Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

From our house to all of your's , happy Easter


Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday finish!

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!!!
 Sis and i went to Chattanooga  today to visit jo-anns and mckays and as many other stores as we could get to.
Jo- anns was having a 50% on sale so i got some things that i will show you tomorrow.
I have really been working on that quilt so i can give both boys theirs Sunday.  Then i will start a baby quilt for my shop and after that a quilt for W. and M  two more of our grands. Out of 16 quilts i have made 4 so far this year.    I hope to get all of them a quilt for their birthdays this year.
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt happy

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hi friends!
Beautiful day , still cold!
My sis got these in Clearwater  Fla. when she lived down there for my mom and i. She lived and worked there for 25 years at least before she closed the plant and moved back up here.  She was next in line below the CEO so it fell in her lap to lay people off.. This was nearly 16 years ago, she has been in good old GA. every since. maybe some day she will retire and she can quilt all the time.
These she found at a craft fair , they used to shut down streets and have them,    don't know if they still do . I haven't been to Fla in 15 years.
We all way's go to my son's now if we go anywhere because as i have told you before , our dogs wont eat or drink when we are gone.
Have a great sewing.  Quilt happy

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi friends!
Sunshiny day!
Well i got it together , ready to be quilted.maybe i can get it washed tomorrow.  I hope so then i can stack it on the bed with the other birthday presents.
Then i can clean.  wow!!! tomorrow is Thursday and i will be gone Friday and Sat. i have to cook!!!!
This week is just about gone!!!!!   Of course i have cleaned along and since it's not suppose to do any thing but rain all day Sunday i am not mopping the floors till Monday.
This came in the mail this morning.  A beautiful yard of fabric that i won from Karen at 'captitolaquilter'
Thank you so much Karen i love it. And love your card too.
Have to get busy old and new friends.  Next week we will have that giveaway!!!!
Have a wonderful day.  Quilt happy

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I friends!
Cold with snow flurry's!
Pray for better weather on Sunday so our kids can Easter egg hunt.
About all i have done is clean and work on these presents.  And watch snow fall!!!!
All i like finishing them is putting on the Velcro and i will be done but i still haven't finished the quilt.  Thinking about adding some on each side.  It's only 57 inches across and i would feel better if it were 60 inches.  I though about squares on both sides but that's a lot of work , don't know if i will have time to do it.
I may just put a border on each side to match the top and bottom border.   That would work!!!
I think that's what i will do.
Have a great day. and thank you  to all my new and old followers.  In a few weeks i will have a thank you giveaway for my followers.
Quilt happy

Monday, March 25, 2013


Hi friends!
It is so cold here!!!!
Got the battening to finish N.s quilt and some blue for my next one.
Now i have to get this house cleaned!!  By cleaned i mean wash all pictures and clean carpets, and every think in between
I hope it warms up some so i can get this quilt together and finished before Sunday.. We went to town at 3 o'clock and the temp was 38 degrees.   That,s winter not spring!!
I am so tired of this long winter.   So ready for some warm!!
Of course it will get way to hot in the summer.   It does that with global warming,  they say.
I think my bones have got to where they just don't like the cold at all. i would more to Fla. but i don't like hurricanes either.
We have bad enough storms here.
Hope every has a great sewing day.  Quilt happy

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A flimsy

Hi friends!
Rainy day!
I worked hard yesterday to get this far so that i can finish it hopefully  and get it washed before Easter.
Hope you have a great week end.   Quilt happy

Friday, March 22, 2013

N's quilt

Hi friends!
Another one of those dreary , cloudy days!!!
I got three rows put together for N,s quilt. If i don't get busy i am not going to have it washed and ready
 by Easter.

I had another row done but some of my blocks got to big.     Don't know how they did that, i used the very same ruler on all of them. Any way i have to really work this week end to get it ready to quilt by Monday.

I got this in the mail today! isn't it great ? I won it from Patricia a
It,s called  'snowballs'.     I am thinking of baby blue and fussy cutting to make a great boy quilt for my shop.
Well that will have to wait until after Easter because as they say  'my plate is full' until then.
Hope your day is full of sewing.  Quilt happy

Thursday, March 21, 2013

N's quilt

Hi friends!
Cold but clear, suppose to rain all week end.
I am back to making stars,  got 12 made and i spent days trying to think of a block to go between the rows of stars .  Now i am sewing pin wheels    .Hope to get it ready to quilt by Monday.  And i must get two more birthday presents made by this week end.
Need to do some heavy cleaning next week for the Easter get-together here.
We usually have close to 60 here.  If every one came we would have more than 60.
I love Easter get together but they are saying that it will be cold.  maybe they are wrong!!!!
 Got to get some sewing finished !
Have a great sewing day.  Quilt happy

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hi friends! Beautiful day today!
Every thing is saying spring except  the weather man who is saying sleet and snow!!!
These are pictures of my yard a few minutes ago.  But that wind is cold!!!
These 3 fat quarters in the bottom picture came today from Lynn Reyes  of  inl4god-quiltingforfun.
I won this on her blog on the blog hop we just had.   The beat the winter blues blog hop , there was over 200 bloggers took part and quilting gallery's michele i know worked her self in the ground getting it going.
I do love her blog hops.
Have a great day sewing.   Quilt happy  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hi Friends!
Look what came today!  I won these at' red pepper quilts' and sent by Jackie of canton village quilt works.
I have been so lucky in this blog hop.  Won several patterns.  That i will post about latter.

We had sis's and sister-in-laws birthday at brothers Sunday and i gave them the casserole carriers that i made them.   They seemed to like them.  I know m.a.d. will use hers to carry food to church.
Made sis a sewing machine cover and made s.i.l. a oven mitt and gave her a cook book.
They have a big front porch that we had our dinner on.  Works great.
Hope you have a great sewing day.  Quilt happy

Monday, March 18, 2013

claiming my blog

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A WIN!!!

Hi friends!
Rainy day!
Wow!!!!   That is all i can say about this win.
A big box arrived this morning and i couldn't believe what all came out of it.
The heavens opened up and showered fabric!!!  She also put a quilt pattern and a little pin to wear and a little book to make notes in.  She knows we quilters need a note pad because we are always thinking about our next quilt.   I have never seen so much fabric in a giveaway.
All i can say is thank you Joyce!
She blogs at 'young by design'young by design
Go and visit her please and thank her for me again.
Have a great day ,i am going to play with my fabric win.  Quilt happy

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Prom time

Hi friends! Beautiful day, 80 degrees.
My baby's are going to the prom, the bottom is a father-daughter dance .
They grow up so fast.
Hi to my new followers.  So glad you are joining in my quilting learning blog.
Have a great  sewing weekend.
Quilt happy

Friday, March 15, 2013

Who WON?

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I had to run hubby down , he was on his tractor working in the yard, to get him to pick a winner.
I had 162  entrees but some of them were double so every one must have run out of steam before they got to the w's.
Sharon  won!!!!!   She blogs at 'dancing thru threads'. Sharon you need to get in touch with me with your snail mail so i can send your winnings.   I have sent you a message , you have until Monday and if i don't hear from you i will draw another name out of the bowl.
I always put the bowl up so i can if i have to do that i wont have to go thru it all  again.
welcome to all my new followers, i love you all and hope you enjoy my blog. i am just an old great grand maw loving my grand kids and quilting.
Have a great sewing weekend friends.  Quilt happy