Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sat. Hi lights

Hi friends!
I worked on this yesterday!
And turned it into this!
I also added a double to make both parts of Brad and Aubree's quilt the same size.  I had to take apart a double so i could do a single line of them on one side.
Don't like much  but don't think i will get finished this month because today is the last day of the month.
Tommy's side of the bed with his meds on his table, my side has pictures and a clock.
Late yesterday i did the mopping that i didn't feel like doing Thursday so today i am doing the Friday cleaning!. Hopefully i will get in some sewing time later today!
Tomorrow everyone will be watching the Super Bowl and i will be sewing.
To me a supper bowl would be a self cleaning toilet!
Tommy will be glued to the t v.
He can't wait till Nascar is on again!
Have a great weekend friends.
quilt Happy

Friday, January 30, 2015


Hi friends!
This is the other side.

 I will add a double to the bottom of this and then add a single line of blocks along the side to make it wide enough.
I am playing around  with ideas on a pillow for my sweet Allison for her late birthday present. A mix of valentines and her Great Grand Mother's follow garden blocks.  I put some on her Quilt that i made her year before last.  
Need to get my house cleaned up before i sew,  so i had better get busy!
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brad and Aubrees Quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day! Welcome to all my new followers. If any one leaves a comment on my blog I see if I can follow their blog but glad for so many new follower with the Grow Your Blog hop.
Yesterday we ran around to much and i didn't get a whole lot done on my quilt.
Did get a little bit after supper and before dishes and treadmill.
Sewing on one double at a time to get the right length.
Nearly half of a quilt, i want to make it big enough to fit a queen sized bed!  I think it's long enough now !  I will work on another half today but i will still need a row of singles down the sides to be big enough to hang off the sides.
This way of sewing them together is much easier.
You sew the front and back sash on at the same time.
This is plenty long enough!!!  It's hard tiring to keep the squares that are suppose to go in one direction and the strips all lined up at the same time.
But it looks real good and if this works out I may make a lot of quilt's like this. The way things are I don't get to make king sized quilts because I don't have the room but this way you could.
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brad's And Aubree's Quilt


Here is the video HErE
Hi friends!
 A better way and if it's easier then i am all for it.
I did
cut my strips 1 1/2 inch for this !
But it makes joining then together a whole lot easier
I hope that link works but you can go to utube and put in joining quilt as you go blocks and this comes up.   It takes all the hard out of putting them together!
That's what i will be doing today making my quilt as you go blocks into a quilt.
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Better way to do it!

Hi friends!
I got a e-mail from a friend, Marti from Marti'sDIY   HERE is her blog, asking me a question and i answered but didn't really get it right then. I was thinking about how to join my doubles together and it hit me what she was saying.
The video that i watched didn't really go much further then where  i was but she said she had found a video that did it this way! And it is so much easier.
Just put a strip on each side of the blocks 

And sew one on top of the other, one seam and they are both sewed on , a whole lot easier than what i saw.  I sent her a e-mail asking what video she watched and i hope she is not to busy to reply so i can let you know where you can see it to.
 I will let you know more tomorrow. Hugs
Quilt Happy

Better view!

Hi friends!
Though i would go into more detail today!

When you sew your strip on the front be sure and pull it away from the battening and backing, then make sure as you sew it down slowly.
Sew it to the front 1/4 inch , no bigger
On the back strip just fold it under enough so that when you sew it down it catches the edge.  I usually turn it over and sew down the front strip . I started with that big stack of singles and just sewed one every once in a while as i read blogs on the 'Grow Your Blog' site
I finally just quit because Monday is treadmill night and i needed to clean up the kitchen before i got on the treadmill.
Hope every one up north stays safe and warm.
Have a great day!
Quilt Happy

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Weekend!

