Thursday, May 31, 2012

stiching a way

i have been stitching away , i started Sunday and did 5 blocks.  i counted them this morning and i have done 15.   that leaves 37!!!  maybe i will have them done and binding done but i don't know how!!!
i haven't picked out the binding yet. may do  it with that green.

maybe during the race Sunday i can do a bunch. i hope so, i may have to watch the Saturday race too to even get close to finishing it by the 8th.

when we went to jo-anns i wonted a tumbler ruler but they were out, so i got me a hexagon. i can't wait to try it out.

we may have storms later today, keep our garden in your prayers.  we don't need any hale. got my first squash today so i know what i am cooking for supper.  we have blooms on every thing in the garden except the peas and we just planted them 10 days ago.
i hope daughter will like it when she gets it , i know i have put the work and tears into it.
she has a 17 year old daughter and today she said on face book that she wished i had locked her up in a closet when she was 17. she must wont to lock her daughter in it. granddaughter has a boyfriend, or as they say now she is in a relationship.
talk to you tomorrow good sewing         quilt happy

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

long day

we left at 10 o'clock this morning . it's a hour drive, but we hit McKay's and then Jo-Ann's then went out to eat and come on home. i was wore out!!!! though you might like some more pictures of that beautiful stitching. the dog is Emily , my sisters dog.  one of 4 and sometimes 5 because she fosters dog of that breed until they can get someone to adopt  it .the bottom picture, the flash didn't work but you can still see the stitching.
got home and no Internet, they had dug up the lines and broke it somewhere because when i called they said it would be back on by 8 o clock it came back on at 5:30 but we had to go to the funeral home so i am just now getting on.
maybe tomorrow will be a good sewing day, i got 5 quilt books today .
good sewing to you    quilt happy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

company an eye candy

my sis came over and brought her quilts that she got back from her quilter.  beautiful quilts but those back are really some thing else. perfect!!!!
butterflies and lady bugs and snap dragons. and flowers, all over the back . she did the quilting with light pink thread so it would show up.
sis is making a quilt for one of my grand daughters and one of my brothers grandkids.
probably for Christmas!!
tomorrow we are going back to McKay's . can you say  "quilt books"
i am going to see what i can find . and i think we are stopping at jo-anns for something she needs.
we got a little rain but not enough so hubby is setting up the sprinklers as i type.
 things were turning a little yellow at the bottoms and needed more than God gave. the next chance of rain is Thursday and Friday. 
well i will talk to you later..       good sewing         quilt happy

Saturday, May 26, 2012


afternoon friends.   well you can see our garden is doing great!!!  pray we don't have any real bad storms with hale so it will stay that way. and that we have rain when it needs it.
one of our step grand sons wife won 50 thousands dollars this on a lotto ticket. we may have to start buying them every once in a while!!!
hubby worked so hard yesterday got to hot and then wonted some home made ice cream, so i fixed some and them at 500 o clock we had company and didn't eat supper until after they left at 11 o'clock last night. so today he is sick he was going to finish putting in the other air conditioner today but i guess Monday or Tuesday will do.  got to work on my quilt so i am taking it into the living room where the ac is on because being under that quilt picking out seams with jack the ripper will be to hot in here.
happy sewing my friends          quilt happy

Friday, May 25, 2012

friday finish?

my Friday finish at least it will be when i sew up the top.
yesterday i moved my table in the dining room around and today i have vacuumed all the rugs in the house and cleaned them, now i am waiting on them to dry.  tiring not to step on them.
haven't used my shampooer in a while and usually i bump my shins with it when i  am  trying to carry it around. but today i got hung in the cord. got it wrapped around my leg and fell into the door facings now i have a bruised knee. tomorrow i will put my granny quilt in the dining room floor and spray basted it. the rug was just to dirty to put the quilt down like it was.
hubby is cutting grass so i got a lot done .
the bottom picture is my only daughter giving her grand daughter a present at her birthday party.
 she is on her way to my son's with 7 of my grandkids so i am worried. it's a 2 1/2 hour drive. son knows i will not go out in his boat so he didn't invite tomorrow i will worry about them being out in the boat but she will be home sat. late because they are going to my bothers for a cook out Monday.
she had never driven off any where until year before last when she went to Fla with a boy friend.
and last year she went 2th once with all seven and once with her son and his girlfriend.
when i was single i drove all over , to Fla, many times but being a mother i will worry .
 good sewing friends       quilt happy

