Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hi friends!!! After i worked so hard on this she didn't go to the wedding! A nephew was born with breathing problems.  Prayers please.  Babs or Quilt Happy

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi friends!!
Weepy out side today!!!
I have a hard time buying fabric that i don't think is beautiful!! But then i have no darks or funky, so i ordered this from  jaq out of calif.    I just gave 1.50   each for 12 fat quarters and the small stuff is a scrap bag.
So now i have some browns and dark colors.  The service was great and the fabric is the best.
Can't say enough about this company.    They are good!!! No they don't pay me to say this, i just like them!!!

This is  my progress on my table topper..  I wanted to make her some ear muffs only to find that i don't have any black in my craft supplies.  And i wanted black.    I may change my mind  and do another  color.  I had a lot of green, red, yellow and white.  Bought it last year for crafts for the grands to do when we had Christmas.
Well i must get busy , have a great weekend.   Good sewing
Quilt Happy

Friday, September 28, 2012


Hi friends!!! Great day!!!
Look what the mail man brought me this morning!!!
Is that not the greatest !!  I won this from  kristian king  who blogs at meadowbrook.
And their is some blue in there for my blue baby quilt that i was going to start for our next great grand.
I just love those rulers  and that fabric is beautiful. That is some great win!! she was ready to draw another name but finally sent me a message Thur google +.  When you go on google+ that's all you go to when you are looking for a way to get in contact with someone who wins a giveaway. I have had people tell me i am a no reply blogger now and it's because of that, but a comment on there comes as a e-mail.

We went to grandsons ball game last night so this is all i got done on my Christmas table runner.  I wont to get me some solid red fabric to go around it. All the Christmas fabric that i have is to busy to go next to a scene.
I wont to put another package on it and maybe earmuffs on the snow woman, and a few more things on the Christmas tree.  Have a great sewing day.....
Quilt Happy

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi friends!!!
Beautiful  day!
I did a little on my Christmas table runner last night
And i think this is how my pink quilt is going to go....
Below it is the blocks that were to small for my pink quilt and i am going to make a bed runner out of it.   I had to add pink here and there because some of my blocks were real small.
It started out being a lap quilt for me when i was a little chilly but i added on some more and now it's big enough to cover our feet in the bed at night.
I need to quilt that last third of my pink quilt and then the hard part begins  sewing it together.
First i have to sandwich it together and quilt!!  Better get to it!!
Have a good sewing day  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This and that

Hi friends!!!
Another beautiful day!!!
Those clips came yesterday and they helped a lot in doing the hem on that dress.
I will never do that again!!!  Remind me if i forget!!!
But i did get Thur with it about 5 yesterday.  I cut   1 @ 1/2 inches off but it need two inches removed  .  I figured that i wouldn't be able to make a little roll hem so i took a half  inch to hem.  My machine didn't come with a hemmer.
I had to use both hands to pull it Thur the feed or it would just bog down.
Hubby is feeling great today , out working on clearing the garden.  Getting it ready for winter.
See what  i started?  I can see it in my head but never having done this before am having a time putting it to fabric.  But i think i will like it when i get thur.
I wont to make a table runner out of it.  I made me one last year after making 5 for my girls and made it late at night and though it was beautiful until the next morning when i noticed it was out of whack.  I could have cried and did't have enough fabric to start on another one for me so i used it like it was.
Well got get to sewing. have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hi friends!! Beautiful day out side.
You see what i got myself into, my machine will not sew this!!!!  But she can't afford the money to have someone work on it so grandmaw  opens her big mouth.  I am going to sew my mouth shut!!!
Hubby has a virus, don't know whether he got it from grand kids or at the dr. office when we got our flu shots....either way he is one sick baby!!!
If you don't hear from me you will know he gave it to me..
I am having a very hard time with this dress and i text her to take it to someone else but she begged so i am still working on it. If i pull  it from the back it sews alright but i can't stop pulling it draws up.
 Well i must go take some more seams out and try again...
Have a good sewing day!!!  Quilt Happy

Monday, September 24, 2012


Hi friends!!!
We drawed the no. and then checked to see who it was and it was....Carla  g.
Carla G said...
What great fabric that you received in the mail! Especially the bricks! Thanks for a chance to win the fq's and book! :)
I will be sending you a e-mail shortly  Carla By the way carla when i looked close at the bricks, and i was like you i though they were bricks, they were presents with ribbons  tied around them. But that fabric is beautiful!!

