Saturday, April 30, 2016


Friday, April 29, 2016

Two Quilts

Hi friends!
Got 6 blocks  quilted yesterday and trimmed.
Another couple of these!
Laid my QAUG blocks out on the bed to see how many more i need.
I need 3 more at least!
I though my Moda white would get here today  but the mail man didn't bring it this morning , maybe tomorrow.
Oh well i need to clean today any way!!!
Have a great weekend friends
Quilt Happy

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Making blocks

Hi friends!
I managed to sandwich another 5 strip blocks , just need to quilt these but i still need 2 or three more.
I seen to be running out of long scrap so i may have to use some of my short ones.
Hopefully i can find some that are 14 inches long.
I started my next row of birds! lol
I have a order coming from Craftsy of white Moda that should be here tomorrow. So i can't make all of these until it gets here.
I did get a few White squares  from what i had left but not enough.
I got online line looking for Moda white to see if their was some where you could get it cheaper but
Lots of bolts didn't have white and it was the only cheaper place. Most charge more than 5.60 a yard and are not as good.
So Craftsy is the best.
My first rose of the year!
Still have beautiful flowers blooming. My mother used to call these "flags"
Have a great day
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Shopping Trip

Hi friends!
 Sis and i went shopping yesterday and i had gift cards from my kids for Christmas so this is my haul!
Several fabrics that i needed and a few other notions to help with my sewing.
Found some thing Tommy has wanted to.
His brother in laws daughter got one of these for her daddy and Tommy said he might like one for during the winter when he gets bored.
I never get bored! To much sewing and reading to do!
We always hit McKays first to trade a bunch of books that we have packed up for this purpose. We had the back of sis's car and her back seat full.
We always go to Jo-Anns and then eat.
We just about always go here and eat a salad so we want feel bad about the free ice cream.
Then we hit Hamricks on the way back home.  It's a all day trip because we go to Chattanooga Tenn. and its a hour drive from where we live.
We do have a quilt shop near where we live about 40 minutes away but they don't carry a lot of things we like, to small but they are moving and we are hoping they will carry more and other then Hancock's that they are shutting down that is, that's it! We have already hit the Hancock sale.
We had a great sisters day out we just about talk non-stop the whole trip. We left at 10:00 and got back after 4:00 so all day to us!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, April 25, 2016


Hi friends!
My hi-tect way of drawing, Dh picked our winner.
And the winner is.... congratulation  Maureen Thompson!
You said you had never won anything , well now you have!
Send me your mailing address and i will get it to you in a few days
So happy you won and thanks to every one for all the great comments. I had 41 followers enter .
Have a good one
Quilt Happy or Babs

Last day of the giveaway

Hi friends!
A quilt i made for us a couple of years ago!
Don't forget my giveaway that ends tonight!   HERE
Good luck followers!
Quilt Happy

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Very Little sewing.

Hi friends!
Got the red birds added!
Still may be a little short so ,   I am thinking about what color to add. It may be green . Looking at it here it looks like green is called for.
Did a few more string blocks over the weekend to. I still like a couple! I couldn't find any cotton battening scraps to quilt these on Sat. So then  Sis came over and we talked. Didn't get any sewing done.
After Sis left Tommy got out in the front ditch and cut it this way! very dangerous!!! So i couldn't sew .
Today we went to church and then bought some grocers  and didn't do any sewing today.
Tomorrow will be a better sewing day, Hopefully!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy


Friday, April 22, 2016

Fabric and sewing

Hi friends!
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Look at this pretty fabric!
I ordered a layer cake of  "Flower Sugar" by Lecien and it came today.  After i started blogging 4 1/2 years ago this was the first fabric i ordered, a fat quarter bundle.
I still have one fat quarter left! I have put them in my quilts and made aprons with them .
So when i saw Missouri star had them on sale i ordered one.
I made some red birds yesterday, still like 2 more before i make a row.
I decided to make sister in law a wreath, she was admiring mine when they came over for supper.
A Christmas one.
Don't know weather this will be what I go with  or not . I got this Christmas fabric with that in mind at Hancocks when i went.
May have to buy some interfacing , seems i have used up all my heavy .
Have a great weekend
Hugs Quilt Happy

Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Daughter's Quilt

Hi friends!
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Looks like a flock of birds, doesn't it?  Maybe black birds!
It's just laying on the end of the bed to see if they line up. It seems to but was just a tiny bit off, good enough! Thank goodness there are no quilting police!
Got it sewed down, that yellow is pale! Doesn't show up much but not taking it out!
I added a three inch strip to the bottom and now am cutting out another row of reds for the top. I may have to put another row on to to get the length but will wait and see. There is plenty of fall on each side.
Their is that much on the other side to. Got to get to work!

One more pic of the garden!
They drooped last night but are standing tall this morning.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yesterday"s GIVEAWAY

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For all these beauties!
Plus some scraps that i need to get to do away with!
Quilt Happy

Blocks and QAYG

Hi friends!
The next row of my daughters quilt.

I made these and two more rows on my strip quilt, some fabric fell over and found some more strips.
That's not all i need , i think i figured 9 blocks and this is just three i have made so far.
Some one was wanting me to post more pictures so she could get the GQUG so here goes, maybe this will be more explicit.
Here i pinned both strips on to sew them together , the one inch and the 2 inch folded.front and back.
All sewed on now you turn both blocks so the back is up.
Then you lay your top block with the back facing the back of the other block.
Then you pin! That's the back of both blocks facing each other then you sew it on.
see you have the front facing up and the other block front is facing down.
And it folds out like this!
Then you just pin the folded strip over and sew down.
I hope that helps explain it a little better.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hi friends!
Haven't had a giveaway since Christmas so i think it's time for one. 8 fat quarters to some one that follows my blog!
To all my friends!
All tied up with a red ribbon!
Very simple just comment if you follow!
It will be open until next Monday.

Quilt Happy
This giveaway is closed!

Daughter's Quilt

Hi friends!
The next color for my daughters quilt.
It's light, but i think it will be fine. doesn't look this light in real life.
Yesterday i sewed these together, all eight!
We ran around yesterday so i didn't have time to do much more.
This morning we went looking for things to plant in the garden.
We had a bunch of seeds in the freezer from last year.  But always need tomato's and pepper. and got peaches and cream corn and cucumbers to pickle this year. my sweet pickles are running low and Tommy will only eat home made  chicken salad with my pickles in it.
That little brown bag is peaches and cream corn and it  was 15 dollars.  But it will last us a few years of planting.
we love peaches and cream corn.
Randy, the man that runs the garden supply said Missy was in there yesterday getting things to plant in her garden. She is the only one  of the family  besides us,that has a garden every year.
She Can's to.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, April 18, 2016

Grand daughter

Hi friends!
Alisha came and spent the night!
She loves my feather weight!
I just told her what to do and she did real good.  She didn't want to make a big quilt so she made a table runner.

I showed her how to sandwich and how to cut the binding and she sewed that on, here she is getting ready to trim her table runner.
Not a good picture but she did real good for the first time, maybe she will come back and i will show her some more things like maybe a basket?
Quilt Happy

Friday, April 15, 2016

Joining Blocks

Hi friends!
Mary Burnette sent me a email wanting me to show how you join your quilted blocks together.
You start by cutting two strips, one a tiny bit over 1 inch and one two inches.Then you fold the 2 inch and iron it so it's now 1 inch.
Then you sew the single strip down on the edge of the back of one block.
Flip it and pin the other , folded strip on to the front. you can pin each one down and just do one seam if you want to.
You take the next block and pin the back strip to the back of your block. sew it down then flip and fold over the doubled strip over and pin down and sew.

Like this and sew down , i like to sew on each edge.
Like this
I did two in different colors to see if i liked this fabric to use.
Not jumping up and down over either one!
I will see what else i have enough of the use.
Have a great weekend
Quilt Happy