Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Finish's

Hi Friends!
I finished this last week!
My Easter table runner

Alisha's quilt that i finished the  next to last week in the month and gave her on Easter.
All i did was sew buttons on this for a finish!
I finished this this month to!
 I made these but haven't added the Velcro!
The only thing i made yesterday was this!
And this!
I cooked a crock pot of pintos and instead of throwing them out i water bathed them so we can eat them later.
Raining here today!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Making Bibs

Hi friends!
Shania has out grown the bibs i made her before she was born so i though i would make her some that would last a while. Making the Velcro longer so she can adjust them.
I made three yesterday!
I couldn't find the pattern i used so just put one down and drawed around it.
Think i will make her some more today!.
My Shania
She is the sweetest baby!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birthday and graduation's presents

Hi friends!
She loved her quilt.
This is Alisha holding her tie-died quilt.
So Easter was a day of giving birthday presents , Alisha's birthday isn't till August so she got hers early.
David's pillow is more near his birthday., April 8th.
 He will be a "teen"! My daughter's baby will be a teenager!!!
We have to stop giving for birthdays after they turn 18 so we can keep up! And most of them at 18 are making more than we are !
My Sis came over Sat. and brought Michael a graduations quilt for me to give to his mother sense he wasn't going to be here.
Isn't that pretty? She sends hers to a long arm quilter.
Holding it is my daughter in law Amy, my son Chris's wife. Not a good shot!!
Now i am going to start on my daughter's birthday quilt, my first chevron quilt, wish me luck!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter at Our House

Hi friends!
We had a house full and had a wonderful time.
Oldest Missy  , Her oldest came with his family, was not here and Abby  and hers wasn't  here either but we had the best time that we have had in years.
Our Tucker was hunting.
Youngest grandson David with Tucker.
Our Clair, they all had lots of helpers.
Our Lola.
That was just 5 looking but everybody was helping them self's to chocolate eggs. Bentley's mother had to work until 2 so he didn't get there until about 3, he did get to hunt some to.
In a few years we will have even more little's, they are multiplying fast.
Can't leave with out a picture of Shania.
My daughter holding her newest grand Shania
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Finish's

Hi friends!
My biggest finish  for this week. Alisha's Quilt all i like is the label!
My Easter runner, Finished!
I finally just sewed some buttons on here because i never remembered to get any for it. So that's a finish.
I will have to find another quilt to do next week, see who is in line to get one next.
Demi wants me to wait until after the baby gets here to make her one because she wants a picture of all three kids on it.
And Michael wants a Ole Miss quilt but only gave me 3 shirts so far.
I guess i will start my daughter's birthday quilt. I have most of the colors to start it with.
Have a great Easter weekend
Quilt Happy

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Table Runner

Hi friends!
I made a few more !
this is a side ways view! It got so long.
I added all the borders! Then made me some backing from other backing that i had pieces left over.
Sprayed it and pinned it, now all i like is quilting, thinking a simple quilting to not take away from the runner. Maybe some stitch in the ditch.
 I got a order from Craftsy , if you have never ordered from them click on the Craftsy buddy on the right side of my blog and just see the great things they sale. From classes to all kinds of fabric and notions.
 I am still gathering colors for my daughter's birthday quilt. Their solids are great and only 5.60 a yard and believe me i have tried others and they don't compete.
Nothing beats their whites!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Table Runner for Easter

Hi friends!
Yesterday i got side tracked!
So i sent a message to the one that posted this picture.
I just loved this when I saw it on face book! The owner replied saying I could use her picture.
Her name is Lena Pettersson from Sweden. She had found this free Pattern on HERE in Vicki'sfabric creations. blog. So i went over there and downloaded it. Vicki had made it in Christmas colors but i liked Lena's  best. Thank you Lena.  Your  colors are  better for Easter.
I got  little bit made yesterday!
I had bought that fabric on Monday just for this.  After supper i worked on it a little more.
You see i have been making strip blocks to, Just here and their , made a couple while waiting for Lena to reply on whether i could use her picture.
I am loving it !!!
Still Hemming on Alisha's quilt, hopefully i will finish it this week so i can give it to her Sunday. I also want to finish this table runner to before Sunday for my table.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Binding ,Company and Garden

Hi friends!
This is just the part that i have finished!! I didn't work on it last night we had company and Clair and Lola wanted to learn how to crochet.
I was working on their soon to be little sisters blanket and they wanted to learn how ! I may be able to teach Clair in a few years  but right now she is more into t-ball.  She starts pre-k in August.
I did get the quilting finished in that one spot i missed! So i did get a little sewing done yesterday!  We went to Rome to get a part for the tiller. Tommy put it on late yesterday  after  we bought grocery's.
Our Garden spot!
Tommy plowed this Sat. but his belt came off of the tiller every time he turned it. so that's what we got in Rome.  I wanted a small garden this year but it may be bigger than that. Oh well i will give it away and can and freeze.
The binding on Alisha's quilt i got at a resale shop from their fabric  but i did  buy  some yesterday.
I saw a Easter table runner that i wanted to try and all i had was some yellow so i bought this to go with it.  If i can find a picture later today i will post it tomorrow.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilting and a surprise

Hi friends!
Yesterday was race day so i brought my loud machine back to the dining room to finish quilting this quilt.. Things went pretty good but when i sewed the binding on i noticed a large spot i had missed. so i guess i will go back and finish later today.
 Look what my good friend Dawn  HERE   She blogs at sewuquilt2,sent me.
She knew i loved her pin cushions so she not only made me one but made one for my Sis to. Wasn't that super sweet?
She sent me some fabric to she said to see what i would do with it. Some of it would make great baskets for men or boys.
I love my dear friends that i have "meet" on here, their is nothing like blogging to meet the nicest people.
Going to be shot today, lots to do.
Have a good one
Quilt Happy

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bad day for sewing!

Hi friends!
Yesterday i started quilting again, first it broke thread several times then it messed up. So i ripped all; that out , worked on my thread up and quilted a beautiful top row of quilting only to turn it over to a mess! Spent the rest of my sewing time ripping that out!
Some days it just doesn't work.
We went for a walk in our woods yesterday and saw several of these.
Here is a close up. Well a closer up!!!!
No a good close up! There was 3 or 4 of these in the woods but we don't know what they are , I couldn't  get closer because they were way off the trial and under brush was to thick.
The red buds are blooming all over and the Bradford pears are beautiful , but it's getting colder tonight and near freezing for a couple of nights next week before it gets back to 70ths. Just pray for a pretty Easter so the kids can hunt Easter Eggs.
Hope you have a great weekend
Quilt Happy

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hagen's Strawberry's

Hi friends!
My quilt is still on the machine!
Didn't get any sewing done yesterday, we went and picked up strawberry's that we bought from grandson Hagen for his  baseball team.

This is our Hagen!
He broke his arm earlier and had to sit some out , he is a great ball player.We Got them from his mother and i came home and spent the afternoon cutting up strawberry's to put in the freezer. Last year we bought a half of a flat and that wasn't enough so this year we bought a whole one.
When i had half of them cut i had 8 packs ready for the freezer.
When i finished i had 13 ! So i stopped to make tea cakes for Tommy because he wanted that with berries with milk and sugar. A childhood memory!! 
It was so good!!!!
Have a good one
Quilt Happy