Friday, February 28, 2014

Almost a flimsy

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I did the rest of the blocks yesterday!
 Then I sewed 4 of them together so i could see the design!
It's going to be stars and more stars!!!
I am still working on Elijah quilt but he want be here until June and i will have it finished long before that.
I was sewing yesterday when we had company.   My dear brother and his wife got back from their trip Sunday night and came over to see us.
They went on a gulf cruise and loved every minute of it!
They swam with the dolphins and saw astez ruins.  Don't have any ides how you spell astez and spell check doesn't have a clue but you know what i mean.
If i was going on a cruise that is  the one  i would want to go on.
Have a great sewing day friends>
Quilt happy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kari and Eli's quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
See this stack of Hunters Stars , there are 30 in that stack and i  decided to make 6 more.
I have already made 3 of the 6 but haven't got a picture of the 33th

These are the two i made yesterday and i nearly made one more.
I spread them out on the bed and when i get them all together it may not cover the bed top so six more. today i will finish up the other 3 and lay it out and see how it looks best.
Them i will square them all up and began putting them together.
Kari ordered me some 'Camo' fabric for the borders and it should be here today.
Just as i typed that the FedEx truck pulled up with it.
This picture is not true to the colors , i think i will wash it and get it ready to sew on later this week.I should look good because it has all the colors that i have put into the top. the colors are much brighter in the real thing!  It shouldn't fade because i have never gotten any from Walmart that did.  The only fabric that faded with me came from Hancock's so i don't buy there any more. The only think i hate about what i bought there is that i made Gracie's quilt out of part of it, the purple faded after i washed it.
Got to get busy.  I am down to scraps making these last blocks , using every bit of the 6 yards i bought!
Have a great sewing day all my old and new friends.
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Elijah's quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I started Elijah Blake's quilt yesterday, Our 12th great grand.
I bought this fabric when i started on Bentley's quilt and got enough to do Elijah's too.
I had plenty of the jelly roll left to do two. I love the little boy fabric on that jelly roll! I won that on a giveaway sometime last year. It goes beautifully with the blue.

These fabric makes the best little boy quilt.
We don't have many girls on Tommy's side, 2 granddaughters and so far only 4  great grand daughters.
It's a whole lot  more g-gs so maybe we will get a bunch before they all have their kids. I hope i live to see all of them married and having kids! On my side we have 6 grand girls.
On my side we have one girl G-G ,Gracie, and three boys and three Married  but on Tommy side 5 kids are married and having babies so we have 5 already and about to have two more.
The grands are all growing up.  We have three in all that are over eighteen that aren't married.
Believe me it's hard to keep up with 24 grand kids and g-gs
Better get to work or Elijah will be here before i get through with his quilt.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My entry

Hi friends
Beautiful Day! but they are saying snow tonight and cold again.
This is my One xmas a month for sewcalgal.

It's 54 inches by 13 inches so it's hard to get a close up!
I am taking part in her Handmade Christmas Challenge
This is my first month to join in and this is what i did for it.
It's a very long table runner!

This is some pages from a child's soft book of Santa soft book with bears.
I made these a couple of weeks ago and them found these pages so i took off the last line of blocks and sewed them between the pages.
Added some green borders from my stach and some scrap battening and some backing and quilted it
Here i am putting on the binding.
Now i have a large table runner!
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I have been on a fabric diet this month but last month i was reading some ones blog, I can't remember who the blogger was but they had got some scrap bags from, Harthorne threads and had a link from them. I went right over and ordered 3 bags.
I was so pleaseded with them!!!
They were all fat eights plus i got two pillow panels too!
I checked this morning , they don't have any now.
I am so blessed , i won the Valentine Giveaway from Quilters  newsletter blog
Caitlin Dickey of Quilter Magizine sent me a email saying they had drawed my name , there was most likely hundreds of names in that giveaway.  It's a fat eight bundle of 'Surroundered By love' by Deb Strain for Moda.    HERE is the link to their blog.   Wow and double WOW!
Can't wait to see what i can do with this.
Have a wonderful sewing day friends.
Quilt happy


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Big Foot?

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
These are not just alike.
I finished my 25th and made my 26th only 4 more and i will start to put them together.

Do you know what made this footprint?
We are at a loss!!
It's a small kids sized print with 3 toes.
All the kids in these area are teen age's. This was made during the night Thursday in all that rain and about 5 foot from my kitchen windows. It's a little up hill there and you can see right in
into the kitchen.
The youngest kid in our area is maybe thirteen and has much to big of feet to have made this.
Tommy said maybe  Big Foots son?
Have a great weekend friends , old and new.
Quilt happy

Friday, February 21, 2014

Eli's and Kari's quilt!

Hi friends!
 Beautiful Day!
You can just about see the pattern that these blocks make.  It takes two fat quarters to make one block at 11 1/2 inches!!! There is just scraps left!!! A half yard of fabric!!!

