Saturday, June 30, 2012


It was 104 yesterday  and suppose to be hotter today!!!!  Hubby watered good last night When i went out to pick at 1 oclock, it was still wet in the garden.  But it needs rain  bad.  Only rain will save it !!! Hope we get some next week , they have a chance just about every day.
Hubby is carrying water every hour to our dogs.
Well we are going to youngest step daughter's for a cook out.  hope we surive!!! She has air so we should be all right.
Pray my daughter and her 7 kids get to fla. all right. their car doesn't have air..  But i text them a while ago and one of the girls said they were fine.   Just hot!! She told me last nite that she was going to stop a lot and get inside in the cool on her way down.
If my spelling is bad it's because blogger spelling check doesn't work any more. I reported it to them but nothing!!!! 
Well wont be any sewing today but i did get baby daughter 2 pot holder's done last night for her hostess gift.
Good sewing       Quilt Happy

Friday, June 29, 2012

quilt blocks

Hi friends!!!  I have been making  pink quilt blocks for red haired girl's quilt.  i told her that she might get it on her birthday , or maybe christmas or later.
Stopped for  a minute at hancock fabric and of coure they were having a sale.
i had told hubby i was just getting some insta-brite so we just had a minute. we went right before my dr. appt.. i wonder if they have a site on the internet?
we got home at about 4 yesterday grabbed some shorts and put them on and in walked red haired girl and her hubby. so we made home made ice cream and they stayed until ten oclock.
i didn't get any thing done last night at all!!!!This morning this sweet little girl and her parents came to see us.
I wont to try to make a couple of pot holders to carry to baby step daughter tomorrow.  We are going to her house for a cook out. the temp. is suppose to be 106.
 Some boys were playing with a water slide and one had a heat stroke and is now brain dead. They are telling everyone to stay in, but they have air and the younger men are taking turns cooking for a few minutes at a time. Not hubby he can't stand this heat.
People don't realise how bad this heat is until they get sick.
Take care friends  and good sewing        Quilt Happy

Thursday, June 28, 2012

good report

I got a good report at the dr.  and am sewing away. Inside with the air on.  the temp. ourside reached 101 today and it's suppose to get higher. 
Our garden is slowing dieing even thro hubby waters it a few time a week.
Carried my aunt some stuff out of our garden today before i went to the dr. and she is just as fisty as ever.  She had give up trying to walk, the leg they got her was heavy and a 90 year old woman can't dray it around. so they are going to get her a power scooter.

Good sewing  friends    Quilt Happy 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have a dr. appt. tomorrow and will run by hancocks fabric to see what i can find. 

Don't you just love my lilys, they  have bloom 's as big as a salad plate. I hope to get some more pictures of it later. They smell heavenlly.  My daughter-in-law gave them to me years ago when they were renting because she didn't wont to put them out on some one else's land
Got to get busy sewing  now because i wont have time tomorrow.  Hate to go to doctors!!!
good sewing friends        quilt happy

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

catching up

Hi friends!!!!   We are all through with the corn!!!   We did well, nearly 400 hundred ears of corn in 4 rows.
Our garden is hanging on by a thread. Hubby waters it every other night.
We finally got a ripe tomato out of it, so now i will have to start canning them. No rain in 16 days., and no chance in the forecast until next week
 That is my son in that kayak , he and his wife went to north Carolina for their 20 year anniversary and saw those" famous "  white squirrels.  I had never heard of them.  Their idea of a vaca is to hike or camp out and mine is to get a room with a good bed. and walk around and see things.
That quilt was not all we gave our Clair before she was born. We gave her a crocheted blanket in pink trimmed in white and a pair of white booties and some pink ones.
Well got to get back to making me a star block for red haired girl's quilt.
Good sewing       Quilt Happy

Monday, June 25, 2012

my first baby quilt from scratch

This is a pictures made at Clair's baby shower before she was born and the pink quilt, the very first hand made,i ever made from scratch, i made for her.

Posted by PicasaWe got to spend some time with our beautiful Clair sat.  in the top picture she is sitting in grand paw's lap and looking at the doggies
She will be 6 months old next week.  My sister was here with 2 of her 4 dogs but the other dog she was afraid to let get near Clair.  Suzy is a sweetie but Emily is a ill dog. and we didn't wont our Clair bit.
Not any sewing going on here today, i put up 70 ears of corn and 4 quarts and a pint of beans.
Well i hope you have a good sewing day      Quilt Happy

Saturday, June 23, 2012


You can tell how try it is, the squash leaves is turning yellow.  maybe we will get some  rain soon.
Hubby watered it and he may do it again tonight.
We saw baby clair this afternoon for a couple of hours, she is the sweetest baby!!!
Talk to you Monday.     Quilt Happy

Friday, June 22, 2012


Hi friends!!! I at least managed another one today. the first one was just to light.  Red haired girl likes  pink but she might get red. Maybe i can find some pink that isn't to light.
We had to water the garden last night because we have not had any in nearly 2 weeks. It is showing in the garden and that 4 inches we got a few weeks ago is gone.
Hubby had to go to the dr. today, because he has pulled so much corn , that he pulled a muscle.
Nothing going on her but life is good.  We thank the lord every day that we are doing as good as we are.
I think i will cook up some orka for supper, we have been getting a handful every day until we got enough to cook
 Well see  you later  and good sewing      Quilt Happy

