Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Finishes

Hi friends!
Rainy but no storms!
Fla. is getting washed away!
Finished my swoon quilt for this month and landon's and Kelly's quilt.
Finished two this month!!!!
Did a few small things that not worth mentioning
 I dearly love quilting
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Luke's quilt and Gracie's pillow

Hi friends!
Bad night and another one coming tonight!
I found this in the remnants at Walmart yesterday and got it for Luke's quilt.
I will put some Ga. in there to along with some Falcons,  Georgia's foot ball team.
He is all boy and it wont be long he will be playing ball, another couple of years;  They start them at 4 years of age here.
I did some on Gracie,s  Pillow yesterday to.  I am going to look for some more purple in my stash , the purple I used it her quilt came from Hancock and  it faded when I washed it.  I have plenty of that
purple left and may  use it on the back where it want matter as much.  I think I have some solid purple some where.  I may just do another star like Angel's pillow
Tommy getting every thing ready for the storms last night, he does that every time we are suppose to get bad weather.  They spotted a tornado last night in Fort Payne across the mountain from us.
Hopefully it want be bad tonight.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Monday, April 28, 2014

Lukes's quilt

Hi friends!
Crazy weather headed this way!
I started our Luke's quilt for his big boy bed.  I am going to make the center a " I spy"   , he just turned one in February.

And I have cowboy fabric to do the borders.
His mother wanted brown and blue!!
Tommy is out side battening down the hatches.
Have a great sewing day friends!!@
Quilt happy

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our baby's

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Our baby Bentley
 is growing fast!   Maybe I will get to see him at her shower next Saturday. Then I will post pictures!

This was Tommy on Thursday , the Dr. said with goggles he could and we went and bought some
But he didn't use john deer because it slings dirt all over you.  This one throws it out the back,  he's happy his grass looks good again!
This is a picture of the smartest in the senior class at Lafayette high school and Anna is middle row last on the left.
We should see a picture of Kristian soon because with her grades she should be top 10 present too.
Our Anna get her diploma on Friday night and our Kristian gets her''s on Saturday morning, so we should be able to go to both.
Anna's prom is tonight, can't wait to see her in her prom dress.
Quilt happy
Have a great sewing week end friends.

Friday, April 25, 2014

April finish

http://www.se  Click this link!!!!
Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I signed up for the one Christmas present or some thing for my Christmas to use in my home with sewcalgal
This is mine for this month!!!
Two new Ornaments for my tree!
When you are retired you haven't a lot of money to buy them so now I am making my own!!!
I stuffed these with left over battening from my quilt's.
It's a very simple thing, had these in some Christmas  fabric and though they would look good hanging on my tree!
Go over to her blog and check out the thing's every one is making.
Most of these people that are in this are a whole lot better than I could ever be.
Have a great day!
Babs or Quilt happy

Landon's and Kelly's quilt is finished

Hi friends
Beautiful day!
It's a Friday finish!!!!!
Kelly and Landon's quilt!
They wanted red and black so this is their disappearing 9 patch red and black quilt.
I got the brown yesterday to start their baby son Luke's quilt so I will get started on it next week.
It's queen sized , a lot is hanging over the back of the fence.
I loved making it, had always wanted to make a disappearing 9 patch one.
I am feeling better finally , all these trips to the Dr. office and all the preparations for Easter  about done me in.
Have a great sewing day friends
Quilt happy

Thursday, April 24, 2014

This and That

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Last week connecting threads had a big sale on their clearance fabric so I caved and bought some for bindings , some Christmas fabric , some brown for Luke's quilt and a few more.
This is the brown for Luke's quilt!  She [his mother] said blue and brown..
I haven't decided how I want to make his quilt, still thinking.

The grand kids counting their eggs Sunday.
Tommy wanted a coconut cake like his mother used to make, so when I saw some coconut creme after Christmas I bought it.
I made a yellow cake mix and punched holes all over it and poured coconut creme in all the holes and then all over the cake.
Then some kool whip and some coconut on top.
He loved it and it is pretty good, I have eaten two pieces of it.
I don't usually eat much of what I bake, love every body Else's.
Right now he is cutting the grass on the south forty, went to see his Dr. early this morning and he said he could with goggles and a sweat band so that he doesn't get sweat and dirt in his eye.   I think Tommy though he would never get to cut his grass again , the way he has moped around.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eli's and Kari's quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
They loved their quilt, Eli was at the other side of the room but he liked it to.
Gracie had to see it and she loved it.
Kari loved the little deer on there, said that was her favorite of all the fabrics in the quilt.
Later she posted a picture of it on their bed.
They had decorated their bed room in 'camo' so it worked really well.
I am just  glad they liked it.
I have been doing this for over 2 years but I learn every day mostly by reading quilting blogs.
So thankful for all my quilting friend all over the world.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Grands birthday's

Hi friends!
Rainy day!
I handed out birthday presents Sunday.
This is Angels pillow and sham that matches her quilt I made her last year.  And she is a angel!!!
This is our youngest grand child David with his that matches his quilt I made him last year.
The smartest child in his grade.

