Friday, November 30, 2012

fabric! And blog hop

Hi friends!
Look at all this great fabric that
i got at inchworm fabric!
And at a great price.   8 fat quarters , a charm pack and a yard for binding and it was just a little over 20 dollars.  She has great fabric!!!   Check her shop out!!!!
i made all my kids and sis-in-laws some
years ago and this is all i keep.

Don't forget this!!!!!   A blog party for  the 5year birthday of   quilting gallery  blog party's.
It will be a ball folks!    We get to meet new bloggers and maybe win some booty!!! I starts on the 10th of Dec.
Have a great sewing day   Quilt Happy

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi friends! 
Pretty day!!!
That's all the sewing that i got done yesterday.    Worked on my tree some but am not Thur  yet.
See the picture of the moon and that little star?   That star stayed right with that moon as long as i could see it.  We went to bed at 12 o:clock so i didn't look after that.
We went and bought a refrigerate today but all they had was black so they are ordering one for us.
Every think else is white in my kitchen so white it will be!!!!
Ate lunch at red lobster and it was great as always.  To me their biscuits are dessert!!!!!
We had to go to the Toyota place to get my car a gas cap  hopefully that will make my check engine light go off...
Hubby had a gift card from sis for his birthday in july  for tractor supply that he hadn't used so we got him a john deere jacket with it and as i was going out the door  saw a   cook book that proceeds was going to feed the hungry so i bought it.
 Like i need another cook book..
Have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi friends!
Lovely but cold here!!
I got my 'fix'  last night making these stars.  And making a mess!!!!  don't forget our blog hop with giveaways coming on the  10th!!!
Hubby is on the treadmill right now!  He only Liston's to me every once in a while but i have told him a million times that when you hurt the best thing you can do is exercise...
His mother had a slight heart attack when she was in her 60th and when to bed!!! H   er husband waited on her hand and foot.  She layed down and waited until; she was 91 to die!!!   Sshe was so afraid to move but you can't do that!!!!   Life is a blessing that you should never take for granted or waste. 
But i am so afraid  that hubby will do that too.  His  sis has just about done it!!!   Her hubby has to make her get up.  he must have listened to me to.

Rant over with!!!!
I made two wonky stars last night for  little 'a' s pillow and made a mess .  You should see under the table!!!
One of the pictures show the sparkle of the pink fabric.   They are not the same fabric but so close... One is just a little lighter.
I put the box of ornaments in there near the tree and maybe i will get time to put some on the tree later today..     I usually have my finished  by now and my wreaths on my doors by thanksgiving but not this year.
Got to get busy!!   Have a great one dear friends   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog hop

birthday present

Hi friends!
Cloudy and drab here today!
Looks like it going to snow any minute but it's a little to warm to.
I am  going to be in the blog hop with giveaways starting on the 10th of dec.  We  are celebrating 5 years with a happy birthday for the blog hop.   Michele Foster at quilt gallery is the host.  It's a great way to find new blogs to read and maybe win some booty.....
See what   step-daughter  'a' got me for my birthday,  she does yard sales and saw this  and though of me.   There is nothing i would have loved more.
We have run around the last 2 days and i have got nothing done.... so i must work some.  I am about to go in the d t's or what every you do when you havn't been sewing ....
Have a great day   Quilt Happy

Monday, November 26, 2012

Look what i won!!!!

Hi friends!
Lovely day!!

I won the cutest christmas ornies  pattern  from imagine gnats and i love them.  5 cute little ornies to make before christmas.

The magazine and notions i won from  charlotte  at displacement activity.
I have already found some pattern's in that magazine that i wont to make!!
And that thread , i have been wanting some of that forever!
I have been so lucky to win so many cool things that i get to play with.   Quilters are the BEST.
Have a great day  Quilt Happy

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hi friends!
I just drawed the winner in my birthday giveway  and it's.............Les      I have sent her a e-mail for her snail mail and she has  5 days to claim it or i will draw another name  thanks for all my followers.  I love you all and wish i could give all of you some fabric..  But then i wouldn't have any left!!!!
Next month on the 10th i will be blog hopping again and have another giveaway.  Don't miss it!!!!
Love you'll  Quilt Happy

Birthday!!! Giveaway

i think she likes it!

