Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hi friends!
This is one of the quilt tops that was handstitched by either Hubby's mother or grand mother.
A whole lot better stitches than i could make!
I didn't sew yesterday , just put up some tomato's before they rotted.
Little "Hickory Nut" tomato's that takes longer to peel.
They got Kim up yesterday to teach her how to walk without putting her right foot on the floor.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Hi friends!
A hidden playground!
This is the screw that they put into Kim. She can't put any weight on her right leg for 2 1/2 months.
Bless her heart I feel so sorry for her . She had 4 smaller  fractures and one that went all the way through to her back. That's 5 in all! The  big one was the one they fixed the others he said he had pulled tight so they should heal if she stays off that leg.
She will have to have some one help her for a long time and she just has two steps children and her Hubby. Her step daughter is PG with a high risk pregnancy. So she can't pull on her and her Hubby has back problems. Prayers that they can do what needs to be done.
I haven't done much sewing since we have spent 3 of the last 4 days at the hospital.
We did rest yesterday and i got a little done.
I  got two monkey bib's  made for the next two G-G's.
We may go to Rome Wednesday and I will go by the Stitchery to look for some fabric that inspires me to make more bibs.
Have a good one.
Quilt Happy

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Past two days

Hi friends!
Friday  morning we got a call from sil that Kim had been hurt from a fall and, they were at Redmond in Rome.
Redmond used to be a good hospital but now it's not. Late about 3o'clock they said they were sending her to Erlanger in Chattanooga Tenn. We stopped by the house grabbed chargers because our phones were died by then and rushed up there.
At 10.30 we started home not knowing really what they were going to do but early Sat. they decided to wait until Monday to operate.
She had a fracture on one side of her pelvic and on the other it was broke all the way through.
A filling buggy pinned her to a roll of fabric. It took a big hunk out of her leg that took 28 stitches to repair.
She is on her back, has been since Friday morning and can't move,In bad pain!
We are staying at home after spending two days at the hospital to catch up and get some rest and will go back tomorrow.
Hopefully we can get some rest!
Quilt Happy

Sunday Prayers

Friday, August 26, 2016


Hi Friends!
My Friday Finish!
After i wash and iron it it should look better, i had put it up with my Christmas things.
As you can see i just hemmed it instead of binding.
We have been at the hospital with Kim all day, They sent her to Chattanooga  so we are headed that way in a few minutes. Prayers needed.
Hugs Quilt Happy

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sewing mystery's

Hi friends!
I worked on baby things yesterday.
I made burp cloths to match the bibs!
Bond this!
And ironed this!
I put pins in all the places that had come un-sewed.
When i turned it over i noticed this.
Some of the outside seams are done on a machine.
Tommy knew nothing about it, makes me wonder if maybe his grandmother made these and his mother fixed them at one time. Or if these were done by his mother when she was learning at a young age? I know she had a sewing machine and i though his grandmother had a treadle but that may have been his mother's to.
Makes me wish i could have asked them. I never saw these until after we moved over here and his mother wasn't talking by then.
Have as good one

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Our World

Hi friends!
I was playing with the fabric that Sis brought to me  yesterday. Lots of it is small scraps which works for me. Their were a few larger pieces.
We have two grands that are expecting, One is having a girl and the other a boy. So i started on their baby things . Two bids so far . Now i need to make matching burp cloths.
Using the fabric i bought before for bibs.
I started  putting up tomato's yesterday. Tommy says they are Hickory nuts because they are so small . That's because of the drought but i have noticed that with this rain they are getting bigger. Now we have busted ones!
I had a basket full of mostly little bitty tomato's but they are just as good as big one, just takes forever to get them peeled.
Tommy weed-eated the garden so we wouldn't get snake bit out there.
Yesterday he was cutting in fount of the barn when the neighbor came out and started talking to him, He sat out there and talked for over a hour so today he got a early start on cutting.
Neighbor has to sleep in the mornings because he works nights so maybe he will make some head way today. He worked Monday night but spent most of the time in the garden cleaning it up.
Have a great day friends
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Sister's Quilt

Hi friends!
My sis brought  her quilt over Sat. She had picked this up from the long armer and took some more to her. This is her 'good night Irene' quilt.
Isn't it beautiful?
Her's has more blues where the one i made for my aunt Betty Jo had reds.
Her's is a good bit different from mine. I really like that pattern.
I took a few shots of the quilting.
Another pattern to learn to do!
Yesterday my sweet Aunt Geneva put a better pictures on face book of the quilt i gave her.
I think she liked it!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, August 22, 2016