This is our smart foot ball and base ball player Hagon, his matches the quilt I made him last year to.

So I am up to date with birthdays but have got to make Gracie one to match her quilt for her birthday that is next month.   Her quilt is purple and pink.
This is our beautiful Gracies, she is starting school this year.
I will get started on her's soon.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter at our house

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
We had a great Easter even though a bunch didn't show up.
The picture above is grand's hiding eggs for the younger kids.  They may still be eggs in the trees.
Tommy found 3 last night before dark, he just went outside so he will probably find some more.
He always finds them when he mows the grass.

Our baby Tucker broke his leg on a trampoline and has just gotten his cast off and is learning to walk again.
Gracie really enjoyed hunting eggs.
even through we missed the ones that weren't here we had a great time with the one's that came.  Love all my kids[6]  and all my grand's,[24] and great grand's [11]
Have a great sewing day friends!
Quilt happy

Friday, April 18, 2014

Nearly done!

Hi friends!
Cloudy day!
This is my half quilted quilt laying on the couch for me to rip out a line of stitches.
When I get them out I will just like a little finishing quilting it.
We got up and we went to see the Dr. early this morning.
Tommy was so sick at his tummy that I though we would have to go later but we made it 30 minutes before time for our apt . It was at 8: o'clock
He said every thing looked real good and we came home and took a short nap.
Old people need their sleep!
When I was young I could go days without enough sleep but it takes a tole now.
For Easter I am cleaning one room each day so that the house will be clean.  Started Monday , that way I still get to sew every day.
Can't do with out my daily fix.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Today was the day for Tommy to have his cataract surgery!
He had a sweet nurse named Tonia, told her his baby daughter was named Tonia.
He was a  little worried but every thing went well and we were on our way  home by 9 o'clock.
They brought him a wheel chair and wheeled him to the car.
That 6:30 apt.  was kind of hard because we got up at 4, after going to bed at 12. but we made it and tomorrow I will take him back so they can check him at the Dr. office.  Then we go on count down for the next eye.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I sandwiched this yesterday and now it's ready to quilt.
I love the different looks of a disappearing 9 patch.
This backing doesn't go with it but at 7 dollars for a king sized sheet I couldn't resist.
You can't buy enough fabric for that to do any thing
Have a great sewing  day friends.
Quilt happy.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hi friends!
Cold! Snow flurries north of us.
I have started gathering fabric for 3 small quilt's for our three great grand sons.
I plan to make each one a quilt this year some time.
This is the stack for the exploding star quilt I am making next on my other blog.
This is a sneak peek at a birthday gift.
A lot of planned sewing that should keep me busy for a while.
Yesterday every thing was one step forward and two steps back.
I used my 'jack the ripper' a whole lot.
Not a great day to put it mildly.
Hope to have a better one today.
Hope all your sewing days are great.
Quilt happy


Monday, April 14, 2014

Our weekend

Hi friends!
Rainy day!
I got both the borders sewed on and then we had company Saturday.  So I did nothing else when they left.  It was time to cook supper!
Then Sunday I had just started sewing and hear a loud thud and went to see what happened because hubby was outside.
He was heading for the road so I followed .  We had a wreck right in front of the house.
One went to the hospital but was home a little latter.
One of them was Tommy's buddy's brother., the other was a friends son.
Kind of  messed up the rest of our day, after that I couldn't settle down and sew.
They were so lucky no one was hurt bad. All wrecks make me nervous because I lost a child in one.
Not a very productive week end but maybe today will be better.
Prayers for the people getting snow today!
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Two rows together

Three rows together
Four rows together!  That's when I new I had to make 4 more blocks .
So I got busy and made 4 more!
My five rows!
Now I just need to add some black on each side for borders.
That will have to be it because all I have left of 71/2 yards is scraps.
I already cut my borders for the side, just hope I have enough.
Have a great weekend friends.
Quilt happy 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Landon and kelly's quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I laid this out yesterday and like it better with the black in between each block.
I think it makes the red pop more!
Looking good!!!
I am liking this more and more!!!!
Have a great sewing day friends!
Quilt happy