Saturday, March 31, 2012

ladies i am calling this finished all i like is about 6 inches of the trim  love you all


i like about  5 inches of trim to finish this so i am calling it finished.    i put two stripes at the same place on the body and finished that and the   shell edging with the multi-colored yarn.

we are going to a baseball game this afternoon, the grandson that sold berries, he plays jr. varsity or middle school or something. i guess we will find out today.
hubby will have to help me because i can't left my knee with noise of some kind. i hate to say i scream

love you'll good nite friends

Friday, March 30, 2012

this is the little girl i follower around yesterday and played soccer with and the reason my big toe is hurting all the way to my knee.  her grandmother went to sleep after lunch and we woke her up at 5. so i had little girl to play with or something. the funeral today was very sad. i knew my sister-in-law and her 6 kids. thats how many she has left out of 11. she is 94.  but only knew i of her grandchildren and there was bookoos. another sis-in-law was there to. she came with her daughter so there wasn't a whole lot of people there that i knew, but was kin to them all.... 

well have had a good 2 days except for the funeral. got to see a lot of people that i wont ever know if i every see them again.  and enjoyed our day with hubbys family.  just hope my knee doesn't require going to the dr.  love you'll good nite friends

Thursday, March 29, 2012

hi friends, one very tired woman here.
they got here at 12 and left at 9:30. 2 meals 2 clean up the kitchen and play with 6 year old granddaughter for 9 hours.    beyond tired.    
these are the pillows i made and the top picture is 2 aprons and two potholders.  now all i need is to  buy birthday bags. 
may not get on tomorrow my niece died at age 54 and her funeral is tomorrow  at 4 o:clock.  don't know yet what happened to her but several years ago she had a brain tumor that was cancer and she made it thru that fine and when back to work.  i dread this.....her mother is 94 and the sweetest woman alive.
well must do some picken up and get to bed... long day tomorrow....  love you'll good nite friends

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i have been busy today got my step-daughters pillows made except for hand stitching the end. and made me a wonky spring [easter] table runner.  see my easter egg.... my first attempt at that.  i had made the big tumbler in the hopes that i could make a pillow cover with it but i made these instead. but i think they are pretty,  so maybe they will to. i will show  you the other things i made for them later on this week. maybe tomorrow because i wont get any sewing done tomorrow we are having hubbys sister and the brother-in-law for lunch and all afternoon. they will bring their grand daughter because she is out for spring break. now i have to work on my house and hide my sewing stuff in the closet so that we can eat in here with them  love you'll good nite friends 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

hi friends . nothing sewed today because during my time to sew i was caring  two of my granddaughters anna and angel to the dentist.. how it could take 3 hours to just have teeth cleaned is beyonds me. it takes 45 minutes to get the girls and get them to the dentist and then 45 minutes before we get back  there . the girl that cleans their teeth is fast but then you have to wait for 25 minutes for the dentest to come and check their teeth. then mcdonalds and home and i was gone over 3 hours.           see my pretty blanket , it will be done soon and some more playing around with fabric for the pillows.     on another note i wont to  say a big thank you to candace of doublenickelquilts. i won on her giveaway, a pattern for a wall quilt called Ribbony. this is my first  quilt pattern ever.  time to start supper.    love and good nite friends

Monday, March 26, 2012


the lilac is blooming and smells so good. we have a huge bush in the front yard that was planted by hubby's grandmother long  ago. every thing is blooming at the same time this year and every one is suffering.  i have been cutting different  scraps to see what i can come up with to quilt for pillow covers. for birthday presents.   i have two more weeks till i give it to them, so i can mess around.  everything else is finished.  i will post it later.   after i get the pillows done.....we spent sat .  working and them our granddaughter and her bow came to show us their prom clothes . she was so beautiful.  he didn't look bad himself. i will post pic. soon  she is 16 and he is 17.  maybe she will have many bow's before she marries, every girl need to have some different bows so that she can make a good choice, of course she will pick the one she thinks is prince charming..  she and this date have music in common.  he plays in a band and she takes guitar and  piano  lessons. hubby is calling .....  got to go  love and good nite friends

