Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Prayers

Friday, October 21, 2016


Hi friends!
These are the only two pictures i can find!
I have lost the little camera card that goes into the big card. Where i don't know! With all the cleaning i have done it may be gone forever.
I was saving it because it was full and i wanted it to download on a thumb drive so i could save it but can't find it.
It's a falling charm's quilt much like my last years Christmas quilt that i made for me.
Any way I made it this month.
I have two more finished !
I finished both of the Thanksgiving turkey table runners.
This  is Jessie's and i mailed Amy's off to her this morning.
Jessie and Richard will come one morning and eat breakfast with us and i will give her's to her.
Of course i will post pictures then.
I sandwiched Dawson's quilt and sewed the binding on but haven't made pictures or washed it yet.
So this will be my next finish
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Family Reunion

Hi friends!
We had our family reunion yesterday
This is Roxie , Tommy's cousin.
Yesterday was her birthday. I made her a quilt.
Tonia bought her a birthday cake for her birthday.
Tonia is our youngest.
We had a good crowd but was missing two of the girls.
Have a great day
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dawson's quilt and cleaning

Hi friends!
I started quilting  Dawson's quilt yesterday but didn't get through.
Tommy finished cleaning the house yesterday, next we are going to have to clean the gutters. But leaves are still falling and the trees are still full.
It's always something to do when you do the upkeep on your home.
It looks much better. This side wasn't that dirty, not as dirty as the north side. It was green!
You can see the green on this side.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Week-end

Hi friends!
Saturday i cut out the diaper changing mats and made both of them, easy peasy!
Aren't they adorable?
Just curve on each side of the top , seam up , top-stitch and put on Velcro.
If i had know how easy they were i would have done them long ago.
I sandwiched Dawson's quilt to this weekend.
The one picture of me sandwiching it was blurry so here it is when i starch and ironed it.
It's now on top of my machine waiting for me to have time to quilt it. Maybe some time today!
This is family reunion week so i will be cleaning and want have much time to sew.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Friday, October 14, 2016

Q-bees and cleaning

Hi friends!
We had q-bees last night.
Our teacher showing her quilting frame.
Just 6 showed up for the meeting but some had to be some where else.
Our assignment for next month is to bring a 12 inch scrap fabric with musluim for backing.

 Our teacher is going to get the batting so every one will have the same.
We will hopefully learn how to quilt by hand then.
Tommy used his pressure washer on one side of the house yesterday while i ran errands for him and cleaned carpets.
Just hope my shampooer is not broke, i bought this 24 years ago but when i finished the living room and started on the dining room it wouldn't work.
It was empty so i will refill and see if that makes a difference.
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hi friends!
All the sewing I did yesterday was to go around Dawson's quilt with white.
Now it's a good size so I will try to get it sandwiched this weekend.
We have a funeral Sat. so hopefully get it done Sunday afternoon.
Yesterday with Tommy going to see Dr, Jeff and getting his pneumonia shot I just had a little while to get in a tad of sewing.
Last night my sister cooked supper for us.
My brother making coffee and sis doing something.
 Her feather weight!

Our nephew Clint.
Mel and Greg and kids came to but I quit taking pictures when we started eating.
Clint has been doing a lot of work on her house.
My brother build it years ago , maybe 15, for her to retire in so It needed some work after she did.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dawson's quilt

Hi friends!
First i sewed this together but didn't like it!
So i took it apart and added strips of white.
I like this much better! So i did both panels of cars and tractor's.
Then i sewed one line of squares
Between the two panels, still liking it!
I though about a border, i have some boy paper dolls fabric but didn't really like it with this.

Then i added a line of squares all around the piece.
Still liking it.
I will probably add another three inch strip around it and that will be it.
Hopefully i will get that done today.
Have a good One
Quilt happy

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

More Quilts

Hi friends!
I finished up both of my Turkey tops!!!!
Got them sandwiched and then____
Now they are on my quilting machine waiting to be quilted.
I said i would show more quilts! Here are some more.

This one with the tri-angles is a slave under ground railroad quilt!
A piece of history!

This lady in the above picture was saleing all kinds of things make mostly from old blue jeans.

The quilt below was beautiful but i made cathedral windows ornaments one year Christmas gifts sop i am not tempted.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Quilt Show

Hi friends!
Sat. they had a quilt Show in our  town.
I sure wasn't going to miss that!
They have them every year,the second sat of Oct.
But this is the first time I had heard of it!

This is the one that catch my eye!
It was made by my neighbor's daughter Troyce. One of her's won the top place. I don't know if it was this one or not. She had several beautiful quilts in the show.

This is my niece's Mother , she did a hand quilting demonstration. She is also one of  our Q-bees
A really nice lady made these!
She got the name of this blog so she could see the quilts I put on here.
I didn't get her name but hope to see her  again at a quilt show.
More tomorrow
Quilt Happy

Friday, October 7, 2016

Dawson's Quilt

Hi friends!
I got a little more done on Dawson's quilt.
Hoping to finish up a few things this weekend !
All the project piled every where makes me itch to clean.
This came this morning!
I ordered some laminate's to do the back of some changing mats for our g-g's
One for Sable and one for Dawson.
Starting another project!!!!!!
Maybe i will get in some serious work time this weekend!
Tommy is almost beck to normal, thank goodness!
Have a good weekend
Quilt Happy