Monday, April 30, 2012

jane spolar pattern

i won this beautiful pattern from missys homemaking adventures a little while back and got it Friday.  i just love it and if  i every get Thur with my grannys quilt.. i will try to make it. i wont to try something a little more simple first because this one is big . i was thinking maybe a table topper .
we went across the mountion  yesterday , we were craving some Kentucky fried. we used to have one here but they closed it down due to it not being keep clean. and the town up the road where my daughter lives had one but they closed it down for the same reason.  so we had to go to the next state to find one that was clean . we really enjoyed it's fried goodness until about 3 o'clock when hubby had to get up for some tums and a little later i had to to. we hadn't had any for several years so i guess every few years wont hurt us.

we were sitting outside drinking coffee sat. morning and a rabbit ran out of the woods straight at our garden, hubby jumped up and took off for his shootgun, our dogs went into attack mode until they saw him with the gun and then they high tailed into their dog houses. they hate that fire stick  it's too loud for their ears.
we spend every morning drinking a pot of coffee and sitting on our porch and talking. it's so nice being retired!!!!!!

talk to you later friends and you are my friends.. good sewing        quilt happy

Saturday, April 28, 2012

baby pic

this is clair!!!! isn't that the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  except for all the other grand and greatgrands. she was born the 2th of jan. this year and just look at those sweet little arms and legs and that beautiful face

we are truly blessed

love you;ll  talk to you next week           quilt happy

Friday, April 27, 2012


whoopee!!! we had one inch of rain in the rain gauge  at 6:00 and it rained some more after that. my garden just loved it.
my yellow flags are now blooming and next will be the white.
i made 5 more granny squares today. and sewed my saching on 6 squares just to see how many it will take to cover a queen sized bed  and 6 it is.  i have 30 squares made so far...
that pot holder is big, it's almost a cushion . i guess i will keep that one to.

made  my baby a sugar free cake, he would rather have one of those as  than have one with sugar in it.  they make great pound cakes. i doubt if it's less fating but you feel better eating it.

 love this rain. it was so hot and sticky before it rained.  one year ago today was when we had those awful storms that killed so many near us.. i think it was 34 people that lost their life that day  just in our state, we sat glued to the tv all day, they hit early  in the morning and  late in the after noon . we will always remember that day. hundreds died in alabama.
 have a good sewing weekend  good nite friends     quilt happy

Thursday, April 26, 2012

things and english dogwood

still making granny's.   last week i made me a new pin cushion from scraps, a log cabin pin cushion.
and another pot holder.  all of mine are old. 
don't you like the little apron i made red haired girl?
today i cleaned our living room and then made 3 grannys, then i cut out 2 1/2 inch squares  and read blogs and made 2 more. then i cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.  then i sewed  some of my saching in  between  some of my blocks  .  put 4 squares together with the saching .  that makes me 25 grannys made!!! got to get some more white tomorrow.
don't you just love that bush.   hubby's grandmother planted that many years ago and hubby says that it's a English dogwood. i have no idea.... i am just taking his word for it. he tells the story of when his grandmother was here by her self with just his daddy in a crib. some Indians   stopped at the well to get a drink so she grabbed hubbys father and went upstairs where they kept hay and crawled up in the hay to hide.
i guess every thing turned out ok because hubbys here.
 got to get busy again so glad i can talk to you all. and ask advice on quilts now and then.  you know i think i love to blog.
 talk to you again soon  love and good nite  good sewing       quilt happy 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

grannys and garden


still doing grannys . today i did 9 , if i could do 9 every day i would be thru in no time.  but there are days that i don't get to , so i worked hard today. of course my cheering section [ jan-maree]  helped no end.

our garden is growing but if we don't get some rain soon we will have to start watering.  we have a well that we can use but rain water is so much better.   pray it rains soon

cooked purple hull peas today from our freezer  and made creamed potato's and cold slaw and corn bread plus washed 2 loads of clothes. tomorrow i must clean. i do every Thursday.  but need to sweep dining [sewing] room have lost a lot  of pins. i would hate to step on one of  the pins in here and i   really like to walk around barefooted .. hubby never walks any where with out his shoes so i don't have to worry about him stepping on them

the other night i took a tick off of him and all he did that day was walk around out side for a while. so be care full folks this is going to be a bad year for ticks.

well that's it for today love to you'll and good sewing         quilt happy

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

still working on granny squares.  i had thought 25 but i saw a finished quilt on a blog today and counted and she had 48. wow!!!! i don't think i will ever get that many granny squares done. maybe by june.
 the garden made it ok we think.    hubby got up at 6:30 and washed down the beans and orka. so now we are just waiting for warmer weather for the squash to come up.

