Monday, April 30, 2018

Finished Tatum's Quilt

Hi friends!
Worked on Tatum's quilt over the weekend!
Got it all put together and   that's is great  because now all I like is the binding!
Stitched most of it down last night! In the washer right now.
Another finish for April.

Friday, April 27, 2018


Hi friends!
The last row is done!~ Now just to add it to the other rows. Then bind Tatum's quilt.
Typing with  one  hand today, cut my ring finger, still bleeding.
Using one hand to type and eat chocolate is slow going.
And we all know chocolate cures all ill's!
Got all the string blocks trimmed!
I will lay them out to see if I need more later today.
Though I was making a smaller star but it's a little larger.
Today is cleaning day!
Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Strip Quilt

Hi friends!
Last night it looked like I had enough so I spread them out!
Course then I had to trim then down to 12 inches.
Going to be a lot less when I get finished with this!
Got a small stack trimmed up! My trash can will be full by the time I finish trimming all those blocks. Just hope I want have to make a bunch more.
These are the last three I had finished !
I think I am going to find the ugliest fabric I have to do the saching! What is it that Bonnie Hunter says about ugly fabric. Cut it small
I've been doing a little on Tatum's as I go but hopefully I will get her quilt put together soon. Been working on that last row with different sizes. Post coming tomorrow!
Have a good one, raining here again!
Be so glad when it dry's up a little!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Hi friends!
Still liking the binding!
One finish!
Added a label.
I ordered two things from ,A panel and some battening for pot holders because I had used up all I had and they put it into this big box that the postal service proceeded to squash!
To much extra room. Good thing nothing was breakable!!!
Have you seen the made up packs of fabric at Walmart?
It's good fabric and great price but looks like they are trying to get ride of all their employees!
They want you to check yourself's out and every thing will be pick up[!
My hubby will never go for checking himself out!
But it looks like they are all going this way!
Getting ride of people! Just because they had to pay them a tiny bit more.
My rant for the day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Table Runner

Hi friends!
Last night i started quilting this little thing and got it finished and trimmed!
Now just to find the right binding!
I kind of like the green! Maybe because it's laying on green!
Maybe the sun will come out today and warm me up!
The damp has gone to my bones!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Table Runner

Hi friends!
I wanted some  thing bright for my dining room. It's the darkest room in our house because it's one window opens to a enclosed back porch.
This is a "It's so Emma" charm pack
It looked bright and cherry to me.
The backing is a rough piece of fabric I found somewhere , light blue.
scrap battening!
Ready to be quilted!
Have a good one
Rainy here!

Friday, April 20, 2018


Hi friends!
Made three more!
My son came by last night on his way to a all day meeting in Chattanooga today. and ate supper with us and talked for a long time.. He brought  Tommy a few things! I made a real good picture on my phone but don't have time to figure out how to email it to myself.
They give these to him and Tommy loves caps. Was so good to spend a little time with him.
Have a great weekend friends

Thursday, April 19, 2018

More Strips

Hi friends!
Another one!
I laid out what I had of untrimmed blocks and still need a bunch more , remember these are large but are going to be cut down to 12 inch's.
There are six that are straight across that I may work into this quilt. Maybe around the edge, who knows .
This morning I got a package from Fat Quarter shop. Redpepperquilt's had a giveaway from them and I won.  Here
Isn't that cute? I have never had one of those before. Not expensive either.
Don't think I have had any fabric from American Jane before either.
Now I can't wait to use it!
Have a good one

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Last Night!

Hi friends!
Anna wanted a black quilt with a few stars so I experimented yesterday. Think this one is to big because it's 8 inch's.
Of course one big and a few smaller would be neat!
My kids says I am the only person on this planet that says "neat".
They also say I was born when the Dinaszors roamed!
.I think I have already posted the top two string blocks!
The bottom one is new, made last night!
Made another last night before the voice came on!
Tommy's great nephew Is "Wilkes" He propped his mike last night but got down and keep singing. He is good!
So I am voting every night for him. Tommy refuses to touch a computer but he is cheering!
Also voted on "twitter" ! May  set Tommy up a e-mail so we can vote more!
Hope he goes all the way!
Had no idea how to do that but The Voice makes it easy on your phone.
My first time because I am not a T V lover,.
Have a good one

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tatum's and a t-shirt

Hi friends!
Have put three rows together for the top and  three for the bottom. Just need to figure out the middle row!
See my Tatum's name on this t-shirt? I worry more about my grands than I do my kids! Mine have been thru the mill and have learned to take care of themselves! Love them all!!!
When we went to Rome last week I went to Michael's and got me a t-shirt. Brought it home and washed it
I had this iron-on applique to add to it but didn't know whether it was stay after just ironing so I am adding stitch's.
That's just half of the applique so I will be looking for another shirt. Different color.
Hope you have a great day!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tatum's and the Weekend

Hi friends!
I have just spent 30 minutes looking for my blog!
Why does our dumb computers do that to us? Trying to prove they are smarter! I hate when that happens and I spend a long time looking for my blog.
Spent Friday evening with this little sweetie!
And this one
On the banks of their creek  , Gracie ,Shania and Alisha.
That's their house sitting way back there. Eli and Kari's
They bought over 4 acres!.
He was going back to work today. Hope he felt like it!
I did get a little work done on Tatum's quilt but then had to take some stitch's out.
So I changed over to a baby quilt that is for our neighbor's new born.
Then I went back and made the block for Tatum's. Need to work on it some more so I can square it.
Maybe we will stay at home today and I can work.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Hi friends!
Charlotte showing her spool quilt.

 Another one of her great quilt tops.

Faye's strip quilt. She won second place with one of her's at the quilt show.

Another one of Charlotte's.

One of Carolyn's , she won first with one of her's at the show!

Bonnie's She is one of our total hand quilters. Elvis quilt!
I forgot my camera so Now I know how to move pictures from my phone to my computer.!
Never to old to learn!
I read stuff on the internet but none of it worked so I fiddled with it and got it to work!
Not afraid to click on every little nook and crannie!
Have a great weekend