Have a great day and a great big thank you to all of my wonderful followers
Quilt Happy

Friday, September 21, 2012

Look what i won

Hi friends!!
Beautiful here today!!
Look what i won   from red boot  quilt company   but my computer refuses to go to a word press address to link
I love them, one is a quilt pattern and the other is a softies of a rain deer.  They are both Christmas patterns and you all know me i love Christmas!!!
Jenny of elefontz is having a great giveaway today.  Please go to her blog and see her and follow her blog . She is great...
All the work that i have done on my pink quilt is that wonderful stitching and i will put it up because they may come over this weekend and i wont to surprise her on her birthday...
She said last weekend that  they were getting katie this week end and they usually bring her over here.
Hope you have a great week end of sewing.   Quilt Happy

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Another day

Hi friends!!
Beautiful day!!
Sara   sent me some strips that she didn't wont to throw away and i sewed them together to make the back of this potholder.   Makes a strange pot holder!!!
They were kind of stretchy .  So it pulls in on the middle but that's ok.  I can always use it!!.

I changed the stitch on my quilting for this part of my pink quilt, the flower that i used on the first panel was using a lot of thread.
 Don't forget my giveaway. I have tried to link to yesterdays post but foxfire wont let me but under the comments it will say older post so you can still enter.
Have a wonderful day.  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hi friends!!!
Beautiful day for a give away!!!
This is just for my followers!!!!  4 fat quarters and a good quilting book!!!
Their is one fat quarter of blizzen one of robert kaufman, a beaitiful   tuttyfuity fat quarter, and a beautiful  flour sack by windham fabrics.

                                       This does not go into the giveaway. This is mine

This is what the mail man brought me this morning. I ordered it so now i should have enough christmas fabric for christmas sewing..  I love christmas fabric!!! Tis 11 fat quarters of cherry christmas!!! That i got from the intrepid thread. A great place to buy fabric.

The giveaway is thru sunday and you know i love my followers.
I have planned this ever since the blog hop i was in.  So all my followers just leave a comment.  Any comment on this page.  And for a 2 chance leave me another comment saying you are a follower!! ok?

This is for all, even over seas because i have follower that i love that doesn't live in the us or Canada.
Noe leave a comment friends
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy 


Coming alone

Hi friends!!
Beautiful day.
I just started this Monday night so i have done pretty good just crocheting while the news is on.
Have a great day  Babs

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picture overload

Hi friends!!!
Cloudy , rainy, and we have already got over 3 inches.
The hummingbirds we showing out this morning!!!!
Still laying my pink quilt out to see how it will look. I have quilted one third and need to start on another third.
Finished my log cabin baby quilt.   I took out a lot of the outside seams.   I went around and around and it wasn't pinned good and it tucked , so i took them all out and resewed.   I like it!!!!!  Don't know who will get it but i will give it to someone someday.
We went to town yesterday, hubby had a Dr. apps. and we bought groceries . I don't know why but that just wipes us both out for the rest of the day...
Saw my nephew  that i hadn't seen in 35 years!  He lives in the tip of Fla. and i have never been far past Tampa.  My sis lived there  for 25 years.  And after my first husband died we, my mom and me, would go down and stay for a week or just a weekend.  When i got married again , she was shutting the plant down and couldn't come and them she got a job two and a half hours away.  So much better!!!
Well i have got to sew some.
Have a good sewing day  Quilt Happy

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pink quilt

Hi friends!!!
Rainy here today!!!
I am trying quilting in strips!! I saw a video  of rose smith's so i got my courage up and quilted my first strip... So far so good....
 I will have a time joining them i am sure.
I will most likely get that done this week and if i don't have to much trouble joining them together, should have it ready for binding by the weekend. Then i will have to hide it until November.
Just wont to tell all my followers that Wednesday i am having a giveaway.
Now i need to sew!!!!
Good sewing day to all  Quilt Happy

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hi friends!!!
Beautiful day!!
This is the fabric i got to put in between the rows of blocks  in red haired girls quilt. it sparkles!!!!!  I think she will love it.

My happy mail today, she sent me a e-mail yesterday saying they had mailed it.  And boy was i surprised to see it here this morning.   I love it!!!I put it on the couch so i could go thru it over and over.  I won it from "quiltinsperation"  during the blog hop that we had a couple of weeks ago.
Have a good sewing weekend..   Quilt Happy

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday finish

Hi friends!!!
Cloudy but nice today.
hubby is cutting grass as he does every Friday....
No. 64 is our grandson, and this bottom picture is his sis and her boyfriend and you can see him standing on the sidelines.  He plays on defence...a super good player, so serious about playing.
Our grands, nearly all of them have played sports since they were 4 years old!!!!
All but my daughters because she is the only parent so it's all she can do to make ends meet with out being off work to go to off games.
 Knew i wouldn't get any thing else finished so i made this pot holder yesterday.
I am still taking out seams of that last baby quilt.  But will most likely get it finished this weekend.
Bye the way  our granddaughter is the one on the right of the picture.  it's hard to tell sometimes!!!!!

That great purse i won from 'sew caroline' in her 1000 followers giveaway last week. Isn't it lovely?
We were sitting out side this morning drinking our pot of coffee and 3 deer came walking out of the trees and stood there staring at us. Hubby says they are roaming  now because it want be long until bow season starts and they will hide then.
Well good sewing
Quilt Happy