her daddy's shirt

she had to takes a picture   takes after me
Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
I gave red haired girl her quilt thanksgiving and i think she liked it!  She cried!!
That's her hubby holding it up so that she can take a picture.
Her birthday is nov.24th just like mine!  That's her sister  'a' and her birthday is on the 18th of nov.
I had birthday cards for grandkids who's birthday is in nov. and handed them out to 3 of them but didn't get pictures..  Of course they had money in them!!!!  Kids love to get money now and what little we can afford to give them  wont buy things that they wont so they have learned to save!
I will draw the winner of my giveaway at 9:00 tonight. and post the winner  of   the birthday giveaway
So you have until then to enter!!!
Have a great day   Quilt Happy

Friday, November 23, 2012


Hi friends!
It was beautiful yesterday and we had a great thanksgiving!
We had food coming out our ears and i have been throwing it away most of today!!!
I fixed breakfast for my son and his kids this morning and that was more food.

Of course i always make to much!
We had a great time!!!!!!
Wall to wall food!
I love all of you'll and pray that you had as good a thanksgiving as i did.
Don't forget my  birthday giveaway 
Have a great day  Quilt happy

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trip to chattoogna

Hi friends!
beautiful day here , already 71 degrees here!!
We took our, my sis and me, trip to Chattanooga to shop.  I get my birthday presents with-out hubby shopping!!
He is all for that, we don't have to take anything back.....
Of course i spent more at jo-ann's than any where else.
Got me three shirts and two pair of pants and he said 'you didn't get a dress?'
After christmas we went shopping and i bought 2 dresses that i have wore once.   So they are still new to me, i don't wear  dresses that much so i don't see the need.   But i did need some pants' and long sleeve shirts.
Bought fabric at jo-ann's and some christmas fabric that was on sale. ruler, and pins.
We went thru tuesday morning but didn't see  any think that we wanted.
We just talk and talk  You know how sisters are. 
I want  be on here tomorrow and i hope every one has a safe and wonderful thanksgiving.
Will be be enjoying time with our kids, grandkids, and   loving on  the great grands .  Quilt happy
 Don't forget my

                       birthday giveaway

Monday, November 19, 2012

Brithday giveaway!!!!

Hi friends!
Saturday is my birthday! And i want to give one of you a present!!!
3 fat quarters and a pattern and i may add some more when i have the time after thanksgiving to look for some more.
You'll are great followers and i want to share with all of you'll but i can't so one person that is a follower , new are old, will win .   I will pull the name on my birthday, sat., and post the winners name on Saturday night.
You need to comment on this page before saturday night at 9 oclock.
Have a great day...Quilt happy

Quilts and more quilts

Hi friends!
Cloudy dreary day!
Hope it clears up for thanksgiving.    We are expecting  close to 60 for thanksgiving.    So you know this will be short because i have to clean the whole house.  today!!!
Finely got a pictures of the pink quilt out side in the sun.
I just hope she likes it.     Starting another one for us and i placed these 4 blocks every witch way but i liked this way the best.  I cut out blocks last night and i think i will get 44 out of that 3 yards so i may have to add a border.
We shall see.    All out of white, just bought all they had, 2 1/2 yards, so i ordered some from sat.    Hoping it gets here soon but since i have to clean today it could wait until tomorrow.
Love you guys have a great sewing day.  Quilt Happy 

Friday, November 16, 2012

A win!!!!

Hi friends!
Beautiful day!
Look what i won!!
I have always wanted this book, sense it first came out.
I won it from 'i am a ginger monkey'  and received it over  the Internet last night!  isn't it great.  I love today and all the great things you can do in our time.
I will be  reading for a   while , may not get any sewing done with my head in this book.
This is a great book!!!
I started reading last night, every body go out and buy this book!!
Thanks to katy for having this on her blog and pulling my name.
Have a great day, i will be reading    Quilt Happy

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hi friends!
Lovely day!
I had a fat quarter that i won and went looking for something that would work, not close but i like it anyway.
I made my first block and quilted it.    I think this will work better then trying to quilt panels of a queen sized quilt.     At any rate i am going to try it.
Making a 2 color quilt!!!!    Wish me luck!!
Have a great sewing day.   Quilt happy