Saturday, April 30, 2022


 Julie Rose for some reason I can't leave comments on your Blog

Friday, April 29, 2022

One Quilt

Hi friends!

Yesterday I saw this pale blue fabric with boats and loved it , today not so much!

Part of this is blurry but you can see the blue fabric better!  White boats on a blue sea!

The color works with the panel but it just looks washed out next to the other. Plus I just have maybe a half yard of that fabric!

I think I will think about it and work on the other one for a few days until I know if I like that.

The flash made it white out!

My latest diamond painting!  Not completely finished yet.

Have a great weekend



Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Sping And Scraps

Hi friends!

Every thing is blooming! But it was chilly this morning.

These bloom according to color! Purple first!

No sewing the last two days because we were looking for Lawn Mower parts! A few years ago we spent 150. this year so far we have spent 45$

But the year is not over! Our mower is 17 years old!
 Hubby is trying to make it last, So glad he can work on it!

Did manage to get a few scraps cut up!

Trying to stay ahead of them! 

Stay Safe Friends



Tuesday, April 26, 2022

One Thing Right After Another

 Hi friends!

 For some reason our country doesn't have Smucker's Blackberry jelly! In any store! So we have had to resort to ordering it!

 However our mail system just slams things around and this time from 12 bottles, we could only salvage 9 bottles!  Last time we only lost one!

They think money grows on trees! Two busted all to pieces and one the lid had popped off and it was probably full of glass.

Today we drove miles for John Deer parts!

Our yearly trip just to keep that thing running! Thank the Good Lord Hubby is handy!

Last night the internet went off and it came back on at 5 o'clock , just a few minutes ago!

Nothing works right !

But we enjoy every minute of our life together!

Stay safe



Monday, April 25, 2022

Boats and Looking

 Hi friends!

Over the weekend I managed to get a few more done.

Have you ever put something where you will be sure to find it and spend a couple of days looking? That's what I am doing now , looking for some fabric I put up for a special purpose!

Stay safe



Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday Verse


April 11

Luke 24:6

6 He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee:


Friday, April 22, 2022

Making one block

Hi friends!

First block! On the two quilts for two great grands! 

This will be the middle section of one of them.

This is the middle of the other!

This is the way I put it together!


Have a great day and  great weekend.



Thursday, April 21, 2022


 Hi friends!

 Hubby was cutting down on the South forty, he he, when I noticed we had a visitor!

These were made from the back porch so I would run him off.

I guess I made a dozen shots to get two that wasn't to bad!

I wonder if this is the one that used to run around here?

Make that two dozen pictures!

My purple {flags as my mother used to say!] They bloom first.

I need to plant some more but the squirrels dig them up and eat them when I do.

I cut these two panels yesterday , was going to iron, picked up the battening spray by mistake so one of them is in the wash right now!

Do other people do dumb things like that?

Stay safe



Tuesday, April 19, 2022


 Hi friends!

This would make a great second greatgrandsons quilt wouldn't it?

And it has trees Dawn!  See!

I know I have solid green but will look to see if I have one closer to that!

This one is already in a quilt!

  A very simple tree.

Son-in-law came by yesterday stayed a few minutes then came back and left this for Hubby to play with .

Guess I better get busy looking for that fabric!

Stay safe



Monday, April 18, 2022

Easter Sunday

Hi friends!

My daughter and her kids came for Easter dinner yesterday. For the first time we had no babies so every one just took some chocolate eggs home with them.

Youngest grand is 19 now!

No great grands came! After they went home I had a short nap and woke up to Kim and Richard coming in.

Then Abby called and came with her family so we had a great Easter after all.


It's hard to get a good picture in their because of all the windows.

As you can see with this picture!
You can see we had a really good one! Realized this morning I should have remembered to give Krissy her pillow case!!!!!

Stay safe friends



Friday, April 15, 2022


 Hi friends!

This is a old picture of when we first started the Menlo Q'bee's.

The pretty lady in the blue flowered shirt with dark brown hair is Dianne. She started our qroup!

She died last year but yesterday we planted a tree for her with a plaque in honer of her working to get us going and cheering us on !

My phone had died this week so I couldn't get a picture, Have a new one ordered suppose to come This week! Today would be nice!