Saturday, March 24, 2012


see what i got with  my win that i got from cindy at  spin the bobbin. thank you very much cindy. i really love what i got.i am afraid to open it up afraid it will explode it's so tightly packed.. but i will and  i will make something  pretty with it .  maybe   a new quilt.  i love robert  kauffman and this is his treasures and tibbits, leaf color story . got to go and get some sewing done love and good nite friends   

Friday, March 23, 2012

the past

this is the view that we drink our coffee to every morning that it's not to cold .   hubby has the garden all plowed  but he will plow it many times before he plants. has to kill all the weeds  that he can.   our beck porch[ car porch] is 15   by 50 feet . we have room to park my car and his truck and have a area for flowers , chairs and a table.  we were talking this morning about his grandfather.  we have a corn crib in the back yard that was  during his grandfather's time .a blacksmith shop. his grandfather was a blacksmith but when he got old [hubby said]senile  he traded all his smithing tools to a man just  in exchange for him to move the building closer to the house. if we had those tools now they would be worth a lot of money..   hubby and his father put a floor in it and a ceiling and a ladder so you could store things up over the ceiling. all that is there now is old paint cans that you would have to pay to get rid off..   well love you'll good nite friends

Thursday, March 22, 2012


had to do a lot of things today so all i have done is pin my birthday present to sew . if anyone one know what this bush is i would love to know. i got it from one of my steps and she had forgotwhat it was.  its beautiful this time of year all the branches bloom them the blooms fall of and little green  leaves appear.  i tranplanted 4 branches with just a little root on it and here they are years later.  my grand girls helped and it was wet when i got them out of the ground and wet when i put them there ... worked real well... love and good nite friends

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


the first is my quilt as you go block and the second is a birthday present for one of my step-girls.  i've been  sewing most of the day. hubby is cutting grass and that means 4 hours on john deere so i have time to do my sewing.   this pollen is killing both of us and i hope it goes away soon but of course it wont.  i am trying to do birthday presents for 2 step-girls birthday to give to them easter which will be when we see them again. and it's just two weeks so i must sew. we always have a big easter egg hunt and family dinner easter sunday at our house. with 24 grandkids and 7 greatgrands it's a lot of fun. all the girls help me by cooking a lot of dishes .so we cook the meat and make tea  and buy cokes and i cook out of my freezer. got to get back to my sewing   love and good nite friends

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i took my meds last nite but as soon as i walked out side i got a headache. i take two kinds but nothing works.   yesterday the pollen count broke all records.  i think i has today to.. i am working on some birthday presents for two of my s-d  i will show you when i get thou..    i read (once upon a secret ) by mimi alford  about her affair with john f. kennedy..  my sis-in-law had it in church sunday someone had bought it back to her. she had already read it.  so i brought it home ,it's a fast read .who ever helped her write it  knew what they were doing. i would not have bought this book myself but i read anything. mostly...    it was a good read it took me maybe 2 and a half hours well written and anyone who is interested in j f k will really enjoy this . i found it interesting how things worked in the white house but didn't like  j f k learned to much about him and his spoiled rich kid ways. power makes some people crazy.  but it was a good read.... must cook supper now  love and good nite

Monday, March 19, 2012


i am not real happy with the center of this block in the first pic. and the 2th one i sewed together many times wrong and had to rip them out. i learned not to sew after getting up with a head ache and taking sinus meds. something else i learned today as you can see i now have my blog name on my pictures. there is just so much to learn about blogging, and none of which do i know....  i usually  have to ask someone else to tell me how and then try it the way they tell me.well tomorrow is another day.... love and good nite friends

Saturday, March 17, 2012


i took such pains with this nine patch and my seams are still off..  i though maybe it was my cutting but i used a charm pack and it still was off.. all i can think is my hands shake when i sew.  i used to paint ornaments for christmas and i had to give it up because my hands shook so bad. but i will keep trying my next block is in the works and then i will try to quilt them as i go. i will keep you up to date with my efforts. at least i did get to sew today until 4 and then we had company until 8. our red headed daughter always comes to spend time with us every 2 weeks are sooner. she keeps up with us and my girl gets worried if she doesn't hear from me or see that i have been on facebook talking to her kids.. love and good nite friends