Hi friends!
Grey day!
This is the way i am joining my blocks!
First i took these blocks and trimmed them all!
That took me all day Saturday because we had company, my Sis came over brought some more scraps and some battening.. So did Clair and Lola!
Lola didn't feel good!
And Clair sleep thought the whole visit. She hadn't woke up good when they left.
So yesterday i started putting two blocks together , got five and Kim and Richard came over.
I cut I inch strips and sewed one to the front and back of one block, then i joined the front strip to the next block, flipped it over, carefully folded the back strip over and tucked it under and sewed it down.
You see it buts up against each other!
and just carefully sew it down!  If you don't make them the same size it want look right on the top of the quilt.
. Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Hi friends!
Today is the day for the biggest blog hop of all!   HERE
Hundreds of blogger are joining in with or with out giveaways! No strings just comment on this blog post and your name will go into the pot!  All 100% cotton fabric and if i can't get in touch with the winner i will wait for 3 days and then draw another name.
My Giveaway!
Six assorted fat quarters! You will have until the 15th  before I draw a winner.
Two bags full has a "grow your blog'" every year at this time and last year i joined and really enjoyed it. To go to the "grow your blog" Page click  HERE
Vickie has worked long and hard on this  so please go visit every one on the list.  She keeps it up and after a while she adds it to the side bar so you can keep reading blogs for as long as you want to.
Don't forget now to visit this blog  HERE to 'meet' a lot of new bloggers that you will enjoy reading and add to your reading list.
Vickie has signed up 500 bloggers to join in this year so we will have plenty of blogs to read!
Its a great way to grown your blog!!!
Have a wonderful day friends.
Quilt Happy 

Quilting my blocks

Hi friends!
Beautiful day
We didn't get that snow, thank goodness!
Don't mind snow but hate ice.!
When you quilt your blocks in 'Quilt as you go' you need to leave at least 1/2 inch all the way around the block so you have a edge to see your sashing to.
I stitched in the ditched and started 1/2 inch down and back stitched as i started and when i got to the other edge.
So it want ravel!
Here i stopped 1/2 inch before the edge.
On the back it looks like a big ticktacktoe game!
This is how  many i didn't get done yesterday!
Should have time to finish up today!
Have a great weekend friends!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sandwiching my Quilt

Hi friends!
I finished my blocks and now on to the sandwich! These are the perfect size to put together.

First i iron the backing!
Then i spread the battening and spray and smooth!
Smooth them out good with no wrinkles. The ironing board is the perfect place to do this because each block is 16 inches square. The ironing board is just the right height so no strain on your back!
Then i trim but not close yet!
That's the spray i use! I used two cans that still had a little more in them and put some more on my grocery list!  You can buy it at walmart.
And just keep going!
I am going to finish them today and maybe join together some tomorrow.
Have a wonderful rainy day friends.
Quilt Happy

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Getting ready

Hi friends!
Grey day!
I needed 7 more blocks and made two on Tuesday and 5 more yesterday. That should be enough!
Since i am going to make another scrap quilt if it's to much i can use the left over's on the next one.
Last night i started putting them together or making a sandwich of each block. Next i will trim and look for some thing to join these together.
I know i have some grey and some green in a large enough amount to do these and not run out. By the way all my pictures says the date that i bought the camera , i used to change it every time it changed back but just give up!
I got 4 of these done while i cooked supper last night., just like 28 more , may take a while!
We had a quit day at home yesterday, son-in-law came by to check on us, other than that i just sewed to my heart's content.
I feel like somethings wrong if i don't at least make one block!
Making quilts is addictive!
I still have two girls that i haven't made a quilt for but when i ask them they don't say any thing so i guess they don't want one.
Their are plenty more people that does!
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A good day!

Hi friends!
Beautiful day but cool!
The kids doing their home work.
I sewed two blocks yesterday while they ate and did their home work.
Their mother had to work until 6:30 so i ran them home at 5 o'clock.

Then i came home and got ready to go to the funeral home for a dear friend whose husband had died.. By then i was to tired to cook so we went to Jerry's and came home and i spent the rest of the evening on the couch.  Being 73 i don't have the energy to go all day like i used to.
This morning when the mail ran i got this cute little card from Lea Anne and it it was these .
Thank you so much Lea Anne i have already put them on and can't wait to try them . Lea Anne blogs  HERE     at Poduck Pretties
She is making the prettiest quilt right now, you need to go see it.
Thanks again Lea Anne.
Can't wait to play!
Have a wonderful day friends
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Hi friends!
My granddaughter getting her teeth cleaned today!
I took Alisha, Wayne and David for a cleaning and now they are here with me!! Brandy that cleans their teeth and i talk a mile a minute. I have been taking the kids to her for years.
I laid all my blocks out yesterday and i may need to do some more just to have it long enough on each side..  I had 25 ready for quilting.
Yesterday all i did was cut out some more.
Tommy had to go see Dr. Jeff and afterward we just rode around in that great sunshine.
The temp's yesterday was 63 and i think it warmer right now, just looked it says 66.
It  should be long enough, just not wide enough so i guess i go back to making blocks!
I think 7 should do it.
Have a great day friends.
Going to spend some time with my Babies!
Quilt Happy