Friday, August 31, 2012

friday finesh

Hi friends!!!  Another cloudy good day for sewing!!!
I finished it!!! It is now in the washing machine and i am praying that it looks good when it comes out..
It think it is real pretty.  But then i would, wouldn't i.
Got to get back to working on  red haired girls quilt.
I have been cutting out strips for her saching and i got the fabric   for the back and battening so i am ready to go.
I am going to try free motion quilting on it by rows and see how it comes out.   You will have a front row seat so to speak. Never done it before and you can't really call that pot holder quilting....
You will see a lot of pot holders on here before i finish that queen sized quilt.  That is the only finishing i will get done.
I wont to thank all the new follower on here . so glad you have joined me.
Well good sewing friends  Quilt Happy

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Hi friends!!! It's cloudy today!!
Hubby has been cutting   grass and i have been getting as many green beans as i can put up, of the rest of our beans and finally hubby cut them down.
I carried 5 big bowls of scrap out and got rid of it.
I still have some tomatoes that i have to do something with.
I have backed my baby quilt with pink flannel and stitched in the ditch and am ready to sew on the binding.
 And i  put another block on the pink quilt.
Hubbby got me a three draw chest yesterday but all i could get in it was one box and a half of another. I still have a big bag and a box and all that i have out working on of my fabric to find some place for.
 I have a big robe cabinet but don't have a place to put it. Maybe i need to to clean some of my craft stuff out of my pie safe and see if i can make room in it.  The robe was mothers and my son wonted it but hasn't come and got it and i have been holding it for 7 years . I guess his wife doesn't wont it in her house.
Well must work!!!!  Good sewing  Quilt Happy

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

baby quilt

Hi friends!!!     Another great day that god has allowed!!!
My quilt is a flimsy,  got to find something for the binding.    See my little snow man?  I made him a while back just messing around.  I think he is cute so i hung him over my computer.
I have some green dot that i have placed on top of my quilt top just to see if it grows on me enough for me to do the binding with it. there is green in it here and there and it's the same shade as this.
What do you think?
Good sewing  Quilt Happy
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


link click

Go to this link for our giveaway.  On until sept. 3th. thanks

Hi friends!!  Do you like my pink block? I think i will make a few of those to sprinkle here and there on my quilt.

I started miss emma's blanket and i have got to get back to her quilt, i got my battening yesterday. Along with some more white to do some more blocks for red haired girl's pink quilt.
Well i have to get busy good rainy day to work.  Good sewing  Quilt Happy

Monday, August 27, 2012

Today and the giveaway

don't forget this the link is below

  Hi friends !!  Here is the link
So don't forget the giveaway it runs until  the 3th.

I made some more pink blocks and this pot holder and tried free motion quilting on it.    I will have to try that on my pink quilt that i am making for red haired girl.
No sewing yet today, we had to go to town and finish paying bills and get grocery's. 

Pray for the people in Louisiana and Texas because it looks like Isaac is heading right straight at them.
It's the first bad storm we have had this year and is on every body's mind.    It looked like it was coming at us for a while but here in the n. ga. mountions we usually just get bad storms off of it.

 My pot holder is wonky because i was mostly trying to see what i could do. I sent a picture of it to my expert and she said it wasn't to bad.  she  was trying to buck me up so i would keep trying.  And i will keep trying because not matter how beautiful a job a pro could do ,you can't afford it when you are retired.
Well friends have a good sewing day...  Quilt Happy

Saturday, August 25, 2012

back to school party hop

  link   link you can get the list here Sunday after 12o clock
Hi friends!!  Love this hopping.....
You can enter any day until the 2th of Sept.   Must be a follower, and just for usa and cananda. Just comment.
Got 4 rows on my baby quilt  , it's hard to see against that quilt.    I am thinking a pink border and flannel on the back.   Or maybe white.  Don't know yet.
Every thing is good here and i am entering blog hops all over. i put that link to her site so you can get a list tomorrow.  be sure and go over there and follow all those that are playing.
Have a good week end.  Quilt Happy

Friday, August 24, 2012

blog hop party giveaway

Hi friends !!!
I am in a blog hop wow.    What about that!!!    This is my first time and i hope i do it right.......
This will run until sept. 3th so you have time to inter all the blog hops, mine is just for usa and canada.
I am giving away 3 fat quarters of robert kaufman  treasure and tibdits and one fat quarter of mod girls" laurie"  by jennifer paganelli.   They are beautiful.  But i am ready to give them away.
This blog hop party is being put together by michele at the

I am posting this for Saturday a little early, just so i will be posted by morning you all  know i post in the afternoon.
Let's have fun blog hopping  , enjoy and visit michelle so you can visit more blogs.
Remember you have till September 3th!!    Just comment on any post that i post until the 2th and you will be in it.    I will pick a name and announce it here on the 3th.
Good luck friends i am going to hop too.   Quilt Happy  
closing the blog hop giveaway  thanks every one for commenting and i will post the winner tomorrow   thanks again

baby things and a win

HI friends!!!!  a great day.
i am going to call this a wonky strip baby quilt and pretend i wonted it that way!!!! i have another row made and another one cut out ready to do. next week i will get some batting for it and decide what i wont to do on the back. i want to get it done so as soon as i find out what kelly is having i can get started on one for her. i am starting a pink and white crocheted blanket to go with this quilt for the one i already know. they are calling her" miss emma" already on facebook.

