Friday, March 30, 2018

Angel's Quilt Finished

Hi friends!
Finished Angel's quilt!
Its a wide queen! Also I made two pillow shams earlier to go with it.
Last week I received a box of fabric from a friend!
HERE is her blog. She is a sweetie that I talk to some, a Blogger friend.
She had sent me a e-mail asking if  I wanted some Christmas fabric she wanted to get rid of.
Of course  I said Yes and how she got that much fabric in one box is beyond me.
A fabric explosion!
I will put this to good use when I start my Christmas sewing.
Some times I start in July,Ha ha.
Plans are already whirling around in my brain.
I have a step daughter that dearly loves Snowmen!
I will show her the fabric Sunday when she comes over.
Have a great Easter with lots of family.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Kristian's Quilt

Hi Friends!
Ironed and starched Kristians's Quilt
Going to get some thread to quilt it with today, I think a little darker grey than the light.
Tommy got a door up yesterday! Doesn't it look good?
Have a good one

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Angel's Quilt.

Hi friends!
When I got to the grey, I realized that I hadn't quilted the white right above it.
But at last it's finished , well that part is ! Then I had to find some fabric to bind it with.
Some that I had received at Q-Bee's fit right in!
See Just the right shade. After I sewed the binding on I did a good clean on my quilting machine.
Got all of that out of it plus a lot of thread that didn't need to be in there.
Some more quilts from our quilt show.

My favorite! A scrap quilt to use up lots of scraps!
Love these quilt patterns and one day I will make us one!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Kristian's Quilt

Hi friends!
One finished flimsy!
I sandwiched it this past weekend but I"m quilting this one so it will be another day or two before I start on this one.
Just like a little of the white and all the grey on Angel's quilt and then  it will go to the couch!
Then I will clean my machine really good before I start this one.
More Quilt show quilts!
Just about all of these are totally hand made.
Gets examples of hand quilting.


Monday, March 26, 2018

Tatum's Quilt

Hi friends!
Finished putting together each block of Tatum's quilt.
Using the light grey I am joining them together. I have earlier put the single on the back and double on the front but I have changed  it this time.
I think it goes much better this way! I put the single 1 1/4th inch on the front with the other on the back and sewed both down then sewed the front to the front of the next block. Then you can sew the bigger  1 1/2 on the back instead of folding  either one. It folds over better and you can sew it down on the block further over so the seam disappears.
Like the way it looks much better.
More Quilts form our quilt show!
The back porch was devoted to very old quilts.
Their was a couple inside to but these were all very old.
More next time

Friday, March 23, 2018

Tatum's quilt and the quilt show

Hi friends!
I sent Tatum some pictures and she picked light grey for her strips.
It does look good with that t-shirt.
Now I can't wait to start putting these blocks together.
Last weekend I went to our quilt show at Menlo. Tow of our members won first and second prize.
The stripe quilt on the left was made by Fay Brown and it won second. I didn't get a picture of the winner of first place but it was made by Carolyn that is my neighbor.
Love this log cabin quilt.
Lots of work went into this one. All of these are hand made  100%.
Susan and Bonnie's sister. Hope she starts coming to our meetings.
I will post more in later posts.
We had that building full and some on the back porch.
We have the very best group of quilters and most all of them quilt by hand , sew by hand!
Me I love my machines. My hands refuse to hand quilt.
Have a great weekend. May all your snow melt and spring get to our northern states.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Kristian's Quilt

Hi friends!`

I started on the other three rows !
This where I pinned both runs of strips and corner stones to one row.
This is the hard part getting things to line up right.
Got one more row added before I had to quit for supper.
Then the middle row with the t-shirt.
I got up sick today, my allergy med's may have quit working. been taking them for years and they do that. Your system gets used to them and they quit working.
Eli seems to be getting better , pray he doesn't lose his arm. It's purple!
My brother's son-in-law got his scan results back and he is cancer free!
That is something to thank God for.
We have just had a rough times these last few years. Still miss Brad and the babies every day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Quilting Angels Quilt

Hi Friends!
I found the right color!
They had it at Walmart.
I had checked Craftsy and didn't see it in their threads.
I had done a little on the white so now I can get this finished.
The red buds are blooming! Along with every thing else. Last year they bloomed first but earlier than this year.
Eli posted on Facebook that he was a little bit better this morning.
He thinks he's indestructible! 
Hope it's clear sailing for him now.
We did our blood work this morning and he gave me another blood pressure pill. hope this one cures my dizzy head.
Just got dizzy when I heard about Eli and now it want's to stay.
Praying for all our friends that are snowed under.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tatum's Quilt

Hi friends!
Last Sat I started quilting and trimming all these blocks.
Worked on them for a while and then started a book that I just had to finish! Don't see many of those, Either it was very good or I was very tired.
Well last night was the first good night's sleep I have had in over a week!
With all the extra backing and battening cut off it still makes a pretty big quilt. I still have a few that I haven't had backing for to do. That's what I finished yesterday while DH spent the day with the weather channel.  He went out and moved all the chairs off the back porch and tied down the swing so It wouldn't bang a car .
A stack of trimmed blocks.
My blood pressure ran high yesterday not because of the storms but worrying about Eli.
Keep him in your prayers please.
Brother's grandson that broke both wrist last Wed. night got a cast on his left yesterday so he can use his fingers on that one but he still have a temporary cast on the other because its still swelling.
They expected that it would. Said he was healing well!
Pray for all those people in the storm's path. We had tornado's all around.. In Jacksonville Ala and some near Atlanta. Now it has moved over and they have having warning's in Fla.
Be glad when the Jet Stream moves.
Have a good day

Monday, March 19, 2018

Prays Please

Hi friends!
The last time I posted about Kristian's Quilt top is was at this point.
I added the next row!
Worked on it a while on Saturday.
This will be so pretty when I finish.
Had to stop for supper!
Today we are in for some bad weather , tornado's in the forecast and we are in the bull's eye.
So if any thing happens and you don't here from me you will know we don't have power..
Hoping it stays cloudy today so these temp's don't go up and maybe it will miss us.
This house has been here that we know since 1855 and for years the roof was just sitting on top of the house and one half of the house wasn't attached to the other.! Tommy righted that when he started working on it. Lots of history in this house with his family.
Pray for my Grandson Eli , he was moving a work shop and didn't empty it and it fell on him. When he was asked how he got out from under it , he said he didn't remember , he guessed God lifted it off him. Working by his self as always
He is one of a kind , hard working and loves his wife and two beautiful girls. Gracie and Shania.. Love that boy much! He wife had to carry him back to the Er last night.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Angel's Quilt

Hi Friends!
I got Angel's quilt starched an ironed on the back and the front.
It's by the sewing machine waiting for me to decide on a pattern and decide on the color of thread to use. White would show up to much on the color.
I have been just grabbing some battening scraps and if it's over 13 inches both ways I start sewing down strips.
I emptied some bags I had put in totes and got a bunch more ! Want the blocks to be 12 inch's square.
It's great to just use these up!
I have scraps every where.
With this and Missy's quilt I am using up a lot! Just not enough.
Pray for the snow storms to stop up North and let those people clean up and get every one's power back on.
Have a great weekend