Lots of Fabric

Hi friends!
Sis came over Sat. and brought me a hugh bag filled with fabric.
Her best friend Carmen is moving to N. Caroline and she was getting rid of a lot of fabric So she sent me some.
This much of it was white!
I always need white!
This is with the white out!  I want have to buy fabric for a while. The light on top is patterned white. It was mostly small pieces but i love to make scrap quilts, so this is great.
She had been looking for us a bin to carry our things to quilt Thursday but this was the best she could find. She just retired last year and she shops a lot. She is going to look for a tray to set inside it. Don't know if she will find it. When our teacher found one at Walmart it had one in it but this one didn't!
I Need to sew !
Have a good one

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Garden 8/20/2016

Hi friends!
It rained two hours yesterday and every thing is so green!
All we are getting from the garden is small tomato's because of the drought, orka, and bell and banana peppers.
It's so humid outside that my lens fogged over,
I have put enough soup for us and for any kids that want it.
This is my last batch of these, i will try putting those "hickery nuts" as Tommy calls them to save some more of them. It will take lots just top fill a quart jar.
Have a great week end

Friday, August 19, 2016

Christmas Tree Skirt

Hi friends!
I finally got my machine put back the way it was, changed the needle and then changed the thread.
And it works!
Finished quilting it now the big thing is how to finish it? Do i use binding are just hem? i think i will see if i can just hem. If i do that i can sew down the ties to hold the back together.
Now i can't wait for Christmas to see how it looks under my tree.
It's big so it will cover a large space.
It measures 57 inch's across.

Will show you Monday, I hope!
Quilt Happy

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Delivered Her Quilt.

Hi friends!
That's my aunt Geneva holding that quilt i made for her.
She loved the quilting. She used to make quilts before my Uncle , her hubby died.
I remember her coming to get me when i was 16 and carrying me with her to a bridal shower of another one of my uncle's soon to be brides. I think it was Rachael another Aunt that died not long ago.
She and my aunt Betty Jane are the only two living members of my daddy's family of 15.
They had a big farm and needed lots of sons to work it.
I was just so happy that she was really tickled that i made it for her. She is a sweetie!
My table runner met with a disaster last night. I changed thread to match it and it made the worse mess on the back. This is after doing great on two quilts.
These temperamental machines!
I spent a hour taking out stitches which isn't hard but annoying. Have a great day
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Day Yesterday

Hi friends!
'Last night i just decided to meander on this . Just so i could get it finished.
I was tired after this.
Six quarts and i pint , used a basket full of little tomato's so  they wouldn't rot.
This is want our thing? said at about 5 o'clock.
Thank goodness for A.C.!
I had been planning on doing this for s while so i did it last night , soak with a vinegar bath. I put both of my big cutting mats in to soak.
So at least i got something done yesterday.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hi friends!
I got this far yesterday and didn't have any thing pretty and christmasy to quilt it. So i went searching and still couldn't find any thing i liked. I tried drawing different things, candles , bows but nothing looked like what i wanted so there it to. Today i am going to can some more soup before my tomato's rot!
I put these up Friday plus cleaned house and did washing.
Last rug! I also cleaned all my rugs.
I at least got some of my cleaning done!
All summer Tommy's has been in the living room watching t v and i hadn't had a chance to clean them. But now the grass is growing so he will be cutting more.
He is feeling better , that antibiotic made him sick.
Plus working so hard Friday! He want stop until he does all he wants to!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, August 15, 2016

A Finish.

Hi friends!
I finished my aunt Geneva's quilt.
Planned on trying to carry it to her today but Tommy hasn't felt good since he worked out side Friday. I tried to get him to do some one day and the rest the next but he wouldn't do it.
That pill he was taking was making him feel awful after he took it so he  got later every day taking it.
We have had this wind all summer long, more than we ever had before.
Loved this pattern that Colette,  Her blog is here  shared with me , forgot where she found it , but it's a quick top to make.,Makes a beautiful quilt from a solid and a layer cake.
Now i need to quilt the Christmas tree skirt!
\Have a good one
Quilt Happy