Friday, March 16, 2012


the little blue flowers is what i plan to bind my bow tie quilt with. but i will check some quilt binding that i won on quilting in south Carolina.  i have done nothing in the sewing dept. not sense  tuesday. today we went to deliver some fla. strawberrys to my brother and sis in law that they ordered from one of our grandsons, he was selling them to pay for baseball uniforms, and when hubby and my brother gets together its non stop talking. and then i had very little time to get on the computor with all the storms . i unplug mine when it storms brought home some of sis in  laws butter peas that she put in the freezer last year and we had them for supper. they were very good. i did put some more quilting in my couch quilt . just stitch in the ditch, wonted to make sure it had enough. love and good nite friends

Thursday, March 15, 2012

pinned my bow tie

well i got my batting for my bow tie[mother-in-laws]quilt and pinned it and put my pillow up so it wouldn't get in the way. but haven't done any thing else because of my uncle dieing. came home afterwords with a head ache and a hurting back... to much stress.  i wont to make a new quilt, one that you quilt each block as you go. so i have been playing with a log cabin block  this afternoon .not to good  at it yet but i have my computor to show me how  love and good nite friends

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


my pillow that i made yesterday waiting for a hemming. i finished it last nite and pinned my hem on my pants that i am going to wear to the funeral tomorrow.  we went to the funeral home , my aunt j is really going to miss him they were married 50 something years.   hubby worked in the garden and nearly finished just likes a little more, because he had to quit early to go with me  we will be at the funeral most of tomorrow
i hate it for the kids , they are the same age as mine all through j is 8 years older then me. as a matter of fact she came and got me to go with her to the hospital with her 2th  was born and i was 7 months with my first. she didn't wont to get her husband off work ... that's my mother had a fit because i had never been thru labor and back then they didn't do any thing . the nurses  wonted to put me to bed.... we were always close , she is mother's baby sister... maybe i will have something better to talk of tomorrow..  love   good nite friends

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

beautiful day

it is just wonderful here . the sun was shining all day 70ess   .we sat on the back porch   to drink our coffee this morning and then hubby put his john deere back together and cut the grass and worked on his other lawn morrow. and his tractor and i had a good sewing day.!!! made a pillow except for the hand stitching and will show you that when i get thru.  i fixed a pair of pants to a pant suit that hubby got me and i still have to hem. so i have plenty of  hand sewing for after the treadmill.  we are getting all kinds of calls from people wanting our votes so we have to screen all of our calls, and it 9 more months until we vote.  so much lies being said on our t v that it makes you not wont to watch any of hear them tell it that will work wonders if you just vote them in, and when they get in they can't do any thing without the full support of the congress. all our congress does now is nothing but collect a big pay day and use their free insurance. while hubby and i pay 700.00 dollars a month for ours . maybe i should run for congress... i can't lie well enough.... love you'll good nite friends

Monday, March 12, 2012

my sewing room without the sewing machine, but not for long.  last year my oldest grandson and his wife got me those fab bowls and i love them.  and my garden last year it wont be long friends till we will have fresh produce from the garden. a few month. we can get garden tomatoes in may from a place down the road. they farm the river bottom and they plant earlier than we do. our red clay wont dry out for a while . hubby worked on cleaning out our garden last week and then cut down a tree and got his neck hurting again. so lately i have been  rubbing him down with bio-freeze every few hours. we may be getting old... you think?  my uncle died sunday, we went to see him friday so i was not surprised. he was just 5 years older than me and hubby but lived a hard drinking life. but you never know when your time will come. to change the subject... we had a good time at our birthday dinner , my brothers son-in-law was in the hospital so they brought the grandkids and that always livens up a party . we had a lot of funn trying to keep up with them .it was just warm enough for them to run and play in the yard. and of course the men talked nascar and the wonen ran after the kids.  a good time was had by all... love you'll good nite friends