that wonderful handbag pattern is mine!! i won it form "at home with mrs. H" the first of the week, i have to get some things and then i wont to try to make it.  i have been wanting a pattern for a bag for a long time.
i love this pattern an can't wait to try it.

after a day of doing nothing yesterday hubby is cutting grass and will be cutting most of the day.  he cuts nearly 5 acres .  he takes a few breaks and comes in to get him a snack.
good sewing friends   quilt happy

Thursday, August 23, 2012

baby quilt

Hi friends!! Getting hot again!!!
I put those strips together yesterday and then went hunting for my strips i had put together the other day.  I searched for hours yesterday!!!! This morning i still couldn't remember what i had done with it.  I had put all the pieces in a gallon freezer bag but didn't think i had put it in there to.  Finally i dumped it out and there it was!!!!
I have  cut my strip to join them together but need to make my short one longer first.
We wore our selves out yesterday and are resting today , but you know me i have to get to my computer..
can't miss talking to you and reading all you'll blogs....
Think i will take a nap, i have home made hamburger soup on low and after my nap maybe i will feel like sewing.
Good sewing friends   Quilt Happy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

pink blocks

Hi friends!!!  Really beautiful day here!!!!
I have been sneaking in some other colors to go with pink. It is very hard to make all of them 12 inches but i am trying.  I made a whole lot that was 9 or ten that i will have to find a new use for.
Hubby is enjoying this wonderful weather and getting his weed eating done.    We have not had the air on in over a week . The windows up at night and temps near the 50tys .  It feel like September and it not but a little over a week  till it will be.
We always have a family dinner here in October for hubby's cousins from Texas and GA.
Two of my sweet step daughters help me cook for every one.  So does hubby's sister..  We always have a blast....I clean for days before the day they come....
I put up 6 pints of soup today , have run out of jars!!!  Thank you Jesus  i can quit!!!!  I honestly say i think i have  put up enough for this summer.  I have 64 quart's of green beans.
Didn't count the soup so that's enough of that.   More time to sew!!!
Well love all you friends out there  let's get to sewing.   Quilt Happy

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a finish ot two

Hi friends!!!   Great day!!!
I got 2 finishes but i had to make pot holders to do it!!!!!!
My next  pink block....i dreamed i was sewing Sunday night and this was the block i was making.  I didn't sew last night in my sleep so today i am canning. i will most likely Can tomorrow because i need to put up some more soup.  My 2th batch of tomato's are riping.  They are all small and the squirrels have been feasting on some of them but i will make soup out of the rest..
We picked peas and beans this morning, just  got 2 quarts of peas hubby has already shelled them.
I guess he will eat hamburgers tonight ,that what i fix when i am to tired to cook.
Well my beans are nearly ready  have a good  day sewing     Quilt Happy

Monday, August 20, 2012

look what i found

Hi friends!!! Great day!!!!
Look what i found.  It's a little ruff and raggedy but can be resewed.  I wonder if maybe  my mother in laws mother made this because it's a whole lot worse than the other two i  have been working on.  Maybe some day i will finish the bow tie quilt.   With all my kids to make for i don't know when that will be.
I brought my sewing machine back out yesterday and made a pot holder , i gave my daughter the last one i made.
Got to go back to sewing pink blocks so one day maybe i will get Thur with it.
I got tired of granny blocks when i was working on my daughter's granny quilt and now i am tired of pink!!! Just wait both of our hatching grands will have girls and i will be sewing pink forever.!!!!
Good to talk to all my friends.   Have a good sewing day  Quilt Happy

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Hi friends!!!  Got my grands over night , just 6 , jessie had to work, but they text her this morning when i started cooking breakfast and she was here by the time i took the biscuits out of the oven.
Her  mother was not far behind her and we had a nice long visit after we all had breakfast.
I  crocheted  last night so 3 of them had to try, two gave up so i sent a needle and yarn home with anna , she was still working on her's when they left.
Well you know how your house looks after 6 kids so i will get off here and clean.
Good sewing this week end   Quilt Happy

Friday, August 17, 2012

pink bordom

Hi  friends!! Beautiful day.

I am about to get tired of pink!!!!!!
Want be sewing today because i will have 6 or 7 grand kids after a while.   That should cheer me  up!!!!! Some grand babies hugs.
Don't know what we would do with out grand kids.
Took me a while to clean off my dining room table of all my sewing stuff so we could eat there.   Hubby and i eat on the kitchen table and if red haired girl and her hubby eats supper with us we still use the kitchen because it  sits 4 .  
 Hubby is out side cutting grass with his tractor but earlier we picked a 1/2 bushel of purple hull peas and i got half of a basket of green beans.     Hubby likes to shell peas while he watches tv at night.  We may teach grand kids how to shell peas.
If i am not dead or passed out tomorrow i will talk to you then, 6 or 7 kids are a lot to cook for.   Have a great week end.  Quilt Happy

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hi friends!!!    Another great sunny day!!!!
The bottom picture is the start of the baby quilt.    I have a long way to go!!!!
Some blocks and some i have put together.     Not got very far yet, but working on it.
I will have to put everything up tomorrow because grand kids are coming to spend the night.     I can't wait!!!
I am working on so many things right now that i am going around in circles.    But i have plenty of time .  I really enjoy being retired.     Especially with my baby.     He make me laugh when i get down.
I don't know if i could live without him, hopefully i will never have to.
That's enough dark thoughts for today...  Love you all
Have a great sewing day  Quilt Happy