i found my white, thank goodness . i needed it bad to make some more granny squares. 

got an invitation to graduation  from my cousins girl and i will have a grand girl graduating this year to.   we will try to go to grand girls because it's only 20 minutes away.  our sweet jessie is already working and going to school.  she will start classes at a tech school after she graduates. she wont be 18 until july. we are blessed with grandchildren.  24...  and all are smart and good looking!!! she has her first boy friend.
i might be a little proud.
 well it's time to sew
 good nite sleep tight  and good sewing         quilt happy

Monday, April 23, 2012

a present and more grannies

that's the present for red haired child, she was wistful over the birthday present that i gave her sister. so i made her a small pillow and a apron. 
still working away on my granny squares for my daughter's quilt maybe i will have it done by her birthday in june., i have seven done. i am out of white, should have got that  today but didn't even think about it.
  i did spot some green that i think will work in between the blocks and maybe enough for the back. we will see. they just had 5 yards and i got it all.

 we are worried about our garden , they are forecasting frost for to night.  hubby covered the tomato plants but our beans are up pretty good and we would hate to lose them.  pray for it to miss our garden.

 well i am going digging in my stash , i know i bought some white for my quilt and i may have some left.  hope so.

good sewing to you all good nite  friends          quilt happy

Saturday, April 21, 2012

things and blogger

garden is a growing expect the orka, it will grow when the earth warns. it has to have warn ground. our corn is growing past out tomato's 
 i couldn't pass up that pictures of the sun setting behind the trees  that's our hill, hubby's grandfather used to plant that whole hill in watermelon's.  but now the deer would have a feast. 
 we have a herd of 7 or 8 that goes thru our  field behind our garden.. hubby tries to discourage them from getting to close to it.  sometimes after a rain we will see deer tracks in it. but they look up and see fence all around and jump back out

has any one had problems with posting on blogger? Thursday night i hit post and my list of post's came up but an hour later it still hadn't come up in my reader.  for an hour nothing came up and then it started up with new post's so i reposted and it came up
not feeling to good to day so i am taking it easy made a pot holder but didn't like it so i will be mine. i need more because all of mine are old . the only new ones i have a my mistakes that are living in my kitchen now

have a real good day and talk to you Monday  love and good  nite   quilt happy

Friday, April 20, 2012

long day

we went to the funeral today and then the doctor and bought groceries and picked up pills. and weare wore out....
 don't you just love our garden the first picture  of the garden  was after a little rain . very little . the one below it is the fence i helped hubby put up so out beans can climb up it. and the last was a rain cloud that was leaving..
 we really need rain and have another chance to nite , i hope we get more that 3/100  this time. it seems that they just dry up before they cross the state line.

i finished that pillow and made red haired girl an apron to go with it. it's not her birthday but  i just love her so i made her one to.

i got some insta-brigh to make her a pot holder to

 well don't have a lot of time to talk, i have to get the kitchen cleaned up and get on the treadmill
 love and take care  good nite friends    quilt happy 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

thing here at home

a quick up date on our garden and some sewing . a pillow for red headed girl and another  granny.

 our garden has bug bites on the leaves so i fixed it, so maybe they will leave it along . hubby has been hoeing and cleaning up in it today.  he works on it until he can't get his tiller in there and them it's all mine. after that all he does is take the weed eater to it so i wont get snake bit.

a Friend of ours died Wednesday , he was 81.. he had lung cancer so they operated and he made it fine Thur the surgery but something they gave him after words nearly killed him and weakened him so bad that we lost him.
i wonder how many people lose their life because of mistakes in the hospital?
after my stroke 8 years ago they wonted me to go for a
[ new surgery..]

. i told them maybe when they had done it a million times i would think about it...

 i have a hole in my heart  but after 8 years the only thing i can't do is sing[ which i never could]  and run up hills and hopefully i wont have to run up a hill

 have a good day friends  and have a good sewing time    quilt happy

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

part of our front yard after hubby cut the grass.  we have a large ditch near our road and i told hubby  that  the country would come by this week and cut it ,he was wasting time,   but it's Wednesday and they haven't yet so i guess i was wrong. we have 5 acres  that he mows .
i have been busy... have made another granny square and all i like is cutting the white for another and sewing it together. then i will have 5 sewed . i think it takes at least 15 or maybe 20.. i will have to see how many it takes for a queen sized bed. so i have a long way to go. i wont to get some blue or green to do the middles between the squares . i think it looks good all white but daughter has 7 kids still at home that likes to lay on her bed.
 hope i get better at matching points than i am rite now. they mostly match so maybe i am getting better.