Thursday, June 21, 2012

making a mess

I did that first one last nite and the second one today,. What with canning and putting corn in the freezer all i can do is one a day.
I rather like the last one.   I am reading blogs and copying down blocks , drawing them off so i can have something to look at when i make it. And i am still getting them wrong.
Got to cook supper and i think i am going to work on my bow tie quilt tonight, take some seams out and try to quilt it.  Talk to you later friends    Quilt Happy

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

home and starting

The garden  is doing good, i put up 7 quarts of green beans this morning that makes 36. Hubby help me snap beans . Boy does it hurt your back after a while!!!
Putting blocks together , and thinking about red haired girl's quilt.  Made one  9 patch but messed up had two of the same colors together so i will have to take it apart with jack the ripper.
I am looking for blocks on every one's blog for a clue to what to use.
That picture in the middle was where hubby worked on the yard, he now has gravel on it . Got to go out side and miracle grow   on the tomatoes and beans.
Talk to you tomorrow     Quilt Happy

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We picked 284 ears of corn this morning and i cleaned them and put them in freezer bags. Don't they look pretty? And man what good eating this winter with a little butter and salt.we will have another picking in a few days. Some of them are not full yet.

This is the only sewing i have done this week Between putting up beans and freezing corn. And all the picking. Of course hubby helps with the picking. He did all the picking on the corn. 

I have made up my mind and am going to start making blocks for red haired girl a quilt for her birthday in nov.  Her birthday is the same day as mine.
So i hope to have some blocks to show you soon. Don't know what block to use yet, but i may do a mix of blocks like i did my couch quilt.
Well love you all my friends will talk to you tomorrow   Quilt Happy

Monday, June 18, 2012

the yard

Their are still a lot of things blooming but pretty soon hot weather will slow them down.  This week is the start of summer. My crepe myrtle is still not blooming, but it wont be long.
I moved my humming bird feeder because a million ants had found it and was walking all over the porch.

We had a pretty good fathers day, hubby spent the morning waiting for the girls to come and see him and about 3 o'clock he gave up so we went and bought some more tomatoes and stuff to make home made ice cream, which is the only ice cream he can eat.

When the ice cream was nearly ready , here comes three of his girls, so his day was complete.  You know father's day seems to have changed in recent years, it used to be about your father but now it's more about your husband !!!Your father is just an after though.   The girls gave him a card. but only his baby gave him something. but he always tells them to just come and see him.  You know   when your kids are in their 40ths and  think  that nothing will ever happen to daddy or mother!!!! Even the ones that have lost one are the other. They are just so busy that they don't stop and smell the roses.  But they are teaching their kids the same thing. in 25 years they will be sitting and waiting for theirs kids to come and see them..  We always went to see my parents parents every Sunday. Now our kids are recovering from a week of rushing around all week long caring their kids every where and working.  They never have time to cook and sit down and eat. So they spend the day on Sunday sleeping and trying to rest for the next week.

When we had kids they were allowed 2 sports a year and if they didn't wont to play that was fine. Now our grand kids play 3 or 4 or 5 things and all they do at home is sleep.
i will get off the soap box. and tell you all thanks for following  me .

well good sewing friends     quilt happy

Saturday, June 16, 2012

garden and happy father's day

Hi friends!!!  I have put up 22 quarts of beans so far. gave some squash to my hairdresser today. 
We are hoping to give some to red haired girl, and sense it's father's day i am sure red haired girl and 2 of her sisters will be by here this weekend and we will give them some to.
Hubby got a card this morning from his oldest because she is in Chicago this weekend. she lives here, just one road over but we only see her on special days like Easter , Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas.
 Want to wish all the fathers a happy fathers day!!!!!!! 
 Mine has been gone sense 1972 and my kids father has been gone sense 1988.
I have been cleaning house and hubby cleaned off our big porch and got so hot , he came in and turned the air on.
Haven't we got a pretty garden?  My oldest grandson and his family came by last night and hubby gave him a lot of tips on gardening .   He was amazed at ours.   But hubby's father showed him every thing he knows, and he farmed for a living for years.  Farmers know how to get the most produce per acre.
Well talk to you Monday  love you my friends     Quilt happy

Friday, June 15, 2012


Look what i won!!!! When they had the sew mama sew giveaway, but it was to big for windstorm to send it to me. So they had to mail it .I won these from a joyful soul fabrics, joy tapley.
I had loved these patterns from the first moment i saw  them. They sent all kinds of help to learn to paper piece and i need all the help i can find.
Can't wait to try them out!
I have a kitchen aid so i will have to make that first.
Hubby is feeling  a little bit better thank you lord.
We got a card from our preacher today so maybe hubby will feel like going to church Sunday.
I am putting up more beans while i write this. they are bubbling away the beans and the jars.
I have some more but i think i will text red haired girl and see if she wants some beans and not put up any more until Monday.
Got to get back to my beans
Good sewing     Quilt Happy