Thursday, May 24, 2012

look what my  amazing friend jan-maree sent me to make a pillow for my grandchild. i have one that likes to be backwards from every body else. we all root for ga. and he always picks another team. it was Texas's the last time i asked him about it.
the last picture is some batik i won. she sent me the cutest owl pattern that i have ever seen. i am going to have to make some thing with that owl pattern. it came form quilt doodle designs. i don't know her address to link with her.
i had a craving for some good old country cooking so i put on some pintos to cook a while ago.  got some  green onions at cooks where we got the tomatoes. so some cornbread and fried potato's will just hit the spot.
we went to get us a new air conditioner  and hubby has been working on putting one in the living room and now he is painting the window in our library to put the big one in.  it's suppose to be 95 Saturday, so we are going to need it.  on all these new things we get it tells how much money it's going to save us, but we haven't seen any of it yet!!!!
well good sewing my friends           quilt happy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the yard

hi Friends.   it's good to talk to you again, feeling really good this day but i wish my quilt could say the same.  it is fighting me !!! i have already had to take jack the ripper to it and all i have sewed on it is two straight lines down on the side.
see my yard is doing good with these every few days showers, and i just had to show you the view from my kitchen window over the sink. makes washing dishes a whole lot easier .  i have a dish washer but as few dishes as me and hubby messes up i don't even try to use it . they say to save water fill it full. but if you put dishes in there for two meals and then open to put more in it will know your head off and that i can't stand!!!! .
as much as i hate too i must go back to work on my quilt , just have 2 1/2 weeks till her birthday.
good sewing            quilt happy

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

look what i found. you know i told you about the big farm in our county that has big trailers with tomato's planted in cups on them and when it's cold they put them in shed's? well we payed them a visit today and they had these and of course we bought some. after a long winter of cardboard tasting tomato's and then all spring those that they pick green in Florida and put in trucks and then gas them so they will turn and i hate gassed tomato's, i was so happy to get some of these. we came home and made us some sandwiches hubby's with cheese and mine with just mayo and salt.

i can't eat cheese and mayo without getting sick at my stomach so no cheese. but that sandwich was so good.
i can't wait till ours come in. they are even better .
I'm better today had to rest some yesterday but we really enjoyed seeing our kin folks and catching up on each other's life.   and seeing my aunt that has been on chemo, she was slim but she is Thur with her treatments so maybe she will start putting on some weight.
got my quilt pinned today, getting it ready to quilt.
a storm came up and it rained for over an hour. we got nearly 1/2 inch and sense hubby planted peas Saturday we needed it. we sat out on our back porch and just watched it rain , the temp dropped till we had to get us a long sleeve shirt.
 well good nite sweet friends   quilt happy

Monday, May 21, 2012

my mothers family

my mother's sister's and brother
we had a wonderful time but after cooking all day saturday and having no place to lean my bach all day sunday. i was one wore out cookie by the time we got home and have done nothing but rest today

love you"ll and talk to you soon     quilt happy

Saturday, May 19, 2012

our garden

out garden is looking so good wish i could share with all of you'll when it starts coming in

happy sewing        quilt happy

Friday, May 18, 2012

hi folks       i have the sheet in the washer right now, don't want it to draw up when she puts it in the washer. and i am going to check all the seams to make sure they are strong enough to withstand kids.

do you see those sewing machine things , i don't really know what you call them.. my mother-in-law had 2 in her old sewing machine full of needles.
and there is a picture of them in better homes and gardens" grandma's best quilt patterns" that i bought when we went to mckays. we will go again in the next few sister will take another week of vacation soon.

we are going to my mother's family Reunion Sunday. so i will be cooking tomorrow.but i will post pictures of our garden and it is really growing. that place i told you about that starts planting  early , well i called them Thursday and they said they might have red maters Saturday so i will call them again. i would love a mater sandwich . for folk's that are not from the south  that is tomatoes.