mostly isn't good enough
   well that's all for today got to go cut my whites and sew it together  love and good nite

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

scarp quilt

i was looking at my quilt book that i got at mckays before easter.  it's carter houch  and myron  miller's book "  american quilts and how to make them."

 i found a crazy quilt that looks somewhat like my other quilt top that my mother-in-law left. it was hard to get a good picture of the quilt in the book, the page was glossy and my flash showed but i got one without . not as good as i would have liked.
it's the closest  thing i have found to what i have so i guess i will call it that.

my bow tie quilt is quilted and i am sure you are tired of hear me say that, but i have a problem  that i haven't got  any idea of what to do. i wont to put a 6 inch border on it and quilt it to so it will be big enough for our queen size bed. i may have to fix the border and quilt it and then sew it on....

has any one had this problem ?  can you tell me how to do it

if i ever get to 50 followers i wont to have a giveaway of robert kaufman fat quarters
i seemed to have stalled at 29. but maybe it will move on up  
love you'll        good nite friends

Monday, April 16, 2012


hi friends . we have bought tomotatos and bought them. the cut worms just cut the tops of of them.  and hubby puts sticks next to them to stop them. that's what they tell you to do.

we have never had this happen to us.   we might lose one, but that would be all.. hubby has got 23 plants and all he wonted to plant was 12.
 last year we planted 18 and had way to many . i worked all summer putting up and canning. of course our grandkids love to open a jar and get a spoon. and we just planted one row of rattlesnake beans, a few years ago we planted 2 rows and i put up 70  quart jars and we gave away 10 or 12 bushels.

last year we planted 2 rows of orka and filled 2 freezers full so only 1 this year.

saturday hubby and i planted 2 rows of squash and a half row of cucumber's, and when it get's warmer we will plant some purple hull peas. and that will be our garden.. any thing more we can't handle.

we will give stuff to my  90 year old aunt . she can't wait for it every year.  we were giving  to my sis-in-laws aunt but she died last fall. she loved my sweet pickles. i carried her a pint  last summer  and she called me the next day to tell me she had finished off the jar, so of course i took her a quart.  i really miss her she called me every week and we would talk for hours. she was 89 years old when she died.
well i have depressed you enough
 love you'll    see you friends

Saturday, April 14, 2012

hi friends not much to show for the week. i made the top block forgot what the name was and what blog i saw it on. i drawed it off and then made it this week and a pot holder with just batting in it as i am out of that stuff that you put in them. so this one is for me...
 our red headed girl and her hubby came over and stayed 4 or 5 hours, she loves to see her daddy plant the garden. her hubby spent his childhood hoeing the garden so he hates one.  she gets a kick out of ours.

i was going to give her some stuff out of the freezer and forgot..

she was looking at my new quilt books and picked out one for me to make for her.

i am going to make my daughter the first one. or maybe  me......

well love you'll good nite friends

Friday, April 13, 2012

hi friends looking at the garden i was amazed that our beans and orka was coming up.. i have always heard that orka wont come up when the ground is cold and the last 3 nites it has been in the 30ths..

katy came and visited for over a hour before she went to work and i gave her the crochet blanket and cook book.  she seamed to like it. she is a real sweet girl and talks up a storm..  just like her daddy who is married to our red haired girl. so she is a step of a step. but she is our oldest grandgirl. she has been in our family for 15 years too.  her step mom married her daddy two weeks after hubby and i got married.. 

that may be why my step daughter and i have always loved each other. she knew what i was going thru because she was.

 i worked so hard on a house block today but i don't like it. you may never see it. it's awful....  i made another grannie yesterday ,i love making them!!  and they look so pretty when you get thru..
 i have been cutting 5 inch blocks to make something , i may do something small to make me feel better. that is 3 times i have tried to make a house block and never finished. may have to draw me some pieces  to cut out.  hubby has cut on the yard all day and plowed the garden and tomorrow he is replanting the tomatoes because something eat 6 of them.

last week because of easter he had no races to watch but they are back tonite so he is happy..   that means more sewing time for me and maybe some more treadmill time. i need it , all those easter eggs that i ate have a lot of calories.  by the way while he was cutting grass he found 2 more eggs one was a money egg so he got 2 dollars back that we put into the eggs . good thing the grands don't read this they would be demanding the dollars
that's all for today love you'll and good nite friends