Saturday, March 10, 2012


i worked to hard cleaning house and cooking and them eat a whole lot too much. my body is ready for bed . now i will have to get all my sewing stuff out so i can sew tomorrow. love you'll  good nite friends

Friday, March 9, 2012


this is the sum.. total that i have sewed this week and i did  two of these  last night. they pretty flowered one has that stuff that you buy to put in pot holders in it but its a little small, i tried it out today.  it works other than that its not quite big enough to wrap around a pan.i think it was 7 inches but it might have been 6. i have some that little in my kitchen that i have had a while but i use two at a time with them. getting ready for  the birthday supper tomorrow nite so i moved my big pile of stuff and my machine. you know what just piles up near a sewing machine when you are sewing. filled up the bedroom closet just about to the top. hope  no one opens the closet door......  well i have to mop and clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen and clean it up and go ahead and bake the cake tonite. love you'll good nite friends

Thursday, March 8, 2012

it didnt work

christmas in march

 it feel like christmas , monday i got in the mail this beautiful fabric from studiokat all the way from england... thank you kat and the second picture is from sheli at quilting in south carolina . thank you so much shelia i have need for all that cool stuff i won in your leapday giveaway. and last but not least the very sweet kelli seriously..i think it needs stitches. she was so much help and helped me do the link ups . see kelli what i got with that gift i won on your leapyear day giveaway. now i just have to plan on what i am going to do with it. and it is's frilly flower sugar from the fat quarter shop.   love you'll good nite friends

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

you can tell by looking at this it's not going to work so i unraveled it all the way under the cute row. i though i had figured it out but no not yet. i wonted to put a cute holey row in and then go back to double crochet over to the other side and put another cute row at the same place on that side. but i had too many stiches and it was growing. you can't have that ... a growing baby blanket. so now it's just plain again. but i will try again one day on another one..  making my granddaughters each a baby blanket that's my goal . just have 10 granddaughters and i will worry about  my 14  grand daughter's in law when i get them.   love you'll good nite friends
what is you blog url? i don't know mine can any one help?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

some more pictures of my quilt ,laying on my couch its just the right size.  as you can see from the next picture i quilted it very little. just enough to hold it together . its so very warm. and some messing around with some string scraps to just see what i could do. haven't felt good , sinus i think when i get out in the wind it gives me a splitting headache. i just hope i don't have an infection because it hasn't been long since it went to the doctor with one.  its not good to take too much medicine. hubbys john deere is sick so tomorrow we load it up and carry it to the repair shop. last year we bough 100.00 dollars worth of parts and hubby worked on it but this he can't fix. he works on most things to save us money but can't do them all. we have that and the tractor and the truck and the car that takes a lot of money to keep running .gas is bad enough with out repairs too. gas is nearly 400 dollars now and the gas for the tractor is over 400dollars. we had 6 acres on the road but his house that he had with his frirst wife was on the other corner of the land so when we moved from my house over here he sold his then i sold mine and just about all the profit we got has gone into fixing up this house that was built before 1855. so you know we had a job..we fount a bill where his greatgreat had payed taxes on this place in 1855 before the civil war. that is a whole lot of history. we have rebuilt 5 rooms and we have one more and a hall and small bath before we are thru. also 2 rooms that we are going to have to redo the floors. that are just one hundred years old. makes me feel young!!!!  love you'll good nite friends

Monday, March 5, 2012


things are blooming all over, but we're going to have a freeze tonight . i have seen many a yellow bell with snow all over it. hopefully not now. i am hoping for no more bad weather and warmer temps so that we can plant the garden. but that wont be here until next month. its just too early here until after good Friday , then as soon after as it drys we will plant. i love to drink my first cup of coffee in the morning and walk around our fence and see what has grown over night in the garden . will love to get back to picking and canning again, of course we still have a lot of canned stuff  from last year, but we are working on them, opened 3 jars this weekend.. having a birthday dinner here sat. night, my sisters and my sister-in-laws .  i will have to fix some of our green beans for supper that night. my sis will be 60, she is 10 years younger than me. but she is still working, i feel sorry for her. she is like me, staying busy all the time , she quilts and loves to shop for anything.... that stops when you retire you'll good nite friends