well good sewing friends and so glad that you are friends!!!!!    quilt happy

Thursday, May 17, 2012


my computer has gone crazy!!  i had microsolf free on it that they put on it the last time it went to the shop.
but the first of the week it shut itself off and now it wants 99 dollars per year and so i took it off and got another one but it  left a pop up that is worrying the hound out of me. does any one know what i can do to get it fixed without   taking it to the shop?
i have my quilt top finished just spreading over every thing and pining it now.  my other one was so small i didn't have as much trouble spreading it out with out wrinkles. any tips on that?
went and spent my money from my daughter and couldn't find but 2 pieces of fabric that i liked. so i got some more pins and thread and the batting for her quilt. i also bought a new sheet for the bottom.   should i wash it before i put them together?
if you don't hear  from me you will know my computer is in the shop
good sewing                         quilt happy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

many things

poor old hubby , he worked so hard last week that he is taking it easy for a couple of days and then he will be back to mowing.
i made me a little sewing case, none of my girls sews so i can't make them one for a gift.
they say "i wish i could sew" but ain't really interested in doing it.
still working away on my quilt top can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
i am working on a binding for my bow tie quilt and after i sew it on i will hand sew it on the back.

our neighbor fell last sat. with some heavy something that he uses for work. he is 75 years but thinks he can't stop working. his 3th wife died 5 years ago. we didn't know any thing had happened till we heard the siren. he has a helper that works with him. and between his helper and his girls and my hubby they talked him into going to the hospital.  2 brakes in his pelvis, his fiance  came home with him to take care of him. she is 50 years old. hubby said "this will tell the tale".. well she lasted 2 days and they broke up. now he is hoping he will get the 2500.00 ring back, good luck with that, he goes for the much younger women looking for a sugar daddy. and sense he has a business they think he is it.
it takes all kinds in this world
good sewing           quilt happy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

birthday party

this is how i did mother's day.  my daughter cooked for us and had a birthday party for our next to oldest g-grand.she was going to have a cook out but it poured, we got 21/2 inches...
she also gave me a picture of all her family and some money for fabric!!!!! yah!!!!
we got gracie two little short sets with matching flip flops
my son called and told me happy mothers and that they would be up for jessie's graduation also his birthday.and i got to talk to my tatarbug and addie lou who.
redhaired girl came and told me she loved me and gave me a card and i got  a card earlier this week from hubby's oldest girl and she thanked me for her birthday present i gave her easter.
well less go sew some more grannies , i just like one more row and will have the flimsy made and will post a picture.
happy sewing          quilt happy

Monday, May 14, 2012

my mother

my scanner is about gone but this is a picture ,mom is on the left, taken after my son and his wife graduated from college  maybe 16 years ago. she died in 2005 of cancer.  you always miss your mother!! hubby's mom died year before last she was 91.   my mom was 81. live every day as if it might be your last. 

quilt happy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy birthday jimmy

today is my oldest son's birthday.
happy mothers day every one..
our dogs where having a fit and this is what was bothering them. the wagon train comes by here every week end and it's big takes an hour for it to go by.
 my daughter went with a boy[46yearold]and that  was all he did every weekend was ride in the wagon train and drink. i have seen them nearly falling off their horse when they go by.
such a waste!!! they could have been quilting!!!!
 love to  all the mothers out there             quilt happy

Friday, May 11, 2012

this and that

hi friends it's good to be here again.  when you are 70 it's always good to wake up in the morning. hubby and i have the best life. we are retired so we get up and drink a pot of coffee then we eat breakfast and start our day doing the things that we love.
me ,sewing and reading blogs, him working in the yard. i used to try to help him in the yard but he has his way and i had mine and they didn't mesh. so i take care of the flowers and he takes care of the yard.
we share the garden and when he can't work out side he watches t v , i hate t v!!!!
it's alright now and then but i prefer my computer and my sewing machine.
when i get off the treadmill at night i go into the living room and read or crochet and get the high lights of the news.
my quilt , i had to take some time away because it was getting on my nerves, is doing much better. i have 4 rows sewn on and i am back to cutting out granny squares again.i think i will need at least 3 mores rows for a good big queen size.
at least my daughter wont have a fit if something is not just right. she loves me..
and no body is perfect right?
my quilt is not going to be perfect. but it will be made with love and sweat and tears.
lots of tears .
well got to get back to making granny squares
happy quilting             quilt happy