We have a meeting tomorrow so it would be nice if I could get a picture..

If it does I will post picture maybe tomorrow after our meeting. 

Still making double pot holder for anyone here Sunday that needs another.

Hugs and stay safe.


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Spring 2022

Hi friends!

It's spring with those awful tornado's.

Tonight we are suppose to get storms but hopefully it want be bad!

When I retired I lugged brick and laid them out around a tree and dug up buckets of dirt from the woods and planted a flower bed! These above are beside the house!

Now it's a ant bed!

Still has a few flowers blooming in it but not many.

My latest diamond painting!

I have been sewing!

Made this yesterday, hot peppers, Fits the subject!

Saw the fabric and grabbed a yard, even thou I have way to much fabric here already! Hubby just takes off when we get in Walmart so I made a trip through the fabric! While I was "looking" for him!

Want to have a few of the double pot holders when every one comes Sunday , if anyone wants one!

Have a great day , stay safe

Hugs Babs

Monday, April 11, 2022

Quilt for Two Greatgrands

Hi friends!

We have two great grands sons , brother's, that I haven't made a big boy quilt for so I started one yesterday.   Maverick and Brad!

This is a small panel that Sis gave me when she was clearing out some space so she could sew in her sewing room .

A little closer look!  After I added some colors.

Sis used to have a house here , her retirement home and one in Athens where she worked! But since she retired she just has one here  so she bagged up some and brought it to me a few months ago.

I have been enjoying it! Going to try to get at least one quilt made for one of them in the next few weeks.

Takes me longer to get one made now!

I want to use this for the whole bottom of the quilt!


That's my plan for now.

Hopefully I can get started and make some progress today

Stay safe



Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunday Verse



April 10

John 19:30

30 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

Friday, April 8, 2022

A Little Sewing

Hi friends!

Thought I would make up a few of these because every one loves them so much.

They have moved every thing in Our Walmart and I forgot the get cotton battening.
 And you need cotton battening for these!

Did get some of the two dollar a yard fabric! And If it's still on sale next week I will get some more.

As hubby says I have more fabric then Walmart!

What I got!

Not bad unless it thin!

I go back next week for pills and will get some more battening and instr-bright.

Of course I will look for something on sale!!! And will buy more if I find anything !

Have a great weekend



Thursday, April 7, 2022

Grandkids Visit

Hi friends!

 Our lawyer grand kid's , Michael and Ashley came and  Our New Yorker , Tatum for a visit yesterday. She is down for a week for a friends wedding. Their parent Chris and Amy are in Mexico for a wedding of Amy's friend . A friend from Gainesville, Ga. where they live.
Every one is very busy for spring break.

All of ours are out of school, on to college or working now so we never notice when spring break comes

I got out my quilt that I made a few years ago in honor of Dawn . She is making a lot of the blocks from this book!
I love making blocks from this book!

Made a king sized quilt but still didn't get all of the blocks made  from this book.

Still some in there I would love to make!

You get your moneys worth from this one!

Have a good one!

Stay safe



Monday, April 4, 2022

Our Weekend

Hi friends!

My new kitchen curtains!
 I am fuming today, got a letter saying they were going to sue us over a book that we didn't order! I have always heard that if they send you something you didn't order, it's yours! Plus it cost to send that stupid thing back. And all it is is a summery of magazines we already gotten and  paid for.

I guess we want be ordering their magazine again! Thing is we get about three of their magazines every month!

We get "Farm and Ranch", "Country" and "Country Extra"!  Already paid for the next year, "county " is paid for two years.

This morning I was thinking about ordering their "Reminisce" Magazine. Want now!!!!

After our company Friday night, I realized I had   forgotten to take picture's.

I cooked gravy , Steak and Biscuits and baked beans for my sis, and my sis-in-laws birthday.

Sis's birthday is March 16 but she was on Vacation and Sis-in-law's is in April so we make it sometime between.

I told you last week I finished and gave the t-shirt quilt to My daughter-in -laws Sis   last Thursday.

This t-shirt quilt!

I also made her a stack of Kitchen things to carry to her son. Promised her I would make her a few to.

Made this for Sis.

Made my sis-in-law one with M.D.

Didn't have enough to spell hers out. Plus It would have been hugh!

Have a good one and stay safe.