned 92 this year.
My aunt Eddie in the yellow shirt is very sick to but decided to come and I am so glad she did.
My brother on the left and Tommy on the right! With cousin's hubby in the middle.
Three cousins, Judy on the left, Jo on the right with Ellen in the middle.
Me and Ellen, sweet cousin, made one with Jo but it didn't take.
The one Cheryl made, our youngest cousin, with me and Jo.
We all had a great time, It was so hot! Usually it's cool and you have to ware a light jacket but this year the heat was awful.
Keep hoping it would rain close to us and cool things off but it didn't! Rumble's of thunder all the time we were there.
Hopefully we will all be back next year.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Beautiful Blocks

Hi friends!
No internet this morning! It's went off two times this week.
We ran around most of yesterday but I did manage to get a few tops and bottom's added to a few blocks.
Every little bit helps get closer to a finished quilt.
It poured in town yesterday so we came home and finished things this morning.
Our English Dog Wood is blooming, Tommy grandmother planted that in the front yard many years. I can see it out my sewing room window.
Family reunion is this weekend , so I will be cooking tomorrow ,.   Maybe I can get in a little sewing.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Strip quilt

Hi friends!
I think my strip's box is getting fuller!
I started adding blocks to each other. Going to do them one or two at as time so I can keep the pattern going.
Got six together yesterday.
It's very hard to get the strips just right so they match the one above.
Maybe I will get better at it as I go!
Have to work on daughter's today. Talk to you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hi friends!
Trying different ways to make this block with just the three colors.
This is the block but the strips on top and bottom will also go up between the blocks when I get it all together.
I laid these out but still need a bunch more , will lay them out again when I get all the top strips and a few more blocks done.
Hard to see the garden yesterday during the rain.
Really pouring off the house.
But that was all we got!
Good for the garden. You could see the corn peeping up in the ground.
It needed it bad!
Have a great day

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

String Quilt

Hi friends!
This is the first two I did last week.
Third one!
All seven! I usually work on other quilt's during the afternoon and after supper I make some of these.
I just placed them on the bed , no pattern yet but to get it big enough I need to make a few more.
I want it big enough to fall real good. Married to a "Hog the cover's".
I plan on starting on making less and joining more this week.
To do that I will need to lay it out and see how I want it to look.
But the end is in sight!.
This is the back of a shirt my daughter had made for me! Designed by Anna, my granddaughter. It's the names of all my daughter's kids making a butterfly!
I love that! The front has a  sewing machine and it says "sewing mends  the soul"
MY son's family got me this!
It's a ancestry kit, to do my DNA. Plus they brought me this when they came for breakfast Sunday.
I love these! I aways buy me some and plant them .
Have a good day! 93 here yesterday , cloudy today!