This is two of the 4 that  i made yesterday!  I now have 24 and am working on 25!!!
The end is in sight! Just like 5 !/2 left to do i think !!
Now to go next week and see if i can find some 'camo' fabric for borders and pray it doesn't clash. If i can't them i will have to make a lot more blocks!
  This is our 'don't spend any thing we don't have to week'

Course they have all turned into those weeks as things keep going up and not our payday!
They were saying this morning that soon hamburger meat would be at the same price as steak!!!!
Tommy said "i guess we will have to just eat vegetables"!
Have a great sewing day friends and new followers.
Quilt happy

Thursday, February 20, 2014

One more block

Hi friends!
Nasty day!
I made this while Lola sleep yesterday!
She was playing on the couch reach over and got her blanket and layed her head on it and went to sleep!!!!

So i ran into the sewing room[ dining room] and made that one block real fast because i new i wouldn't be able to do anything when she left.
She is the sweetest baby , smiles all the time. Clair is just a tiny thing never did gain much weight but looks like Lola is going to be the opposite  . They are both adorable !
Maybe today i can get a few more blocks made.
I have 20 made and i think i need 10 more, after i get those made i will lay them out and see.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eli's and Kari's quilt

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
We have 'low low' today, that's what Clair calls her little sister Lola   .She screams  ever time her daddy starts his saw and they are redoing Clairs bedroom .
 So we are keeping her for a few hours .
I ready had a battle finishing that block  , that's what happens when you have a small amount of fabric.
I won this Queen sized battening from the warm Company from Kelly at myquiltinfatuation on her giveaway a couple of weeks ago. She is so sweet, she sent me the tracking number and it said it would be here last Thursday. Friday i pulled it up and it said Monday. strange Monday was Presidents day, a holiday.
so i just  waited and it came yesterday.
Man its hard holding a 5 month old and blogging
talk to you tomorrow!
Have a great sewing day!
 Quilt happy

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One day!!!

Hi friends!
Beautiful day! 65 degrees!
I made these last weekend. We went to Rome yesterday and had my mammogram and to  eat out for valentines.
We went to Applebees which we go to a lot because it was a great place to eat.
Not any more . I don't know whether it's under new management or what but the place was not the same.
The music was way to loud , you had to read lips to talk.
The people in the booth behind us had been waiting 45 minutes of their lunch hour for theirs and didn't get it all before they left, taking it with them.
Tommy was ready to leave when i reminded him that we didn't have to be any where at a certain time.
but the girls waiting tables acted like it was their first day, slow and never coming back to see if you wanted tea.
We stopped by Belks and i got some makeup because i  brake out in welts with any thing but Clinique
I was give out when we got home and didn't get my treadmill time in so i will have to do that tonight.
A day in the life of to boring retired people!!!!
Have a great sewing day friends and new followers.
Quilt happy

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hunter's star

Hi friends!
Sunday was beautiful!
I layered out my' Hunter's star' blocks .
I have completed 14 and i need 16 more at least. May need more then that because you don't put sashing 
a round these blocks because the pattern is where the blocks meet as well as the middle.

I cut out a whole lot more to try to get ahead.  This amount may make 4 or 5!!!
It takes 4 blocks joined together to make a 11 1/2 inch block.....I cut out a bunch of paper templates and just cut them out with that.  The ruler is 25$ and i would rather buy 25$ worth of fabric.
Hubby and i eat this box in about 12 hours!! It was 'pot of gold' and it was good, all of them.. We have had to throw out some  that neither one of us could eat before . But he did good this time!!!
Of course it's not much more candy in it then a candy bar.  You mostly pay for the pretty box that will end up with sewing stuff inside it. I put them all to good use!!
Back to washing the dishes again.!!!! hahaha
He hates to wash dishes but he did it to show he love me.
Have a great sewing day friends and new follower, i love you every one!!
Quilt happy


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winner from the "Grow Your Blog Hop'

 Hi friends!
We are very high teck here .
My trusty tupper wear bowl and Tommy's hand!!!

 And the big moment!!!!
Rosa is my winner! She is from Spain and Here  is the link to her blog.  Please get in touch with me Rosa, i sent you a email yesterday but haven't heard back.
You will have  a week to get in touch with me and if i don't hear from you i will pick another winner.
It 's been so much fun visiting other blogs and following them.   Maybe next year we can do it again.
We got cabin fever so we had to go to town , just to see if it was still there.
Have a great sewing weekend friends.
Quilt happy

Friday, February 14, 2014

A win, work and Valentines

 Hi friends
The snow is melting.
Look what came this morning from Cathy    Big lake quilter . She is a really talented quilter and does some amazing work.   Pop over and just take a look at some of the things she does.  She had a giveaway and i won this.  I love this book and love everything  that Camille Roskelly does

These two blocks i did yesterday for Eli and Kari's quilt.
I just wish i had more of that fabric.
Look what my sweet Husband got me!
 He also cooked my breakfast this morning and washed dishes for me twice yesterday.  He will take me out to eat Monday after i go for my Mammogram .  We always go out to eat for Valentines either early or late so to avoid the big crowds.
All of our family will work Saturday to make up some of the snow time they lost. Thank goodness we don't still work.
Have a great sewing day friends.
Quilt happy